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I wanted to surrender to this dream; I didn't want to be out in the cold, alone. But I truly have no idea what so many people are raving about.

July 12, 2010 Full Review Source: New York Magazine | Comments (470)
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Jonathan Nono

I'm currently reading this reivew, but before anybody starts to cry:
A critic's job IS NOT TO AGREE WITH YOU or to say what everybody already said.

Jul 12 - 02:50 AM

John H.

John Hall

but it is their job to be intelligent.

Jul 12 - 03:02 AM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

coming through, coming through, troll coming through.

DoctorXeno, they are, like their comments, too stupid to understand that.

Jul 12 - 11:50 AM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

can't wait to see this film actually. good to see a different opinion, though.

Jul 12 - 11:58 AM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

ever heard of retarded elitists?

i believe i'm posting under one right now

Jul 12 - 03:12 PM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

it's ironic to say that i'm elitist considering i'm not the one shunning someone because one has a different opinion. or am i elitist because i think many users on this website are stupid? well... then i'm an elitist.
if you had left out "retarded" from the sentence, you could even pass off as someone with intelligence and not someone with the intellectual maturity of a spoon. but no... and now i'm left wondering if you truly know the meaning of the word "elitist".

Jul 12 - 03:25 PM

The Tramp

Marco Martinez

Enoch, you know nothing of The Stunner, he is everything but an elitist, he is a counteracting gadfly.

Jul 12 - 03:26 PM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

that's true. although, not just for the sake of it.

Jul 12 - 03:40 PM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

and i always forget to say one thing: for the users here it's always the negative reviews of movies like this, and 'toy story', that are extremely badly written. no one bashes the critics that give those movies good reviews. i guess, as long as one doesn't say anything bad, the review is wonderful.

Jul 12 - 03:45 PM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

meaning people assume the positive reviews are automcatically good reviews, which proves people comment on the negative reviews, not because they're bad, but because they don't like the different opinion.

Jul 12 - 04:02 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

i would've said something other than 'retarded', but RT auto censors.

i'd say more, but i don't feel like arguing with a guy who posts a pic with him wearing shades as his profile picture.

Jul 12 - 04:39 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

and by elitist, what i mean is that you sound, type, and write like you are in love with yourself. nothing personal - i know what the word means.

Jul 12 - 04:47 PM

Big Freeze

Frank Fischer

Stunner and Enoch: It might be best if both of you guys got a life.

To everyone else freaking out over this critic's opinion: Relax. Inception is gonna be a great film, so everyone just chill and quit stressing about some random dude's opinion.

People get so emotionally invested in something that has such a minuscule impact on the world. Like Cleveland basketball fans sobbing and burning jerseys over a basketball player, people crying and burning up the blogoshere with dribble over some random critic's opinion about a film...well it's borderline pathetic. Nah, it's full blown pathetic.

Jul 12 - 06:05 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

funny thing is, big freeze, you're probably right on all counts.

Jul 12 - 06:13 PM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

like i said, enoch doesn't know the meaning of the word.
and apparently no one wears shades outside, even while not knowing they're being photographed. it's a weird world.

big freeze - i know, right? eesh!

Jul 12 - 07:01 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

lol an even weirder world when they actually put it up as their profile pic on rottentomatoes eh? i passed myspace on my way here, i think that was your stop.

Jul 12 - 07:54 PM

Chris D.

Chris Ducat

It's all premature until the film actually comes out...stupid to blast a critic for not liking a film nobody in the general public has seen.

Jul 12 - 09:26 PM


David Finnila

Why do you care so much what his Profile Pic is?

I have a pic from True Blood, not because I am a huge fan of the show, but because I thought it was a great image.

As for the review, I respect someone who steps up and says hey I know everyone says this is great but I just don't get it.

Jul 13 - 01:45 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

because it's fun to be a dick online

Jul 13 - 07:31 PM


Cineaste Cahiers Du Cinema

Wow, the life of a Nolan fan is one of filmic jihad.

Jul 13 - 08:05 AM


Biscuit J

DoctorXeno- You have been negative about almost every single Inception review, trying to justify why you don't like it. The fact that you don't like it before you see it is fine by me, but why are you constantly commenting (and usually the first) on Inception to make people mad. I agree that we need people that don't like movies in boards to make conversations interesting, but I am referring to AFTER we all see it. This isn't the first time you acted like you saw it.

