Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas Reviews

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½ January 11, 2007
michael e.
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December 4, 2010
Jim carrey did a fantastic rendition of this character the Grinch and i would say that this role is actually better than Boris Karloff
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½ May 29, 2007
I cannot in the least bit fathom why anyone would consider this entertainment. It's so obnoxious, loud, and offensive.
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June 5, 2009
Jim Carrey can still pull me out of my slipping, quicksand depression but you know, just fuck every other actor in this movie and the director for not putting a goofy nose on the Cindy Loo girl. Grow into her nose? that doesn't happen. people don't grow their arms when they get their baptism. And Faith Hill's "where has Christmas run off to and how do find it" song. piss on a fucking urinal cake and force it down your throat with vodka, you over-analytical bitch. you know you've got your 10th anniversary soundtrack release check on the way so the spirit of christmas still turns the other cheek for you, you mistletoe deep-throating, joy-smothering holiday whore.
But overall, pretty good flick!
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½ April 27, 2011
The Grinch: One man's toxic sludge is another man's potpourri. 

"Inside a snowflake, like the one on your sleeve, there happened a story you must see to believe."

Ron Howard's How the Grinch Stole Christmas has been a huge part of my Christmas since I was a little kid. I always loved it. I loved it even when I didn't listen closely to the Grinch's dialogue which I have come to adore. Everything about this movie is good. Jim Carey as the Grinch is perfect and he gives one of his funniest performances in my eyes. Ron Howard does a great job creating the world of Whoville in all its Christmas glory. And could you find a more perfect narrator for this movie than Anthony Hopkins? Answer: NO. 

The story is one everyone knows. We've all seen the animated classic with Boris Karloff. That is one of the most popular Christmas films. This isn't as loved. In fact, it seems that most people despise it. I've seen it probably twenty times and I still can't find anything I really dislike about it. But with most movies I like that others don't, I can see why they dislike it.

First off, devotees of the old classic aren't going to be fulfilled with this because it puts whole new tones into the story and adds a lot of unnecessary humor. Another reason is obviously Jim Carey. There are a lot of people out there that just plain don't like him. As the Grinch, he is completely over the top. I loved his performance, but I can see why other people don't.

I've been a huge fan of this movie since it came out and haven't missed watching around the Christmas season for 10 years now. It is always fun and hilarious holiday entertainment. It never gets old, even as I can utter every line the Grinch says, now. I know it isn't ever going to be considered a holiday classic or one of the better Christmas movies out there, but it will always be close to the top in my book.

The Grinch: Any calls? 
Grinch's Answering Machine: You have no messages. 
The Grinch: Odd. Better check the outgoing. 
Grinch's Answering Machine: If you utter so much as one syllable, I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND GUT YOU LIKE A FISH! If you'd like to fax me, press the star key. 
The Grinch: Hmm. Hmm. 
Directors Cat
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½ December 18, 2011
To enjoy How the Grinch stole Christmas it all comes down to whether or not you enjoy typical holiday films and of course Jim Carrey's physical comedy (which pretty much died after this film). I'm one of those people and I really enjoyed this holiday movie.
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March 22, 2011
One of my favorite Christmas classics. Jim Carrey is a great actor and just remember all who hate this, this is a great adaption, and you can hide it all you want, but you laughed in this movie. This movie is sweet, happy, and great production and make up. I'll admit the random girl singing and the grinch being fat was creepy. But every year on Christmas Eve my entire family watch The Grinch, so you cant tell me nobody likes this, because we all do.
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½ August 12, 2011
Yeah, it's very cheesy. But I think just about in the right way. I always want to watch this at Christmas because it does actually make you, or me at least, feel mega christmassy. Jim Carrey as the grinch is brilliant. Lines that I used to quote with friends when I was a lot younger still make me laugh. And it always blows my mind that the whole thing happens INSIDE a snow flake!! That's mental!
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June 24, 2011
One of the best Christmas films! A must see!
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April 10, 2007
Moderately amusing Christmas tale. Jim Carrey brings a kinetic performance to the screen as always, but it's unfortunately not enough to "carrey" the movie into greatness (yeah, I know, I'm so funny sometimes). This would probably have worked a lot better as a CG-animated feature, because with live-action actors it looks a little...wrong. And what's with all the tilted camera angles? It's shot in such a bad way, that it's enough to make you motion sick. Not a wise directing-choice by Ron Howard there. In a larger sense, however, it's a pretty good family flick. The message is very obvious, and a bit sickly-sweet, yet somehow I found myself quite moved at the end of it. Had only the rest movie been as good as its last half hour, this could have been a Christmas classic worth returning to. Sadly though it's not, so it'll have to make-do with a mediocre final grade.
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January 20, 2007
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January 31, 2008
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½ June 7, 2007
A Christmas classic! Better than the animated version! Jim Carrey looks and acts hilarious as the Grinch. The jokes matched my sense of humour, which is rude and childish. Great art direction. It looks awesome, apart from the frosty soft lens look the entire film has. I saw on the big screen three times. It was everything I wanted it to be. Great soundtrack as well. I watch it every year now.
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½ May 21, 2007
Jim Carrey made this watchable.
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May 9, 2007
Tried to watch this twice and have given up both times. Jim Carrey does an excellent Grinch, but it's lost in a overlong story involving competing Whoville neighbors. Maybe I'll try again one day, but not likely soon.
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September 28, 2007
Uh...I wanted to die a little inside.
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½ December 27, 2006
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½ June 10, 2006
Carrey is great at what he does, but I think he may have gone a tad too far here. This isn't terrible, and it is interesting how the story is expanded/fleshed out but i don't know if Howard was the right person, or if this should have been made. It's certainly not boring, but you're probably better off sticking with the animated masterpiece instead.
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½ March 16, 2006
like it, perfect for the holiday season, Jom Carrey is perfect as the Grinch and the adaptation from the book is close to perfection
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July 22, 2007
love the grinchs long green fluffy fingers lol and the pointy noses and big front teeth
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