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The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle Reviews

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Super Reviewer

December 19, 2010
An idealistic but confused young man who goes through a religion a week is fired from his position as a computer programmer and takes up with a janitorial service led by a transvestite Gulf War vet; when the gang start eating addictive cookies thrown in the garbage by a research firm, they discover that the side effects are hallucinations and male pregnancy. Endlessly inventive, it gets a pleasant hip vibe going that's sort of a cross between REPO MAN and SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD; it's only held back from cult-movie immortality by an incredibly frustrating non-ending.
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

September 17, 2010
Strange little film. Not entirely sure what to make of it - don't even know if I quite understood it, but to try and sum it up, a religious young guy is sacked from his computer job and goes to work as a janitor. The office he is cleaning is a company which makes cookies and they have been doing experiments with the ingredients. The cookies have the effect of drugs and the males end up "pregnant" with little blue blob things, which they give birth to on the toilet... see what I mean?!
This is a very original film. For the most part is interesting, although occasionally found my mind wandering (however, I did watch this one late at night). It was great to see Natasha Lyonne in something more recent. She really looks great in this considering her health problems and issues in her personal life. I couldn't see her without wishing my hair looked like that! The young guy who plays Dory is also quite convincing, although some of the janitor friends were a bit annoying and unlikeable.
I would hesitate to recommend this as I don't really know that it would appeal to many, but if you like something a little different, it may be worth a look.
June 4, 2012
A fantastical gritty film disguised as a twisted comedy-drama. A young man loses his job as a computer programmer and then becomes a janitor to only find himself as a lab rat in a mad corporate experiment involving self warming cookies. Oh, and the men in this dark comedy become pregnant with an unknown biological creature.
March 17, 2012
Extremely bizarre and conceptually insane, this makes for one unique viewing experience. Russo, who is apparently as imaginative as he is weird, delivers one of the most original movie concepts in recent memory. Some plotting and pacing issues hold it back, but the concept and the characters are enough to fuel the film for the most part.
July 22, 2010
Very eccentric, but utterly fascinating film, David Russo's film is a complete and utter original. Centering on Dory, a midlevel corporate guy who just got fired from his job at a data management company, and takes a job working as a janitor, THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF LITTLE DIZZLE is filled with some of the most memorable film characters I've seen in a long time. Vince Veiluf and Tania Raymonde in particular as Dory's fellow janitors, O.C. and Ethyl, are standouts in this great cast. Visually this film is unique and daring, and people should absolutely check this one out. Plus it has a killer soundtrack.
July 8, 2014
Artsy effects tied to some kind of story.
December 9, 2013
This is a weirdly wonderful film. Its funny, trippy, thought provoking, and re-watchable. This is now my favorite movie. The story centers on a group of janitors who become participants in an ongoing research study for a food company. Dory, a main character, is obsessed with religions and is going through a spiritual crisis. O.C., another main character, is an "artist" and a pretty good guy who is filled with hate for the world. Dory and O.C. become unlikely friends.