And I didn't like this review because you should never refer to hype or the amount of praise a movie is getting going into the theater, that is simply unfair as a critic. Which leads me to believe if he was the first critic to see Inception and The Dark Knight he would walk out impressed. To top it off the only line that I thought was important in his review was the line on RT, but he doesn't explain his reasoning well at all.

Jul 12 - 06:03 AM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

agree iwth biscuit23 100%. the reviewer hasn't seen this movie without bias.

Jul 12 - 08:46 AM


James Bond

And you think any of the Nolan fanboys are watching this film without a bias? Why the double standard?

Jul 12 - 11:02 AM

Will R.

Will Rogers

Malick663, because Edelstein is a paid movie critic, whereas fanboys are viewers.

You really need that spelled out for you?

Jul 12 - 11:51 AM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

his opening line literally says "I have no idea what so many people are raving about." I firmly believe his review at the very least should reflect his own opinion, not what others around him think.

Jul 12 - 04:40 PM


Jonathan Nono

You missed my recent posts where I mentioned I'm catching a premier of this movie when it comes out in my country. I wouldn't pay for a movie I expect to be bad.

The critic can refer to whatever he wants to so long as it helps him express his opinions.

Jul 12 - 09:56 AM

Dary P.

Dary Patten

you have to have seen the movie i guess which he has, seen it

Jul 12 - 05:27 PM


Chris Skoufis

Im not surprised theres a negative review.But if someone doesn't like a movie,theres no need to ***** about it.Its a movie,of course someone isn't going to like it.

Jul 12 - 10:28 AM

Thomas J.

Thomas Jackman

Being contrary for the sake of being contrary is called being the Devil's advocate, not a critic.

Critic's should be able to appreciate beauty when they see it.

Jul 12 - 02:26 PM

Brandon P.

Brandon Petersen

How do you know what a stranger's motivation is?

Art is subjective.

Get over it.

Jul 13 - 12:29 PM

RJ Smoove

Ryan Rutherford

OMG Inception has a rotten review!!!!!!! I may actually die now. I'm not sure.

Jul 12 - 04:22 PM

The Jesus

Jason Mcdonald

WARNING.... reading comments and on page 9 a message by doomz davo starts with something about the ending . luckily i stopped reading before it was spoilt. Whether he has seen it or not is another question but its still not fair play

So may doomz davo catch aids from his father in a gay nightclub toilet

Jul 12 - 11:41 PM

The Jesus

Jason Mcdonald

WARNING last comment didint post ...maybe because of what i wished upon doomz davo. hIS MESSAGE MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Either that or he is just another attention seeking dimwit on this site. His message is on page 9 of these comments
god bless you doomz davo

Jul 12 - 11:48 PM


Brent Mitchell

bracing for 800 posts

Jul 12 - 03:03 AM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

WTF - How dare he formulate his own opinion.

Jul 12 - 09:30 AM

Phillip K.

Phillip Kissell

Burn him!

Jul 12 - 10:20 AM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

i lol'd.

Jul 12 - 11:52 AM


J Margo


Jul 12 - 07:37 PM


Jonathan Nono

Finished reading. It's a well-written review clearly illustrating why the critic disliked the movie. I'll still see it as soon as can.

Jul 12 - 03:08 AM

KJ Cassidy

kurt cassidy

As long as we have your opinion, dearest.

Jul 12 - 05:39 AM


daniel forth

so.. he gave it a Negative review because his intelligence isn't' up to par? WOW...

Jul 12 - 03:12 AM

png r.

png renyu

This guy give so many movie fresh but give inception a rotten? WTF????

Jul 12 - 03:20 AM


Jonathan Nono

His problem is the fact this film lacks warmth and emotion, and it feels very cold.

Nothing wrong with disliking a movie for this reason.

Jul 12 - 03:25 AM


Andrew Coleman

There is when the critic can't express why he feels that way. Just saying "Oh, it feels like there's no emotion" isn't enough. I understand he might not be able to do so without possibly spoiling the movie, but come on. That's the lamest complaint on a film that you could possibly give.

But oh well. This was to be expected. The guy obviously dislikes hyped movies - his last sentences pretty much gave away his troll stance.

Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love. I don't even want none of the above, I just want to piss on this 94%.

