Ikigami, (Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit) Reviews

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December 27, 2013
Death Notice (as its called in the UK) is simply wonderful. A bleak look at Japan in the near future where everyday, a young person dies for their country after being injected with a nano-time-bomb as a kid. Simply shot but brilliantly acted, Ikigami left a lump in my throat more than once and is a brilliant twisted drama that has shades of Battle Royale and 1984, yet still holding its own.
½ March 2, 2013
Wow, this was just a fucking depressing movie. My eyes are pretty dry and it wasn't sad enough to make me cry, but this movie was just really depressing. Asian movies are so effing melodramatic. I've forgotten how much they love their melodrama. There's a line in this film that talks about how everybody loves their melodrama, and that's funny, because I don't think that's true. It's sort of like "Adjustment Bureau", but instead of a love story and a team of ninjas that make sure you follow fate, you basically get handed a "death letter". Depressing.

Story is what pulled me into this movie. Cast was what kinda kept me through the film. Music was ok; there was this scene were the violin piece just came in from nowhere and it was just so blatantly obvious, it made it horribly melodramatic.

Positive thing: I want to run my hands through Takayuki Yamada's long hair. I mean, even though his character looks and acts like a complete douchebag, just look at that hair. It's so shiny and it looks like he rewashes it for every scene. Glorious.
½ October 11, 2010
What makes it very appealing is again the originality of the story and the poignant theme of death that prevails in the movie. However, the movie fails to get to me as much as the manga because it lacks the emotional depth that I was lookin for. It's honestly a decent adaptation, however there is something lacking A BIT in this movie that prevents me to really cry and feel for the characters.

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