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½ July 16, 2012
Fangoria Frightfest film number three is Hunger, which many people have compared to Saw. Yeah, this movie is Saw, if Saw had the people locked in an empty room, had no budget, and Jigsaw was a mute cannibal. Hunger is most defiantly a ten on the gross out scale, but besides that it has absolutely nothing going for it. Seldom have I seen a horror film that is as pointless or moves as slowly as Hunger did. The film is only one hundred minutes, but it felt as though I was watching it for days! The star of the film is veteran horror actress, Lori Huering, whose character is pretty well written, but is also unfortunately as dull as the rest of the cast. Most reviews for Hunger have been favorable and I can't understand that. Aside from the victims arguing with each other, there is hardly any dialogue. There is also zero character development, which is crucial in a film like this. If the audience doesn't give two shits about the victims or what happens to them, then what's the point? Hunger tries to shock you with it's level of gore, but more concerning is the lack of substance and the laziness of the film makers. Yes, the ripped off most of their ideas from Saw. Saw had a tremendous villain and a fascinating story that spawned six squeals, while this film is so lazy that after a month of isolation, the men's beards didn't even grow! Somehow, Hunger got to be part of a major horror festival, but it most defiantly represents the festivals lowest point.
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June 7, 2011
I thought this was a very good horror movie with a very shocking left me hungry just watching it!
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½ June 18, 2011
The plot involves five people placed into an isolated dungeon with water but no food. As days pass, they get weaker and sicker becoming so depraved that they resort to attacking each another, in order to survive. Mean while a psychopath monitors them from his home computer, via hidden cameras. His enjoyment at seeing his subjects tearing themselves apart becomes even more macabre when the reason is revealed during the course of the film. On his wall are photographs and written information about each subject to determine how they will contend with having no food, documenting their bodies desire for sustenance once deprived of food for over 24 days. The movie delves into the darkness of the human condition and poses the question of how far can one go before losing humanity. What will you do if faced with a similar situation? Would you rather die?
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½ September 6, 2013
Hunger is not bad, it does live up to its title and made me hungry. 5 people trapped down in a cave and are forced to have nothing to eat for 30 days by a sadistic psychologist. When I say nothing to eat, I didn't include each other so the experiment is a test to see who has the strongest willpower. I liked the script, even though it's a low budget film, it played out quite well, there was a detailed background story for each character. The acting was surprisingly good, it didn't really have a low budget feeling to it. My only problem was that the running time was too long, there were a lot of unnecessary shots that could have been removed to make the film flow nicely. The ending was surprisingly good, somewhat an alternative version of the hole. Hunger is an underrated little gem.
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½ July 30, 2011
An ok horror where a bloke traps a small group of people down a well to see how they'll react and how long they will last before they turn on each other. This kinda stuff has been done lots of times before so this doesn't feel like anything special although they've added in a fairly shocking element. The clues in the title. Its not bad, the performances are ok and there are a few unpredictable moments but we never fully learn why the nutcase does what he does. Yeah, we see a flashback of an experience he had when he was young but we don't see what led him to do what he does and thats what ruins this film and renders it a bit pointless. You could say the same thing about Saw or Hostel but at the time they were partly responsible for bringing exploitation style horror back and were fairly inventive, especially Saw. Not bad but should have been better. Try The Hole(not the latest Dante version) from a few years back for something similar and better.
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½ April 2, 2011
Strong candidate for Worst I've Seen In 2011, this pathetic, grimy, no-budget attempt at a horror morality tale is as boring and unenjoyable as a movie can be. Hunger strikes out.
April 3, 2014
Not the horror movie of the year, but I loved it because it kept me interested due to the psychological factor. You begin to think, what would you do?
January 16, 2014
An implausible situation partially hampers this horror movie. Not that it couldn't happen, I just find the odds of it being highly unlikely. Still the group dynamics aspect seemed to be spot on, the blood content is pretty high, and the tension level is suitable. No real twists here though. It plays out pretty much like you expect, however the end might surprise some.