Long story short the men end up giving birth to fish like creatures, someone falls in love (maybe), and someone matures.
May 3, 2013
Cleaning, cookies and constipation................
G H.
April 10, 2013
The first few minutes of cinematography are worth the price of admission, also great characters that are likeable, and do develop, but the plot seems to move in fits and starts, and I wish the movie had developed a theme. The title suggested religion, and the main character goes through a bunch of them, but then there's no comment at all ABOUT religion. There seems to be a criticism of unethical business, but that is frustratingly abandoned. Is it about mind-altering drugs? Well, no, that just falls apart. It could have been a comedy, but while it has humorous moments, such as what the janitors do when no one is looking, but there were no real laughs. So while it started off solid 5-star, I'm inclined to give it 3, but settled on 3-1/2, because it is, at least, different.
December 19, 2012
I'm not sure this bizarre comedy/fable works as a complete movie, but it did give me that "What the F*ck Did Just See" feeling that I get all too rarely.
November 7, 2012
Some interesting visual effects, but I found the movie unwatchable. I guess if you like unpleasant, pointless drug films, you might like this. If this is supposed to be a comedy, it is not funny.
July 6, 2012
If 'The Dark Backward' had a butt baby with the modern day 'American independent film' and it was born with an extremely dry sense of humor, the result would probably be pretty close to being 'The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle'. This movie has all the right elements going for it to make for good dark deranged dramedy, It has a near perfect flow. It has a very unique style to the way it is filmed that I haven't quite seen before in any other movie, as well as having plenty of fresh and original visuals effects and trip outs. This movie is very hypnotic, yet funny in a really dark twisted way but at the same time it's harmless in its mental derangement, and has no ill will... and best of all, it never gets tired. It's mentally ill, without being mentally #$@#ed up, which is a line I appreciated it not crossing. Without giving any details away, the ending does leave you pondering whether there was a point to the whole thing or if it just blew itself to smithereens because it had no exit plan...I still haven't figured that out yet..I'm still pondering. Either way, it's a pretty darn fun and twisted little ride and definitely worth a gander.
March 16, 2012
"The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle exemplifies everything we love about independent films. It is a delightful adventure that will warp your brain in all the right ways."
June 12, 2011
This movie is thoroughly awesome.
May 31, 2011
Much like "little dizzle" itself, this film is too implausible, too awkward, and too eerily beautiful to exist in the lazy, homogenized "reality" that the best of us begrudgingly cling to. But for the "right" viewer, it is almost impossibly rewarding and delightful, like a new discovery or (fittingly) giving birth.

This film belies it's small budget and nonconformist nature because of it's near perfect ingredients. Script, acting, and cinematography are consistently superb and difficult to reproach as individual elements. But the level of detail, and total commitment to the central mood and theme is what makes this film a refreshing delight to free minds and open hearts, but an uncomfortable and confounding experience for the rigid masses.

This film is probably NOT for "you", and it would be arrogant to fault "you" for dismissing or rejecting it. But "others" will embrace and remember it as if they gave birth to it themselves.
March 16, 2011
I wanted to love this - i really did. However the reality is that this film dragged on for me,
Weston A.
January 2, 2011
"Unfortunately I got raped with a cookie by a major corporation and was left to have my blue scaled baby in a restroom."

Welcome to "The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle" and the most awkward feeling you'll ever get after a film.

In the most unbelievably ridiculous nutshell, this film is about a group of janitors who are unwillingly made test subjects for an experimental cookie, which holds a chemical that is supposed to give you the satisfaction of a warm, home baked treat in every bite. The side affects cause the males in the janitorial group of rag tag Seattle (the film was created by Seattleites and is shot on location)"artistic types" to anally give birth to a creature that I can only describe as half fish, half salamander. You'd think with a premise like that, no one could ever possibly enjoy the film. Even a gander at IMDB reveals a 5.9/10 rating and since the movie is 100% indie film, you don't have a rived up discussion board to cross examine points with. It's kind of a lonely feeling, walking away from "Little Dizzle". You begin to realize that there aren't too many people out there who have seen it and if you ever tried to talk about it, you might just lose a friendship. There's no easy way to really discuss the film and its content but I can honestly say it was enjoyable and I liked some of the themes.

We're introduced to our main character, Dory (Marshall Allman), from the get go. A point I'd like to make before I continue though; is it not odd that our main protagonist is named "Dory" and the film is about blue fish coming from the colons of male janitors? Not sure Disney would enjoy the sub conscious connection some folks might get. Dory is standing along a rocky beach, looking out along the horizon at Puget Sound, when a message in a bottle comes floating up to him. Eager to retrieve this mysterious object, Dory leans in and falls straight into the water. Luckily he's able to grab the bottle and pull himself out, allowing for a closer inspection of this rarely found treasure. Sad to say, the only thing inside the bottle is a piece of paper with "Fuck you" written in marker. Something we learn about Dory later than sooner, is that he isn't satisfied with life and feels put upon from the world. There seems to be that cliche' emptiness inside of him and throughout the story his main focus of self discovery is trying out different religions. There's even a point where we see him reading a "for Dummies" edition of Buddhism. Needless to say, falling into a freezing cold Puget Sound, only to retrieve a middle finger in a bottle, sends Dory right over the edge.

