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½ April 2, 2013
This is a wonderful piece of film. I like the kinetic connections that the film demonstrates and the candid interview with a Rock n' Roll legend.
½ February 25, 2008
Super cool! :D Well done animation drawings to a sneak interview filmed on tape by a 14 yr old boy. What a great idea! :) We are enjoying this! :)

Nominated for best animated short
August 5, 2008
While this is an interesting concept - an audio interview set to a visual collage - I felt like I was being bombared with images. It didn't give me enough time to take in the individual pictures; much the way I feel when I watch a music video.

I appreciate how candid this is and, that's one hardcore interviewer, but it's not exactly profound.
June 11, 2008
this short film seems very interesting
½ February 27, 2008
So the idea is genious, not that it was planned or anything but what happened was genious. Sneaking into John Lennon's bedroom and stealing an interview, as well getting him to say some pretty amazing things, we all knew he said what he said, but it felt so raw and is still relivent today. However the rawness is a drawback. While very, very interesting its very, very difficult to understand what is being said. That's no one's fault but it is a drawback. The Animation is also mezmerizing however it moves a little too fast for my taste and therefore we lose alittle, but we also get so much. If you can watch it again, do! I think watching it a few times over might help make it better, but then it might take away the impact! Either way a very well done short by a group of Canadians!
½ February 15, 2008
ACTORS: John Lennon
Jerry Levitan
TIME: 87 min
RATING: ** 2 and a half
Overall: this movie was boring

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck and a head full of questions, snuck into John Lennon?s hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do a...( read more )n interview. This was in the midst of Lennon?s ?bed-in? phase, during which John and Yoko were staying in hotel beds in an effort to promote peace. 38 years later, Jerry has produced a film about it.
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