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How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? Reviews

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January 26, 2015
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½ June 18, 2011
Documentary about Norman Foster and his monolithic buildings, marred by obsequious narrator.
December 28, 2012
This is a wonderful documentary about the British Architect Norman Foster. His work is breathtaking. It is hard to imagine anyone being able to design so many spectacular buildings. The cinematography is stunning. The film is an art-within-art gem.
October 21, 2012
Watching this, I cannot stop to think how ‚??piss weak‚?? the remainder of the modern architectural world is in comparison. Independent of your likes and dislikes Foster‚??s projects, they are all exceptionally memorable.

The title of this movie was a little ‚??off-putting‚??/awkward to me, but it is an excerpt from a conversation between Buckminster Fuller and Foster. Foster‚??s pragmatic approach to Fuller‚??s design concepts bring them to the world in a beautiful fashion. Like Fuller, Foster‚??s projects are not limited to the standard architectural schema.

The flow of the movie is somewhat mysterious (an allegory of his life) and prompted me to watch it twice. I had seen most of Foster work, as has anyone who watches the history channel, but never strung it together as the works flowing from one man. The second time watching it I wished many of the shots were longer and more detailed.

Chronicling his early career, the most interesting facet was that he needed to take his work on the world stage to be able to be a success in his home of Great Britain.
½ August 1, 2012
While it lacks a particularly direct focus, and at times sounds as a generic architecture textbook, this film does a billiant job and appropriately artistic job of honor the artisism and brilliance of Norman Foster.
September 27, 2012
A very good Documentary with amazing architecture. Beautiful photography and insightful interviews Foster and others. But the endlessly somber music score was slightly annoying. All in all well worth watching , check it out !
½ August 15, 2012
Lots of ravishing architectural photography and video of Foster's undoubtedly striking designs around the world. But make no mistake, this is hagiography not documentary, By the time one has seen Foster cross-country skiing, piloting his own airplane, and patting himself on the back for his Reichstag redesign one really wants to hate him a little.
April 9, 2012
stunning.everything-from the story,to the soundtrack
January 19, 2012
Seriously, on the title alone.
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