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The Hurt Locker is a near-perfect movie about men in war, men at work. Through sturdy imagery and violent action, it says that even Hell needs heroes.

April 3, 2009 Full Review Source: TIME Magazine | Comments (5)
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Jesse Figueiredo

Best critic out there, hands down.

Jun 23 - 11:53 PM

Mike H.

Mike H

This movie is ridiculous. It feels like another Lethal Weapon movie. EOD teams do not approach and disarm IED's they blow them in place with RC cars and shaped charges. And the scene where the 3 techs split up and search for the det team in the middle of the night is just stupid. That team leader would have been fired for that. And the last group that i knew of that yanked on the wires from an IED got packed up and shipped home in 3 MRE boxes.

That said the sense of feeling there is pretty good but the portrayal of EOD techs is disgraceful.

Jun 25 - 11:59 AM

Thaun T.

Thaun Trinh


Although I love this movie but Id like to point out a few things that prevented this movie from being the most realistic war movie ever. And theres no better place to post than a rotten critic with atleast 40 replys!
1. The very first bomb James defused, the check point guys didnt place warning shots and let the driver ran their check points. On top of that they all pointed their guns at the cab AND James as well. This never happen in the infantry unit I was in.
2. The E4's M68 gunsight is meant to provide a red dot not zooming power.
3. At the scene where they met the Black Water guys, they were traveling in a lone Hummvee. This never happen in the infantry.
4. Its cool that they squeezed some sniper action scene in there but EOD rescuing Blackwaters? I doubt that ever happen.
5. At the night scene where each of them tried to clear each ally way with one guy. Nobody ever clear a sector with one person in the infantry or the US Army.
6. This go back to #1. They shot their own soldier !!!!! At this scene I realized what a dirtbag James is, but this would never ever happen in the infantry.
7. James talking to the Colonel in Parade Rest out in the city!!!!
8. Blackwater firing their weapons from the hip????

Other than that the movie was great!

Jul 12 - 12:05 PM

Dan J.

Dan Jeaneau

How can this movie be "near-perfect" when it is full of technical errors? Every comment I have seen from real soldiers who have served in Iraq is very critical of the film's flaws. Why didn't Bigelow utilize a qualified technical advisor? As for heroes, how can an adrenalin junkie who has no regard for his colleagues or his family be a hero? This is a bad movie masquerading as an artistic and profound film when it is neither.

Mar 6 - 11:08 PM

D W.

D War

So many faults , its like it was written by a people who have had their heads up there asses for the past 8 years watching CSI or '24'.

Mar 10 - 01:14 AM

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