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February 2, 2014
The movie had a strong Christian message, which I felt was consistent with its aim. Some of the actors did a good job. Ja Rule and Adrianne Bailon did quite well in their roles. I think it was beautifully filmed and the music, though intrusive at times, was well done.

But there were some problems with the film. Some of the supporting roles were unevenly acted. Some of the timelines felt off ... I found myself wondering, how could all of this happen in one day? Or how can the police investigation continue when the police chief clearly did not want it to continue?

But overall, I think it was a decent movie and I enjoyed it. I hope that the director continues to hone his craft and make more films. I also hope to see Ja Rule and Adrianne in other films, whether separately or together.
½ January 23, 2014
I have seen parts of it and i admit it's nice to see a pretty church girl who falls for a thug. however, it's a bit too literal. All Vanessa does is talk about church. It feels more like a church infomercial than an actual movie. The message about church seems to get drummed in our heads. I wish the movie were more authentic. If you are looking for a cheesy love story, then i guess this would do.
January 10, 2014
Prayer won't save this one. Ja Rule stars as Miles, a reformed drug trafficker who is wanting to go legitimate but finds himself struggling with temptations from his past life. Miles remains incredibly loyal to his old circle of friends who are all still involved in the world of drugs even though he himself has given up that lifestyle. The feds, though, don't really believe Miles is going clean ... and they keep a close watch on all of his activities. As Miles tries to remain a clean law-abiding citizen, he meets pretty Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon - 'The Cheetah Girls') whom he would like to get to know better and date. Miles believes himself to be rather studly and cannot believe Vanessa doesn't simply swoon and grovel at his feet; but he soon finds out the girl is virtuous and quite pious as she is the titular "Church Girl". The man has to strive to earn her love ... and he has to become a better man in order to do so. The film has rather poor production values, the entire cast is weak (it co-stars Stephen Baldwin!) and the storyline isn't convincing. The film really wishes it were a respectable one with an uplifting moral message ... but it is horribly clunky. With a title like this, it is no surprise that the film can come across as rather "preachy". While I do not mind a Sunday sermon, I don't want one in a theater ... and if I do get one in a theater, I want it to at least be well put together.
½ November 7, 2013
This movie was terrible! It was so black, that I thought I was on a Tyler Perry movie set. It was cheesier than provolone and predictable.
Super Reviewer
½ November 4, 2013
Booooooooo worst movie of the year........ thiz movie made me want to slit my wrist n throat at the same damn time!!!!
½ October 27, 2013
I'm in Love with A Church Girl October 18
Initial Reaction: Really?

Main Characters
Miles Montego: He's a businessman played by Jeff "Ja Rule" Atkins.
Vanessa Leon: She's that church girl played by Adrienne Bailon

Plot Summary
This film is about how Miles and Vanessa meet at some party, get really friendly, then go on a romantic journey over several months. Along the way, she tries to get him to accept God into his life.
But life isn't so good for Miles; the DEA thinks he and his friends are drug dealers - and they spend a lot of time trying to prove their case.
And God has a few plans for Miles that will really shake his life to the core.

Main Characters
I know what they're going for - a true romantic flick where the couple really do fall in love with each other.
But I got bored after seeing them be nice to each other for the first hour or so - I was hoping some sort of interesting conflict would arise and test their love for each other. But that doesn't happen. SCORE: 2

Supporting Cast
Everyone else in the film is too nice and accommodating; it takes about an hour or more for a character to bring conflict into the movie - and by then, I just lost interest. I really didn't care if Miles' friends get busted or not. SCORE: 1

Need I say it? The conflict in the film for the first hour is lacking, so they had to drop in huge surprises that come out of nowhere in the second hour (someone gets involved in and accident, someone ends up with a deadly disease, she sees him with another woman.)
What's even worse is that these conflicts don't do much to the main story; they show up, then ten minutes later, they vanish, sending me back to the boring scenes with the two of them dating each other. SCORE: 1

This film tries to be different in showing how two people can fall in love with each other, but - you guess it - lack in intensity or conflict. SCORE: 2