Jul 12 - 03:46 AM


Jonathan Nono

He's not a troll. It's a well-written review. He'd sound like a troll if he sounded angry and genuinely mocked the film in a way.

The purpose of this review is to explain why this critic disliked it. I understood it, I think it's a valid criticism I would point towards a few movies (Including Daivd Cronenberg, who I admire) and but I'm still too curious.

Yes, Top Critics disagreed with me plenty of times but I'll still defend them.

Also, none of you watched the movie.

Jul 12 - 03:50 AM

fresh f.

fresh fresh

Agreed. Well written review.

Jul 12 - 04:12 AM

Sam D.

Sam Deutsch

i have seen the movie at a screening it was amazing. so shut up you are not a ****ing doctor

Jul 12 - 04:54 AM


Sean Pak

You haven't watched the movie either, DoctorXeno. Edelstein could be mistaken for all you know. Don't blindly defend anybody or any side 'til after you watch the thing.

Jul 12 - 05:11 AM


In Your Dreams

How the hell could he be "wrong"? It's a movie review. It's not right or wrong, it just is. Deal with it.

Jul 12 - 07:18 AM


Matt Dailey

You are right, his last line in the review, "This might be some kind of goddamned masterpiece, but I%u2019m not sure I want to watch it again to say for sure.", totally discredits anything he said up to that point. He is basically saying, this movie may be a masterpiece, but apparently I was not really paying attention to find out. I just did not want to like it from step one so I picked apart petty things.

Jul 12 - 07:22 AM


Bob Good

That's not what he's saying at all, actually. He's saying that while, objectively, the quality of the filmmaking may be at an extremely high level, even to the level of "masterpiece", he just didn't care enough about the story or characters themselves to honestly say he enjoyed it. I'm sure there are plenty of so-called "masterpieces" that you saw and didn't get the big deal about. It's very similar to the observations I heard (and shared) about "Avatar" last winter. He's not slamming the movie here and he has good things to say about it, he just seems to feel that it's too fascinated with the theory and logistics of its own plot structure to bother getting us to relate to the flesh-and-blood human beings involved. To him, it feels like a movie made by a cold and calculating mechanical engineer, rather than an experienced storyteller who knows how to strongly convey real-world situations and emotions. It's a matter of taste, not intelligence.

Personally, I like Christopher Nolan. I think he's a good director and I thought he did a bang-up job on The Dark Knight, so I have been looking forward to this. But I did not like Memento for many of the same reasons that Edelstein has pointed out here, so I'll just have to wait until this weekend to see if I agree with this review or the other 94%. I very much hope it's the latter.

Jul 12 - 08:46 AM

Top Hat

John Miller

The quoted line "This might be [a] masterpiece" is in reference to Todd Solondz%u2019s Life During Wartime, not Nolan's Inception. He reviewed two movies in the article. I believe the point he was making about LIW was that it was sufficiently unpleasant viewing it that he didn't want to do it again.

Jul 12 - 10:07 AM

Etienne L.

Etienne Lussier

A critic's job isn't to agree with me but at some point you have to wonder if that one thinks his job is to shoot down any movies that his peers praise, just because it seems cool to do so. If Inception is rotten because it lacks emotions, how the heck can he think From Paris With Love, a 90 minutes long gunfight, is fresh?

Jul 12 - 03:49 AM


Jonathan Nono

Regarding From Paris With Love: Actually, FPWL isn't a film that takes itself too seriously and has fun.

Both are completely different movies and are judged differently. Inception looks like an Action-Thriller that's heavy on plot, FPWL is a short action trip that focuses on energy.

Jul 12 - 03:56 AM

dj Mark

Mark Marquis

Doc, I can't wait till you actually see the film. At least then, your opinion will be informed.

Jul 12 - 09:00 AM


Tyler Hollingsworth

I don't think that would change anything. It appears as if he's already made up his mind about it.

Jul 12 - 09:24 AM

png r.

png renyu

i realize he gave TDK a rotten. haha

Jul 12 - 03:35 AM

Michael M.

Michael Morse

I noticed that as well, he must just have bad taste in celluloid...or not think much of Chris Nolan. Either way, I guess he's entitled to his opinion.

Jul 12 - 03:41 PM


First Last

A NY critic, what did you expect?

Jul 12 - 03:43 AM

slow like honey

Angela Bruno

What's that supposed to mean? You got something against New Yorkers?