This leads into a scene of Dory quitting his tech job due to his inability to handle the mediocrity of life caving in on him, that sets the tone for the rest of the film. A sort of "in retrospect sadness" but over the top hilarity and horror-esque crudeness that never lets up. The scene of Dory's psychotic departure from his company really encompasses the tone; anger, laughter, immaturity, violence, rage, shock and psychedelic imagery. For a film about anal fish, the themes and imagery are far too in-depth. It kind of sickens me. Dory is then given a hint at a possible career opportunity via a (now ex) co-worker, as janitor. Initially he waves this idea away because it's obviously so beneath his inner genius. Though a day or so later the inevitable fact of debt and bills creeps upon him and its now off to get a job, regardless of how degrading. Because as Dory's conscious via a computer program states "Do you have a better solution?" or something along that line.

It's at this point that we're introduced to the rest of the team. You've got OC (Vince Vieluf), the overly eccentric and vulgar, pre-teen mindset, starving artist type with a twist of sheer stupidity. A character straight out of any typical teen comedy from the 90s/early 2000s whose small glimpse of know-it-all street (janitor) smarts makes him tolerable and nearly lovable. Then there's Ethyl (Tania Raymonde) and her boyfriend Methyl (Tygh Runyan), who are both the hardcore punk, meth eating, out of their minds couple whose favorite pass-time seems to be having raunchy sex on the desks of the buildings they clean. Then you've got the leader and founder of the janitorial company, Weird William (Richard Lefebvre). Possibly the strangest character of the group and sadly, has the least amount of scenes. He's kind of a borderline Vietnam veteran (Desert Storm in Will's case); a little cooky and out of his mind but as you watch his character unwind you know he was robbed of what made him a person during battle. It's hard to give the characters applause in this film because they honestly don't do much for it besides being really zany and making crude jokes whenever possible. You begin to love Dory and OC but even their shticks become a little repetitive. The acting wasn't anything to be revered and even at the end of the film I didn't have a connection with the characters. When one of them is lying on the bathroom floor in agonizing pain, I didn't feel empathy for their misfortune. I just wanted to know what happens next.

That is what made this movie work, it keeps you guessing. From the very moment you see Dory walk into the bathroom stall of the building they regularly work and see a heaping mess of blue gunk in the toilet, you want to know the rest. It's disgusting and the imagery might turn some people off but you can't help but want to know. It keeps the viewer trapped in its own realm. You don't see the outside world and the filmmakers did a great job at making Seattle seem like this desolate placed. A big part of the atmosphere came from the majority of the film taking place at night and not allowing the characters to stray too far from the plot's purpose. There's a constant pace and even when one character isn't doing anything particularly interesting, another is and interacting with another character or forwarding the dream like plot.

But you know what? Forget the actors and the majority of the dialogue because neither aspect gets any merits from me. Even the atmosphere doesn't always hold up due to the mind numbingly vulgar shit jokes that tend to rain down on the viewer. Regardless, I got something out of this movie because what I saw was multiple themes of human nature and suffering. Dory for example. Throughout the entire film we see the main character struggle with his near worthlessness in life and the idea that reality comes with a heavy toll that you can never really shake from your shoulders. It all starts with the message in the bottle and spins his sanity out of control. Then things seem to pick up for him as he makes a group of close companions through his janitorial job. Things seem great but then the mind altering cookies of science come into play and as the side affects come into play everything goes downhill at a fast rate. During this downward spiral, Dory is using religious beliefs to try and find a path into some sort of salvation. Even though it becomes apparent that he doesn't have any deep seeded beliefs, he needs to find one because without SOMETHING, he's got nothing to distract him from the imminent horizon of suffering.

Then there's the element of only males feeling the side affects of the cookies, therefore they are the only ones who anally give birth to these creatures. On top of that really disturbing biological side affect, the cookies also have hallucinatory properties. The male characters begin to see things, begin to freak out uncontrollably, have sudden dietary urges and even get threshold breaking abdominal pains. After each of them gives birth, all of their problems seem so small because they just released this small, defenseless and alien creature into the world. Only to have them die moments later. The humbling experience of birth affecting men was really fascinating to me. You can't help but bust your gut in laughter during some of the scenes but, typically when the hallucinations are involved, there are some really dark and disturbing scenes that portray the feeling of pain and isolation during pregnancy. The feeling of unknown territory for new mothers and the terrifying aspect of wondering what is happening to your body.

