Animation Without Computers: Down But Not Out


At least since Pixar productions started wowing audiences in the '90s, computer-generated animation has been accepted as the wave of the future -- but some artists, such as Bill Plympton, remain steadfastly devoted to the old way of doing things. Back to Article


Mr. Dufresne

Chip McNair

As a big time animation fan, I have to say that overall, I prefer the classic hand-drawn style overall. However, I like 3-D animation a lot, too. 3-D animation has worn me out a bit, since (in a lot of cases) animators are dishing out movies with sorry plots (like Chicken Little) and tons of pop culture references that quickly become stale and repetitive. However, Pixar (currently the company making my favorite films of recent times, like WALL-E) is an example of people using 3-D animation to make really good movies. Films like WALL-E remind me in several ways of some of my favorite classic animated films, such as Snow White, Pinocchio, and Dumbo.

Personally, while I prefer 2-D, I don't mind 3-D animation as long as its used to make good films rather than sorry ones. As long as the film is good, I'm sorry that concerned about the format. However (speaking as someone who is an aspiring animator/director), I would like to help bring 2-D animation out there again, so that it won't become obsolete.

Dec 1 - 01:40 PM


sputnik 99

I agree with just about every word you said, Mr., uh, Dufresne. I miss 2-D. The only 2-D done in the world anymore is done in Korea, and while they do their jobs well, they do EVERY job, even Japanese Anime. I hope that some quality 2-D is kept alive, but I can't imagine it becoming more than an obscure artform used in bizarre foreign films or on saturday morning cartoons.

The world has moved on to 3-D, which isn't quite a shame, but it is a little sad. I make it a point to watch old Looney Tunes every now and then, just to remember the artistic effort those artists put into their work over the years. Computer work is hard, no doubt, but I have just a bit more respect for guys drawing each frame with pencil and paper. Still, when a movie like Wall-E comes out, I want to see more 3-D, so don't for a second think that I am not impressed with what computer artistry can accomomplish.

Dec 2 - 12:27 AM

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