Jul 12 - 11:26 AM


Link O'Fett

New York sucks.

Jul 12 - 11:55 AM


Bruce Wayne

New York definitely doesnt suck. I love that city.

Jul 12 - 01:06 PM

Brian B.

Brian Barreto

It doesn't suck because I live here, *******.

Jul 12 - 05:42 PM


First Last

I've got something against NY-based critics who continually pan Nolan's movies, yes. Look at the RT meter for Nolan's movies and you'll see that the majority of his detractors are NY critics.

TDK was the best of example of this, of the dozen or so negative reviews, most were written by New Yorkers. The same thing happened with Imsomnia and Batman Begins.

Furthermore, I find a serious lack of consistency with them. Armond White is a notoriously awful critic so I won't waste time on him - he's a low-hanging fruit. They have impossibly-high expectations for him but, in the case of Prairie Miller, give awful summer tentpoles like Sorcerer's Apprentice and Last Airbender a discount. It's a nonsensical, agenda-driven bias against one of the few directors making quality blockbusters.

Jul 12 - 05:24 PM


dsfsd dsfadsf

Sopdadope on Pg 1 makes the perfect argument.

All you sententious morally-upright bromidic "ITS HIS OPINION" morons need to learn a lesson.

A film critic is not hired and read purely so he can say whether he likes or dislikes a movie. If that was the case, Edelstein could have simply given a star-count and had been done with it.

Part of a critic's job is also to be like a consumer report investigator. They don't test cars and then write down if they like them or not. They test them to see if they're good for the consumer. Similarly the film critic TESTS a film out to see if he believes it will be worthy of an audience to see it. Edelstein simply said he didn't like some aspects of the film, mocked it (rather coldly), and then didn't even explain why he doesn't recommend it for others to see.

This guy gives the majority of films fresh reviews. He has unrealistically high expectations for Nolan films. They have to be perfect on all facets of existence in order for him to recommend it... while something like "Extraordinary Measures" just has to make him feel sad once or twice. It's agenda-driven dribble.

Jul 12 - 08:51 PM

Brian B.

Brian Barreto

Hey, I'm from New York, so even I have to say that not all of our critics are terrible. The only from NY I constantly argue with is Armond White because he disliked Wall-E, The Dark Knight, Iron Man 1 & 2, The Hangover, Star Trek, Harry Potter, There Will Be Blood, Toy Story 3, Avatar, American Ganster, etc. Critics just state their opinions. Sometimes, they do so in a way that alienates people (Armond White) or in a way that people look up to his word as a honest and definitive second verdict (Roger Ebert). Even if it gets you mad, calm down because it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Jul 12 - 12:00 PM

Ajay S.

Ajay Singhvi

this guy can poop on people

Jul 13 - 08:11 AM


Denis Schroeder

Even though I'm still thrilled to see this film, expecting it to blow my mind and to be my favourite movie of the year, I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this review.

Jul 12 - 03:52 AM

png r.

png renyu

But so many people truly have no idea what David Edelstein is thinking about.

Jul 12 - 03:57 AM


Andrew Coleman

"It%u2019s as if someone went into their heads while they were sleeping and planted the idea that Inception is a visionary masterpiece and%u2014hold on %u2026 Whoa! I think I get it. The movie is a metaphor for the power of delusional hype%u2014a metaphor for itself."

I'm sorry, but this is a troll statement. It just shows that the critic is one of those 'I feel special cause I'm different' reviewers. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't have brought up "delusional hype" the way he did. It doesn't take a fan boy to see through this guy's joke. All you have to do is take a look at his past reviews to see his contradictory nature.

I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the fact that his 'complaints' fall right on their face. This guy wouldn't be able to spot emotion if emotion decided to get up and take a dump on his chest.

Also: you haven't seen the movie either. Please kindly step off your high horse.

Jul 12 - 04:03 AM


Messler Messla

Ah, so you didn't see it. I figured as much.

While I definitely agree with you on his tone--condescending as it is--how can you know you won't agree with him when you haven't watched the movie? Sounds like you've already made your mind up in advance.

Jul 12 - 04:30 AM


Andrew Coleman

Of course I haven't seen it. I wouldn't be checking this site if I had.

It seems you guys are confusing my opinion on the movie with my opinion on the critic. I'm actually quite skeptical of how good the movie is. Don't get me wrong, I have hopes of it being good, but I'm not expecting the second coming of Jesus for the film genre.

