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½ October 2, 2010
If you can find this I highly recommend it as its a great low budget sci-fi flick in the same realms as 'Enemy Mine'. The plot is almost the same as 'Enemy Mine' accept the two races don't make friends. The alien race is introduced as the hero element where as the human (in a neat little twist) is introduced as the creature (you don't realise he's human at first) on the run and becomes the enemy...almost, depending how you look at it.

The thing that impresses about this film is the really nice makeup work on the alien masks and outfit/prop work. It isn't that original looking though, think 'Predator' armour mixed with a Clone Trooper from 'The Clone Wars'. Visually it all looks good set against the clear blue skies and yellow/orange rocky desert of the planet its all based on. The musical score is also pretty good, almost too good for a small film like this which was another surprise. Cast wise there are no big names but the acting is perfectly fine with some solid stunt work throughout.

You must be a total sci-fi fan to enjoy this on its numerous levels. Its not a fast action packed flick and its not filled with cheap looking CGI. Its actually very well made simply because the director has tried to focus the film with good characters and a good story. Without the safety net of lots of money, a big studio backing him and big name stars to craft his film there is a clear abundance of love detail care and attention to make the movie as real and epic as possible. Obviously unable to rely on big CGI shots the movie feels much more gritty and grounded which often tends to work well, the old adage less is more.

Think of this as a really really good episode of 'Star Trek'. The only down side being the ending is left open which could lead to a poor sequel or we may never know what happens if they don't. Definitely a low budget surprise winner here, highly recommended.
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½ September 22, 2010
Old school low budget sci-fi that is a breath of fresh air compared to the oversaturated CG reliant, bloated studio films. Everything gets high marks and makes me believe that people can still make films with heart instead of product tie-ins.
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½ August 18, 2010
Sandy Collora deservedly graduates from his brilliant Batman short film Batman:Dead End to produce a wonderful piece of thoughtful sci-fi. With a low budget it's amazing what Collora has done. He prefers the practical effects, which leads to some wonderful make-up and costume designs.Without these the film wouldn't work as well as it does. As it progresses the influence of Twilight Zone/70's sci-fi is everywhere, and as the twists and turns are revealed, they add to the story. Collora doesn't assault us with chaotic editing to "add" action on a low budget. He uses the restraints of the make-up and costumes to add to a realistic environment. At the heart of the story are talks on morals and ethics. Obviously the title refers to a switch in the dynamic of what hunts what and why. It isn't overly complicated, but it's wonderfully thought out. Some of the best moments have the enemies engage in conversation. We are always hit with a sense of appreciation between the two, and it becomes obvious that they could become friends under different circumstances. It's great in an age of overproduction, to see something that embraces its limits and finds the heart, soul, and story from within.
Francisco G.
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½ May 24, 2014
A big ammount of nothing happens. And when it does, it's pretty much ripping off Enemy Mine, which wasn't that great to begin with. An overlong and overextended Star Trek episode and not of the good kind.
December 15, 2012
was hoping 4 something close 2 the wonderful 'enemy mine' which this is very much like it but this falls short.
June 15, 2011
Low budget as this was... it was really really good. Its perfectly set up for a sequel. I cant wait to see part 2. This movie can be easily criticized and over looked, but it is a gem underneath.
August 20, 2015
I found this movie to be a simple movie but it kept me watching and for a low budget film the story and quality is very good. It's not a fast action movie full of CGI, so if that is what you want then this is not for you. If you want a movie that slowly opens up the plot as it goes on and leaves you wondering what or how happens next, then you will like this movie.
January 26, 2015
Clever game of "chess" kept me guessing - many plot twists.
Francisco G.
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½ May 24, 2014
A big ammount of nothing happens. And when it does, it's pretty much ripping off Enemy Mine, which wasn't that great to begin with. An overlong and overextended Star Trek episode and not of the good kind.
½ September 1, 2013
Interesting sci fi movie, but the ending. setting up for a sequel, was disappointing and not very logical.
½ December 10, 2012
This caught my interest, while flipping through channels. I found the scenario to be a fresh perspective, it had a nice twist, good job filming, and a nice plot. For a low budget movie, it rocks!
June 21, 2012
In a world of increasingly pointless sci fi blockbusters, a one made with a fraction of those has impressed me more than they ever could.
½ September 13, 2012
I expected a lot more than this from a former shadow of Stan Winston, especially after his amazing short film about Batman. the repetitive shots and lack of moving facial features make this hard to watch.
August 27, 2012
Obviously it looks like Mandalorian (Boba Fett/Jango) armor from the S.W. extended universe. Its Sci-fi meets low budget spaghetti westerns with out horses or cowboys. Not the greatest movie script wise but looks great and is an entertaining pop corn kind of flick. Look forward to more movies by everyone involved in this movies production. The Colors and images are amazing.
Perhaps not the most original movie but really what is today really. I noticed for a low budget movie the special efx were not horrible. For my self when any movie CGI looks fake and unrealistic it really makes takes away from the overall movie experience.
½ June 25, 2012
Great action and cinematography, the story had a big twist that was very interesting. I enjoyed it the entire time. It reminded me of the original Star Wars Trilogy before all the CGI and modern special effects. This movie has real down to earth practical special effects that I personally enjoy. My only complaint would be how it ends.
½ May 7, 2012
A film full of wit and dialogue with substance. An amazing story of a possible future.
March 27, 2012
Low budget desert SciFi that is fun entertaining, and very reminiscent of the original Star Wars and Enemy Mine.
March 6, 2012
this is actually a very nice low budget sci fi movie
February 12, 2012
Not a bad low budget sci-fi film for Sandy Collora, her first feature film. Though some parts were corny, it was nevertheless a character driven plot that didn't rely on CGI and high action packed scenes.
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