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"Hugo" is unlike any other film Martin Scorsese has ever made, and yet possibly the closest to his heart: a big-budget, family epic in 3-D, and in some ways, a mirror of his own life.

November 22, 2011 Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Comments (23)
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Jacob Crim

Jacob Crim

Well considering Roger is possibly the biggest Scorsese fanboy on Earth this review is very exciting. When I first saw the trailer it felt "meh" to me, which sucks because I love Scorsese as well. Looks like there will be a lot to see this week and there is never enough money :(

Nov 22 - 04:03 AM

Gory Donnaccelli

Gary Shannon

I really don't like this asshole, but I'm glad he likes this film.

Nov 22 - 05:08 AM


stewart jung

I saw the film last night and couldn't agree more with Roger... a classic film about classic films

Nov 22 - 06:23 AM


Christopher Greffin

He's a great critic. You're the asshole.

Nov 22 - 11:50 AM

William J.

William Johnsten

Roger Ebert hated so much great films like To Kill a Mockingbird, A Clockwork Orange, Blue Velvet, Deliverance, and much much more.

Roger Ebert is an asshole in my opinion.

Nov 22 - 02:54 PM

Quanah Blaine

Quanah Blaine

Hold on there everyone! No one is an asshole!

I'm looking forward to seeing this now.

Nov 22 - 05:00 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

No critic is going to like every film, and what's even more interesting is that a lot of other critics hate films that are really really good. But everyone's a critic, and the professionals are only doing what any critic would do: say what you like and say what you hate. In that sense, they're at least honest, and honesty is better that liking everything that everyone else does. I hope that makes sense.

Nov 23 - 08:38 PM


Grant Burgoyne

Since when does not liking a movie make you an asshole? It is hard for me to follow your logic.

Nov 25 - 09:06 PM

Austin Bond

Austin Bond

the guy above me wins the internet

Nov 24 - 12:57 AM


Sean Pak

The high number of questionable 3.5s and 4s he's given lately kind of tempers my excitement about his review, but I'm still glad he loved it.

Nov 22 - 05:47 AM

Bram S.

Bram Sterling

True, Mr. Ebert does give lots of movies a 4/4. The New Yorker or A.O. Scott would mean more to me.

Nov 22 - 06:46 AM

Chris W.

Chris W

Ebert touched on this subject a few years ago...

Nov 22 - 07:32 AM


Sean Pak

Thank you for that. At least I know he knows, and I do appreciate his enthusiasm and openness. I was reading some of the comments below and a teacher mentioned something incisive. When they began teaching they were very tough on their students and dwelt on weaknesses more than successes. Now as an older man he's a much more forgiving teacher, who understands what to focus on and what was really just "petty." So it may very well be that age has softened Ebert, which is all well and good. And I'm simply not there yet, being in my early 20s. I'll respect his opinions but I won't relate, and that's nobody's fault, just a difference in personal outlook. To me a mediocre movie is not worth my time if there is better stuff out there. Kudos to Ebert in seeing the saving graces of the mediocre.

There's one thing I've always said about old people. They are either jolly and content, or craggy and grumpy. By a certain age, there is no middle ground. It's as if, by old age, either you've made peace with your life and yourself, or the opposite. At any rate, you've decided.

Nov 22 - 09:52 AM


Sean Pak

And of course, after what Ebert has been through, he is simply glad that he's still watching movies.

Nov 22 - 09:55 AM


Grant Burgoyne

Well said.

Nov 25 - 09:04 PM


In Your Dreams

Wow congratulations Koan, you cracked the case. Who knew objectivity increased with experience, somebody get this guy a nobel prize.

Dec 11 - 01:29 PM

Ameens Film Reviews

Muhammed Ameen

Roger you are the man :)

Nov 22 - 07:40 PM

Matthew Percival

Matthew Percival

Saw it today, and I couldn't agree more. A classic family film.
Oh, and nit-pick time: you got a few minor details about the plot wrong. Isabel doesn't live in the train station, she just works there; same with Hugo's father.
I can understand the confusion, though!

Nov 23 - 08:40 PM

Brian Lutz

Brian Lutz

This film was unbelievably boring and I'm a little disappointed to see Roger did not add a disclaimer that this is most definitely not a "children's movie".

This is a movie for film purists that lacks any emotional center and assumes that the average citizen will care about George Mayonnaise or whatever his name was.

The 3-D was most definitely NOT stunning. It was above average, but not the best I've seen. It wasn't used in a clever fashion and did nothing to add to the movie experience, which was a massively boring experience!

Do yourself a favor and skip this film...unless of course you like dry, slow, interminably long, pretentious movies.

Nov 29 - 11:32 PM

Alex Lam

Alex Lam

Go watch your Twilight then

Dec 3 - 04:43 AM


In Your Dreams

What's wrong Brian, not enough dildos flying at the screen?

Dec 11 - 01:28 PM


Borithegreat Borithegreat

Wow! If even Ebert likes the 3-D that´s saying something! Ebert has been very critical of the use of 3-D. He loved it in Avatar, but he thought it wouldn´t work in Dramas, although he had hopes for this film. If you haven´t read it, check out the following article. He talks about the misuse of 3-D and the hopes he had for the 3-D in this film to work.

Dec 20 - 08:01 AM

James Dancey

James Dancey

We cannot tell if Mr Ebert is an asshole even if his taste in films isn't quite perfect you don't judge someone on their taste of films, you judge them as a person, they're not gonna lie on reviews so he's not pounded by a load of other film fans, he's entitled to his own opinion and as s**tty as they are, it doesn't make him an asshole, I make friends but not on what films they like, I prefer to judge them on their personality

Jan 3 - 02:32 AM

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