I'm just perplexed on how silly this review is, and how it's obvious attention whoring.

Jul 12 - 04:40 AM


Jonathan Nono

1. I did CTRL F and didn't find that statement.
2. That statement sound more like a critic taking the piss, which is perfectly fine so long as he can offer a good review. I have no problem with critics adding a little humor.

"This guy wouldn't be able to spot emotion if emotion decided to get up and take a dump on his chest." - What makes you say that?

Again, I can't see what's wrong with his complaints. I wouldn't like a movie either if there is no way to penetrate it and be engaged with what's happening.

Why everytime a critic disagrees with popular opinion (Of only 17 critics) he is a troll?

Why such a ruckus against a negative review, anyway?

Jul 12 - 04:32 AM


Andrew Coleman

It's on the second page of his review.

I say that because of his reviews on such movies as "From Paris With Love" and "Green Zone." His problem with the movie is that it lacks emotion...and Green Zone does?

Again, I don't care that he doesn't like it. I care that this poorly done review even exists.

Jul 12 - 04:48 AM


Aakash Kumar

hey Green Zone was decent
of course this is gonna be amazing. the reviewer failed on this

Jul 12 - 10:23 AM

dj Mark

Mark Marquis

Kubrick's cold emotion-less movies displeased some critics as well. I think I can live with that.

Jul 12 - 09:04 AM

Micah Lovell

Micah Lovell

seriously doc?

if you're going to take up the position of defense for edelstein at least do your homework first. "i did a CTRL F and didn't find that statement" - how about stop skimming and searching and control effing and read the damn review! this is like me walking outside on a clear summer day under a black umbrella and claiming that although i looked up, i did not see the sun.

one issue which has already been discussed, that being the issue of pre-judgment. both edelstein and the majority of those who take the time to leave a comment on this site are guilty of it. both those who are angry for edelstein's criticism of the film and those who defend it are both guilty of making a judgment before actually seeing a movie.

i, however. don't find pre-judgment to be necessarily wrong or something that can actually be avoided.

for instance, before i saw the last airbender, i checked RT to see what critics were saying about it. seeing the negative rating led me to believe that i was not going to like it since only 8% of critics did. so am i sitting in TLA knowing during each scene that no matter what happens i am not going to like it? by no means! if something happened that i enjoyed i'm going to take that into account and maybe if that happens enough i can say in the end that i enjoyed the movie.

now am i swayed in some sense by the fact that very few liked TLA and therefore i probably won't either. absolutely! but that pre-judgment is only lending itself to me as a reference point in which i can identify with the others who didn't like the movie, and allow me to think about it from a perspective other than my own. i can say to myself "i thought it was decent but i can see why 92% of critics didn't like it."

it just becomes a mathematicians tool by informing me what percentage chance there is that i will like the movie - which is the goal of this site in the first place, right?

Jul 12 - 09:30 PM

Khalid A.

Khalid Al Khajah

If you haven't seen the film, your comments are less valid than the review, which is completely valid. This site is full of sillybillies. Not every negative review is a troll a la Armond W

Jul 12 - 04:15 AM


Andrew Coleman

Who here is commenting on how good the movie is here? I'm commenting on a silly excuse for a review, not the movie. The movie may very well suck, and it may even be too long, but this guy is whining because the movie is "cold." That's a piss poor complaint. Am I supposed to like the movie if it's hot?

The only silly billies here are you guys that think that every critic of a critic is some douche bag that cares about a movie's RT score.

Jul 12 - 04:30 AM


Jason Woods

Edelstein and Armond White should start an "I hate Christopher Nolan but at least when I trash his movies more people click on my article" club, lol. I wanted to read this and get a genuine Devil's Advocate to all the praise but I didn't believe a word of it. After reading this I don't even believe he disliked the movie.

Jul 12 - 04:17 AM

david1 s.

david1 sd

maybe if you don't have an idea what so many people are raving about it you can ask them before taking a **** over a movie.I pity you seriously if you can't enjoy a movie a like this.

Jul 12 - 04:35 AM

David B.

David Byun

Too idiotic to understand the movie.

Jul 12 - 04:37 AM


Jason Woods

I don't even believe that, he says that it was too hard to follow and understand, but then does an excellent job of explaining what he thought was too complicated. The review is just silly and has other motives than telling people what he thought.

