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½ November 19, 2015
Nothing special. Stereotypical jokes, some cuter than others
½ October 30, 2015
Best of this Mid-week movies ...funny enough , Ving Rhames was one of the highlights in this one ! Entertaintment enough ! SOMDVD
October 24, 2015
Two of the bigger names in comedy give us one giant turd of a comedy but at least they got paid.
½ February 12, 2012
Only saw this because of Jessica Biel
July 5, 2009
Not the greatest of Sandler's films, and most definitely not the worst, some funny scenes but some definite over acting by Dan Aykroyd (but he seems to do that a lot nowadays).
July 17, 2007
Damn snooty movie critics, this movie was great. I think its trendy to not like this movie so that's why the critics didn't like it. Super funny. Watch it!!!!
November 29, 2009
Its heart is in the right place I suppose, but it still relies on gay stereotypes and lowbrow humor. I doubt if it enlightened many Sandler fans.
February 15, 2015
Two Words: Guilty Pleasure
½ January 21, 2014
people lie because of money me included sometimes.
½ November 27, 2008
A huge mediocre turn for David Dobkin.
Super Reviewer
July 30, 2007
Im not a big fan of Adam Sandler movies but sometimes he have made some great ones. This comedy movie had some funny scenes but not as funny as i thought / had heard it would be. Story is about 2 straight guys pretending to be a gay couple for insurance benefits. I think Sandler fans will like this movie most but its a decent comedy overall.
½ November 24, 2014
THIS MOVIE SUCKS! It is the only Adam Sandler Movie I don't like wait scratch that HATE!
½ November 9, 2014
The fact that it has to employ sexist/racist tropes in order to root out homophobia from American audience makes its anti-gay stance ultimately fail
½ October 12, 2012
What do people see in this filth?
½ September 23, 2014
Every offensive homophobic gag is followed up with some "politically correct" message - an incompetent comedy doubling as a vehicle for polite hypocrisy.
August 27, 2014
Payne´s involvement does not guarantee quality, and sadly, an attempt at commentary on modern society and homosexuality is bogged down by cheap gags and cheap sentiment. Then again, what can you expect from a Happy Madison production?
August 26, 2014
A VERY typical Adam Sandler comedy
February 12, 2010
(First viewing - Late Summer 2007 in theaters)
June 10, 2007
I don't know much about it though...?
July 26, 2007
Very funny! Could have been better if they didn't hold back to prevent from offending gay people.
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