August 10, 2013
After reading dozens of reviews on here, im left pondering why? For me, the movie was a painfully slow experience to a 5 minute rather predictable climax. I watched all of that, for only this little? And it didnt help that the human psychology in the characters were rather weak too. Eh... Forgettable flick.
June 14, 2013
A genre film unable to live up to it's limited potential, Hunger chronicles a mad-man's crazed psychology experiment. The acting is better than you'd expect for a film like this, but the script is just boring. Other reviews compare this film to Saw, a connection that I can see but don't endorse, and claim that this movie is high in violence and gore. To those people I ask "what movies are you watching?" For a film of this nature, there is almost no true gore present here. However, the main problem with this film is the complete lack of a true antagonist. The insane mute watching the experiment is laughable. I did enjoy the score, which was innovative and unusually suspenseful at times. Bottom line, I guess it's worth watching if you're super bored and dig indie horror flicks. It did keep my attention, but that's about all it has going for it.
October 29, 2012
I love these movies with one main setting. Makes the filmmaker focus much more on plot and character. Don't be fooled by Flixster's genres--there is no documentary or sci-fi elements--and really, the mystery/suspense/special interest categories are minimal at best. Even horror feels like a stretch, though that is doubtlessly the audience Hunger is geared towards. Instead Hunger is a character study which places five people in a scenario with no food. Explorations of human reactions in extreme situations aren't uncommon--heck, Lord of the Flies does something very similar. But Hunger is executed well--it doesn't give in to violence for the sake of violence the way other horror-tinged movies would. There is violence, yes. But it feels like there is always reason behind it that is crucial to the character study--it isn't just there to appease the implied core demographic.
½ October 22, 2012
For a really low budget psychological horror movie, Hunger certainly delivers. The story is decent enough. The plot and characters all develop rather well. The acting and effects are good too. Glad it turned out the way it did in the end, although it wasn't hard to see it coming.
September 16, 2012
Yet another people-trapped-together horror film, Hunger is relatively twisted and entertaining but doesn't quite sustain the suspense until the end of the film.
½ June 28, 2011
this is a Low-Budget film so keep in mind when you this thriller that not just a mind game with the victims bit also the captor
½ June 21, 2011
Ummm... Quick word of advice if you are Claustrophobic this not for you.
When a bunch of sinners are trapped in a whole for many days and the only food is the people around you it leads to some interesting scenes... I think the idea is good but just not shoot well with taking scenes right from saw and other horror films...
Final thoughts I wanted to like it but just could not but due to the idea and getting into the head of a person starving to death I will reward it with a 55%
½ May 9, 2011
Same premise as saw, but they are forced to sit in a well for 30+ days until they kill and eat each other. It was decently done, but kinda slow.
½ April 23, 2011
This is not the similarly-named vampire movie starring David Bowie, but a blatant rip-off of "Saw" with a bit of "Alive!" thrown in. Five strangers awaken in an underground chamber with nothing but a few oil drums of water. They've been kidnapped by a madman and are starved. They can either eat one another or die.

The cast aren't bad, and there's a subplot about a controlling woman that keeps the film from being complete junk, but there are also some big shortfalls. We never come to understand how or why the madman has kidnapped these particular people for his experiment. We understand what drove the madman crazy, but there's no connection between him and his victims even though it's apparent that he's spent a lot of time stalking them before locking them away. Despite the lack of basic hygiene in the dungeon, the men never sport so much as a five o'clock shadow after weeks of imprisonment. And that ending... ack. The flick goes in for the gross out factor; it's all about the cannibalism, after all. However, except for one flashback scene of the madman as a child and his mother trapped in a wrecked car, none of it is explicit. We see blood being sprayed and plenty of bones, but never a direct depiction of the act.

Overall, "Hunger" is OK, but just barely. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a "meh." Forgettable stuff, best viewed as an appetizer for stronger fare.
August 20, 2015
5 strangers trapped in an underground dungeon, forced to test their own humanity in some sick "SAW"-esque experiment. Had the potential to be great but I was more bored than they were. When you don't really care if any of the characters live or die you know the film has seriously failed. Lame.
November 9, 2012
Good premise, but poorly done. It appears as if some college students filmed this and with their father.
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