Jul 12 - 04:41 AM


Jonathan Nono

Actually, the opposite of "cold" in this case is "warm". A cold movie is a movie that feels like it lacks emotions/distant from the viewer (Top of my head: Lost Highway, which I love) while a warm movie feels close to the viewer (Top of my head: Up in the Air).

Jul 12 - 04:44 AM


Andrew Coleman

Yes, I know what he meant by "cold." He was expecting the same feeling he got from Toy Story 3 from a heist movie.

Jul 12 - 04:53 AM


Jonathan Nono

I don't think he expected something like Toy Story 3. He just felt like he couldn't be engaged with the whole thing.

I'm pretty sure Reservior Dogs is a Heist Film but it's not what I'd call "cold" mainly because the characters are believable.

Then again, these two films are probably very different. His complaint is still valid

"You haven't watched the movie either, DoctorXeno. Edelstein could be mistaken for all you know. Don't blindly defend anybody or any side 'til after you watch the thing." - I'm not taking side. I just don't think that a critic disgareeing with the consensus (From only 17 critics anyway) is an automatic troll. Movies are also subjective, so even if I will disagree (I probably will) I still won't say he's "mistaken".

Jul 12 - 05:18 AM


Andrew Coleman

Well, that sounds like a personal problem if he couldn't get engaged. I mean, that might help if he was writing this review for himself and was planning on sending it through a time machine, but he isn't. His job is to critique the movie itself, not blame the movie because it went over his head.

Jul 12 - 05:26 AM


Jonathan Nono

The movie isn't really "over his head", and all reviews are personal. They are what the writer feels about movie. Even what a critic says about the acting is personal.

Jul 12 - 05:32 AM


Sean Pak

Yeah, "mistaken" was a poor choice of words, it's 5 am for me. You can't deny, though, that you seem to already be on Edelstein's side in relation to the other 17 critics. You SAY that you hope to enjoy this movie, but it's been pretty clear you have a bias against it (even if they are reasonable doubts) and you were waiting for the first rotten review to "confirm" that bias. Your comments for Edelstein's review have been favorable to him rather than objective or skeptical. This isn't to start any beef, just an observation. ;)

Jul 12 - 06:01 AM

Brad R

Frank Enstein

You need to stop kissing the critic's a s s!!!!

Jul 12 - 07:01 AM


Donnie Gohmann

You guys need to quit posting on here every time someone gives a bad review to a film THAT YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN!!! So he didn't like it, big deal. He has a pretty solid track record and his reviews are always well written. Quit crying because someone gave it a splat, it doesn't have to be at 100% for it to be a great film. For that matter, I have seen several films on here that were given overall rotten reviews that I very much liked.

Jul 12 - 04:44 AM


Jason Woods

If you don't like people posting about reviews (and please, please try and remember that this is discussion about the review, not the movie) then don't read them. This is a legitimate forum to discuss reviews and you coming in and saying that it's stupid, is well...stupid.

Jul 12 - 04:48 AM


daniel forth


Jul 12 - 04:50 AM

png r.

png renyu

Agree with Don, some of these critic just want to be famous, be special, be different......

Jul 12 - 04:48 AM


dsfsd dsfadsf

I hope all your morally-staunch Edelstein supporters are not being clever. This "EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION" sententious dribble is getting tiring.

Isn't it a bit TOO ironic that Edelstein calls the film cold and yet he himself delivers the most icy mockery:

Slap! Wake up, people! Shalalala! Slap!

He's a tool. His Dark Knight complaints made absolutely no sense. There's a reason some negative reviews get more comments than others.

Jul 12 - 07:32 PM


Ole Mattis Opperud

Must be difficult for a critic to admit he's less intelligent than everyone else! :-D

Jul 12 - 04:49 AM

Sam D.

Sam Deutsch

of course twilight and the time travelers wife are better than this.

Jul 12 - 04:52 AM


Samuel Cole

Well written review. What's wrong with not liking a film that left you feeling cold? Emotion is a huge part of loving and appreciating cinema to most people. Nolan films have always had this problem IMO. I still appreciate his films for everything else nonetheless.

Jul 12 - 04:56 AM


Andrew Coleman

If you didn't feel anything during Memento, then I don't know what to say to you.

Jul 12 - 05:03 AM


Samuel Cole

Memento is the ONE exception to the general rule, get over yourself.

