Trailer Bulletin: Exclusive and Official I Am Legend Trailer!

Vampires get a taste of big Willie style.

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Sure, we've had our post-apocalyptic movie this year (28 Weeks Later). And our annual vampire movie (30 Days of Night). But have you gotten both for the price of one ticket? Enter I am Legend, the post-apocalyptic vampire action thriller starring Will Smith. The film opens December 17 and Rotten Tomatoes has your official exclusive trailer right here.

Smith stars as Robert Neville, the apparently lone survivor of a virus that decimated the planet in 2012. But rising from humanity's ashes is a breed of vampires, sensitive to light and out for Neville's blood. Though adapted from the popular (legendary, even!) novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, the general public is probably just as aware of the story from its 1971 incarnation, The Omega Man with Charlton Heston. But starting with its title and judging from the trailer, I am Legend appears so far to be a much more faithful adaptation, albeit with more action scenes to keep the audience adrenalin going. Also, as you watch the trailer, check out the scene that shows how much gas is going to cost in 2012. Oh, the humanity!

I am Legend will hit theaters everywhere December 14th. Click here for the official exclusive trailer!