Violence Factor
In order to boost the conflict, there is a stand off when one of Miles' friends gets involved in a physical confrontation with a bunch of strangers. I was hoping for something to come out of that, but ten minutes later, it passes by with no real effect on the main plot. SCORE: 1

Other Moral Issues
Watching this film makes me feel like I'm stuck at church on Sunday. All this preaching and quoting from the Bible really turns me off because I want to be entertained - not enlightened.
Besides, the main love story just goes on for far too long. I was just waiting for them to realize they were meant for each other, get hitched and get the film over with - instead of dragging it out for almost two hours. SCORE: 1

Final Score (out of 60): 8 % Score: 13.33%
They didn't need two hours to show me that he's in love with a church girl - they could've done this film in about forty minutes.
October 8, 2013
Awesome movie. It was so good to see how god can change you. No matter what you have done in your past. God loves us and it showed in this movie.
½ October 20, 2013
Could have been better, however the meaning is there and that was worth the ticket. Besides I got popcorn out of the deal.
October 21, 2013
Surprisingly good, this mini film is fantastic. Good movie for the family. Ja Rule hits it home every time. This movie draws people of all races, there is no color barrier in this movie. Good acting by the rest of the crew, not so dramatic or soapy. I recommend this film to anyone who has been through a change in their lives. Its not a joke, change is good and GOD will guide you. Amen. Go Watch the Movie!! *
October 20, 2013
This movie was a 10 plus. It's about time there was a movie made so our young and confused generation knows there is more to life than this world. There is a God who loves all. No matter what has been done in the past. We need more of these movies and less of the sex drugs horror movies. No wonder why our world is the way it is.
½ October 6, 2013
No matter what amount your faith is, this message will still touch your soul. "We are what we believe in." - Self
½ October 20, 2013
A crappy religious true story starring Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon. Can't Hollywood just stop using those religous nonsense turned into movies?
October 19, 2013
I walked in thinking it would a Lifetime movie. Boy was i wrong. I keep thinking about the movie since i left. Cant wait for the DVD to drop !
October 17, 2013
Although I wanted this movie to succeed with the least amount of cheesyness as possible especially with Israel Houghton producing it and doing the music. However the first cheesy thing that shows up is in the opening credits that shows God as the "executive producer". Come on man you start off with that kind of cheese? You can do better. The chemistry between Jeff and Adrienne was so not there, everything they did was not believable. The picture was also stretched and out of focus at times. Even though it had it's good share of bad acting and was low budget it still showed some potential. It managed to show some genuine emotion but also had some useless characters in it like all the cops, Martin Cove (John Creese from the original The Karate Kid) Stephen Baldwin, his partner and Michael Madsen (who only showed up twice). They had no real place in the story whatsoever. The whole deal with the cops seemed like it was an ill attempt to give the story an edge and was also used to prolonge the story even more. Then they added extra unnecessary drama on top of that which caused the movie to go even longer to the point where you didnt know where this movie was going or when it was going to end. All that being said I think Jeff did the best he could with what he had as far as the script and his acting skills to show a man really trying to change for the better. It was about to be a good ending until it took a really unrealistic turn. With all the things mentioned above this was a very disappointing production. Save your money and watch this at home.
Then they show at the end of the credits the real guy that the story was about to validate his journey.
½ October 26, 2013
Not a good picture of a biblical relationship, and a cliche story. Old Fashioned is way better.
December 12, 2015
Its such an encouraging movie i can't remember the number of times i have watched it. Nice acting Ja Rule
½ August 25, 2015
Horrible movie. The scenes are all over the place and almost always take part at night. Acting was flaccid , characters where flat and dialogue was laughable. Which is the only good thing about this movie, it makes you laugh at how bad it is. It is clearly just Christian bate.
January 31, 2015
I would absolutely love to watch this movie. the trailer is so good. and I absolutely love Adrienne Bailon I am a huge fan and I loved her in the cheetah girls movies
November 20, 2013
it was a good movie. Alot about God
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