Jul 12 - 05:44 AM


Andrew Coleman

I guess just because it's one exception to a false rule, then it doesn't count?

Your reasoning has failed. Just accept it instead of trying to make "exceptions."

Jul 12 - 06:50 AM


nicholas hernandez

@hershawitz- I like to read through these and laugh at peoples arguements and occasianally chime in. But you, you are a smug douche who needs to remove his head from his ass. Your arguement is stupid and entirely pointless. I say Pixar is a great company that can do no wrong. I didn't like cars. I loved the rest, but I didnt like cars very much.. so if the statement you're argueing is false, as is mine and most others who agree that pixar is amazing overall. Dont take things 100% litteral jsut because you have problems with your sexuality. Yes I know for a fact that you have that issue. If you didn't then you would be more willing to see the grey areas between jsut black and white...

Jul 12 - 03:16 PM


Andrew Coleman

It seems like you have something against me because of Pixar, which is something I don't understand. I never said that Pixar was a bad company or anything of the sort, so I don't see where you're coming from.

Your petty insults don't help your point come across, either.

Jul 12 - 07:22 PM


Andrew Coleman

Oh, never mind. You were using Pixar as an example. My bad.

Like I said, if he did mean that, then he chose the wrong words to use point that out. To say that Nolan's work lacks emotion is a false statement simply because a large chunk of his work runs on emotion (Memento, Batman, The Prestige), so to say that his films lack something like this is completely false.

Jul 12 - 07:27 PM


Samuel Cole

I stated that IMO Nolan's body of work definitely has a lack of emotional heft and you seem to claim that just because Memento actually does it means all his films do? Now whose reasoning fails exactly...?

Jul 12 - 07:07 AM


brandon macgregor

There's clear emotion in all of his films, as far as I'm concerned.

Jul 12 - 07:14 AM


Samuel Cole

I think there is clear emotion in all of his films, for sure, but there is a difference between seeing the emotion and feeling it. And for me personally, as well as the critic apparently, his films just don't work for me on that level. He's still one of my favorite directors though because of everything else he excels at.

Jul 12 - 07:17 AM


Andrew Coleman

"Emotion is a huge part of loving and appreciating cinema to most people. Nolan films have always had this problem IMO"

"Nolan films" indicate Nolan's entire film career. If you didn't mean all of his films, then you chose the wrong words to use.

And I never claimed that. I was simply proving your argument to be a load of crap, which it still is.

Jul 12 - 07:49 AM


Samuel Cole

Look dude, one film is not enough to throw my whole theory out of the window. Examine his whole body of work (besides Memento). Everything he's made since then adheres directly to what I said. Fanboys...geesh.

Jul 12 - 04:30 PM


Andrew Coleman

Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight.....

Need I continue? All of these films pretty much ran on emotion.

Jul 12 - 07:29 PM


Bruce Wayne

Hershawitz dude you're coming off as uninformed and biased right now. I agree with the guy, Chris Nolan's movies are very plot and premise driven.

And you say TDK and Batman Begins RUN OFF EMOTION? How exactly can you back that statement up? I mean, they simply just dont

Jul 12 - 08:24 PM


Andrew Coleman

How do the Batman films not run off emotion? Batman became Batman because of the murder of his father. The Dark Knight showed Batman go through serious emotional turmoil through the death of Rachel and the transformation of Harvey Dent. Come on guys, give credit where it's due.

The Prestige explores emotion much more subtly than the Batman films, but still manages to do so through desperation and relationships.

Sure, Nolan's films are very plot driven, but all of them are well rooted within the character's emotional drama without giving the whole premise to it.

Jul 12 - 10:36 PM


Samuel Cole

Like I said in a previous comment, I UNDERSTAND that a lot of his premises are rooted in emotional turmoil, but I just don't feel any of it while watching a Nolan movie. I'm too wrapped up in all of his layered storytelling and directorial tricks. Not that that's necessarily a terrible thing, but it's definitely something Nolan could work on. A Nolan film would never move me to tears. Even though I did find Memento heartbreaking, everything since then...not so much. He's moved further and further away from it with each film it seems like.

Jul 13 - 05:49 AM

Brad R

Frank Enstein

You talk too much!!! Keep your opinions to yourself, 'cause no one wants to hear them!

Jul 13 - 10:51 AM

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