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RT at the Oscars

As moviegoers worldwide prepare for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, we at RT will be getting you ready for the awards all week long as we gear up for our LIVE coverage of this Sunday's show starting at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern. From the walls of Facebook, to the 140 character fun @Twitter, to our live chat, red carpet photos, and winners list here on RT, let us be your guide to the Oscars!

Read on to find all the Oscar fun happening all week long!

Oscar Poll

For the past three months, you've been checking out the nominees to the season's biggest award shows and making your picks, and we have to say, you've done a pretty good job! So we'll be giving you the chance to do it one last time for the grandpappy of them all! We're confident that our knowledgeable readers can collectively sweep the predictions this year, so make sure you vote for the Oscars' biggest awards starting on Monday!

Community Tomatometer Rates the Oscar Nominees

After sifting through literally boatloads (approximately 100-150 gaggles) of your reviews written in RT's community all year, we decided that we should have RT readers be the critics for this year's biggest awards. Ranking this year's biggest nominees by your Community Tomatometer ratings, from Best Picture to Best Supporting Actress, we chose over a hundred of your very reviews that praise and critique this year's nominees in the best (and sometimes worst) ways. If you've been reviewing this year's nominees, find out on Tuesday to see if you got your own shout out here on RT!

RT Predicts the Oscars

After a silent retreat to RT's hydroponic tomato garden and a synchronized downward facing dog, we came together to make our predictions for every category being awarded at this year's Academy Awards. Find out who we think will take home some hardware and of course, who we think will be left out of the trophy party. If you're in need of another opinion before you take part in your office's or Aunt Stacy's Oscar pool, our picks come on Wednesday!

Oscar Preparation Celebration

Since roughly half to three quarters of the fun of the Academy Awards (not a scientifically verified statement) is predicting the awards, then shamelessly gloating about it while fist pumping to house music after a good tanning session, we'll wrap up the week for you so that you can deliver ultimate pwnage in a neatly wrapped package to your family and friends. Want to trust the critics? Community? RT's editors? Or take the ever popular and politically savvy hybrid model? On Friday, before you put your reputation, hard earned cash, family heirlooms, and your little brother's DSi on the line, we'll make sure you're well prepared for this year's show.

Watch the Oscars LIVE with RT!

On Sunday, March 7 at 4:00PM, RT's Awards Tour will transform into your Oscar headquarters. With LIVE red carpet pictures, winner updates, Twitter coverage straight from the show via Editor in Chief Matt Atchity, and a Facebook chat where you can sound off with RT staffers and other users on each of the awards, make yourself at home in our home! Ok, more accurately, our Internet home! (sorry, we've got guests too!) So while you're partying with your real life friends (boo...), you'll be able to take off your shoes, relax your feet, and maybe your friends can get with our friends and we can be friends on Oscar night! Before we transformer the Awards Tour page, make sure to become a fan of RT on Facebook and follow RT on Twitter before the show and we'll keep you up to date on all the latest happenings for the Oscars and other tomato-based products that we churn out of our organic produce farm. Also, if you have any questions for the Oscar winners, be sure to tweet them to @rottentomatoes and The Rotten Tomatoes Show's @EllenFox, as we'll be live in the Academy Awards' press room!

Best of the Best Pictures

Every year, we put together a guide that we call the Best of the Best Pictures, where we rank the latest Best Picture winner against every winner of all time. With our guide all up in your brain, you'll be able to take your Monday watercooler talk to the next level after the latest movie gets a bid to join the Best Picture fraternity. We'll be warming up our newfangled printing press and brewing monitor toner in our cauldron (normally used to make soup) all night so that we can bring you the guide shortly after this year's winner is announced!

To keep up with RT's Oscar fun, check back on RT's Awards Tour all week long before, during, and after the Oscars!


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