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½ September 6, 2010
A great movie with a great cast and a great story. This is a hilarious comedy, and I really liked it, and recommend seeing it.
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December 23, 2008
Simply brilliant!
½ January 18, 2011
It was a real cute movie. There was a few good quotes in the movie. It's reminds me of Mad Money, but an older.
½ March 15, 2015
Set and filmed in Eugene, OR, this film brings back lots of hometown childhood nostalgia. And little did I know that this was my chance to meet Jessica Lange and become her boyfriend when she was in town filming this comedy, though I'm not sure 9 year old me could have pulled that off. But seriously, this film had a cast of super cool people who were all in my hometown, including Susan Saint James, Jane Curtin, Jessica Lange, Richard Benjamin, Eddie Albert, Dabney Coleman, Fred Willard, Sybil Danning andGarrett Morris, who now the fanboy in me would have freaked out at the chance to meet them. Watching this film was so fun, having it primarily set at our local mall, Valley River Center, getting so see again the retro floor pattern, the cool spiral staircase, stores like Alberts Hosery, the Card Cage, or the old timey colonial front to Burch's Shoes, or the funky columns and the sparkly lights at the center of the mall. That, and getting to see 1980s Eugene with big American cars and station wagons driving around town just can't be beat. For this reason along, every child of the 80s who grew up in Eugene should really watch this film. So, given all that, I will somewhat recuse myself from being an objective reviewer of the film. I spent most of the film trying to figure out the location of each scene, where's that Taco Time location?, which Texaco is that? which ball field is this scene being filmed on? I'm thinking the story about three desperate housewives who are all short of cash hatching a wacky scheme to rob a cash giveaway contest being held at the local mall is okay if nothing all that special. The cast is fabulous, but the humor wasn't all that funny. Still, Jessica Lange is wildly gorgeous and is still one of my all-time favorite actresses which that alone made the film worth watching for me. And as an aside, I recently came to realization that the list of classic films she's been in that will be remembered 50 years from now is surprisingly short.
½ November 6, 2010
Mildly amusing, sometimes actually funny tale of 3 woman who see their problems solved by robbing a mall contest ball filled with cash. Fast paced, but check your mind in at the door if you want a beliveable plot.

Jane Curtin, a regular of the early Saturday Night Live television show, along with her pals actually think they can steal what they need to get by. Each has the motive, but can they execute this mad cap idea? Dabney Coleman, a local policeman, falls in love with Curtin after repeated run ins with her. Richard Benjamin is a husband of one of these nut cases and he's terrific. Garrett Morris, also of SNL, plays a part in this as well and to very funny effect.

This is a fantasy plot of 3 naive or silly woman, both probably. Suggested for light comedy fans only.

The title though gets very high marks for creativeness.

Susan Saint James (television actress)
Jane Curtin (Saturday Night Live tv)
Jessica Lange (movie actress)
Eddie Albert (veteran movie/television actor)
Richard Benjamin (veteran movie actor)
Cathryn Damon
Dabney Coleman (veteran movie actor)
Art Metrano
Garrett Morris (Saturday Night Live television)
Fred Willard

Executive Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff
Editor: Bill Butler
Cinematographer: James Crabe
Set Decorator : Peg Cummings
Producer: Robert Kaufman
Screenplay: Robert Kaufman
Associate Producer: Robert Krause
Associate Producer: Robin Krause
Production Designer: Lawrence G. Paull
Director: Robert Scheerer
Story by: Leonora Thuna
Composer: Patrick Williams
Music Supervisor: Patrick Williams
Producer: Jerome M. Zeitman
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