The good parts of this film are REALLY good and I do no justice to the deeper elements the filmmakers tried to convey. I felt robbed at the end because logically, it made no sense but again, blue anal fish, right? Not sure what I was expecting, so maybe its just me. I think most people will understand the end and get the message that came across but I simply felt like it was a little too "indie film". Beyond that, the acting is mediocre, the directing is really good because the pace stays steady and there's never a dull moment. There's some beautiful imagery and really haunting scenes that you'd expect out of a Lynch film. It's not a great film but it isn't bad either. All I know is that for a film with such a ridiculous subject matter, I find myself attracted to it and wouldn't mind another viewing to soak in all the wayward emotions. I'd truthfully recommended this to people who want something different in terms of story and atmosphere but familiar in terms of comedy and characters.
David W.
December 25, 2010
Cool indie that is part The Trip and part Fight Club without the fisticuffs or the acid. If you like cool indie films like Wristcutters: A Love Story and Cashback, you will be into this film as well.
December 22, 2010
horribly annoying shit i wanted to punch someone after watching it. it was so bad it pissed me off
David J.
November 3, 2010
Here is a movie that is as original and bizarre as its title suggests. Sometimes it's worth going to a movie because it is removed from what most of us typically go to movies to see. Such a movie would be Little Dizzle. It is the feature film debut by Seattle filmmaker David Russo, who has effectively crafted an eclectic, postmodern comedy.

The story is about Dory (Marshall Allman), a data entry worker who, after going on a blowout rant at work that had been no doubt building his entire life, is fired and forced to take a job as a night janitor at an office building. He makes friends there including the very funny O.C. (Vince Vieluf). Most of the movie's comedy is owed to him. He reminds me of everyone's favourite uncle, and is quick-witted with unabashed lewd remarks. Dory, O.C. and the rest of the night shift don't know it, but they are guinea pigs for the research company they clean for.

The researchers have dropped big bags of experimental, chemically engineered cookies into the trash, which the crew start consuming in quantities not fit for the consumption of any cookie, experimental or not.. The cookies are designed to warm in your mouth, to have that fresh out of the oven taste, "just like your mom used to make." After the crew eats the cookies the men start experiencing severe flu-like symptoms, and wild hallucinations. The suffering only ends one way, and it involves little blue fish, one of them named Little Dizzle. I'm not even going to go down the road of attempting to explain that in more detail. While the movie is eccentric, it takes itself seriously, and is convincing.
There is a lot going on in this movie. Russo is an eclectic director, balancing many different elements together. The movie is a buddy comedy, slapstick comedy, and is balanced with serious content. There are also long, frequent injections of montages, both live action and animated. It takes an uncommon talent to balance all those things in one movie, but Russo does it effectively enough. When they find out they have been exploited, the characters suffer sincerely and feel disenfranchised with the corporation they work for. There is a low key, indirect social statement about capitalism and corporate exploitation, best summed up by O.C.'s remark "we don't stand a chance against product research." There is also a recurring theme of the power of apologies, both for the apologizer, and for the forgiver. Characters keep screw up big time, usually for no good reason. Sincere apologies can be more than just a social nicety; they can be a powerful release from mental agony.

But what the movie is most about is montage. The live action montages depict everything from highly stylized janitorial duties to the journey of a message in a bottle. The animated ones are typically used to depict hallucinations. Russo did the animation for the movie as well, and enjoys creating montages more than anything else. The animated ones in particular are hypnotic and the most enjoyable to watch. All of the montages in total take up a large chunk of the runtime, and if they didn't exist I suspect there would not be enough material for a feature length movie. The best thing the movie has going for it is that it's original, visually. The substance of the movie is moderately effective, but I don't see it working well enough on its own. Had the movie been staged more conventionally I doubt it would have left as much of an impression.
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