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I wanted to surrender to this dream; I didn't want to be out in the cold, alone. But I truly have no idea what so many people are raving about.

July 12, 2010 Full Review Source: New York Magazine/Vulture | Comments (470)
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Marc Rivers

Not surprised. he didn't like the dark knight either. I'm gonna seriously say that i just don't think he followed it. but that's ok, we're bound to have a few reviews like these so i'm not complaining

Jul 12 - 07:12 AM


Seth Green

As someone who's listened/read Edelstein for years, this absolutely does not surprise me. If the past is any indication, he'll soon write another article about how hard it is being him and how unfairly he's being treated by The Internet. Hopefully that won't happen. As critics go, I respect the guy, but he's never been very imaginative and it's surprisingly easy to go over his head.

Jul 12 - 07:13 AM

Hasan A.

Hasan Ahmad

This is the same reviewer who gave a negative review to the following movies...

1. The Dark Knight
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
3. Psycho

Enough said...

Jul 12 - 07:16 AM


Jim Hawkins


Jul 12 - 07:17 AM


Marcus Hart

Mr. Edelstein I know you're reading these comments and having a ball. Obviously you gave your negative review because you saw that 100% and just had to kill it. Now you're sitting here laughing your butt off about how cool you are.Maybe you genuinely felt that the film wasn't as good as the hype, fine that's fair, but I don't buy for a minute that you really think the film deserves the level of negativity used in your review. The truth is your an attention seeking dork. "But I truly have no idea what so many people are raving about;" comments like those are reserved for critics who truly see through the hype BS, but that critic you are not. My theory is just that this "cold" crap you talk about is how you need to be cuddled when you watch a film and can't take films that pride themselves on being purely cinematic exercises in intelligent thought and revel in complexity and spectacle, as evidenced for your dislike for most cited comparison for the film, 2001.

Jul 12 - 08:05 AM


In Your Dreams

I wasn't happy with this review until I read the comments and now I am firmly on Edelstein's side. Thanks for that little extra push, RT community.

Will add this review to my que for friends considering seeing Inception.

Jul 12 - 07:21 AM

Hasan A.

Hasan Ahmad

so you will be pushing a negative review to get back at commenters, that is even dumb than this review

Jul 12 - 07:22 AM


Andrew Coleman

So you allowed user comments to choose your opinion for you?

That's pretty pathetic.

Jul 12 - 07:51 AM

Tyler S.

Tyler Schwab

I am really excited about this movie, but the premise seems like it wouldn't well received by everyone. I really want this movie to get a good tomatometer, but getting a rotten review is not the end of the world.

Jul 12 - 07:21 AM


Seth Green



Jul 12 - 09:14 PM


Jeremy Chan

Please do not embarrass yourself anymore, go home and sleep with you "girlfriend" -- Armond White, both of you should stop being movie critics. Losers...

Jul 12 - 07:40 AM

Rafael L.

Rafael Lopes de Melo

He gave good/raving reviews to the following movies:
Aeon Flux
Dukes of Hazard
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
The legend of Zorro
You don't mess with the Zoham
Nacho Libre
Jeeper Creepers
Sex in the City

Jul 12 - 07:45 AM

Matt D.

Matt Dolloff

The review isn't necessarily poorly written but it doesn't seem to flesh out his ideas as much as snidely reject just about every aspect of the movie. This is why critics should never read other reviews of a film before reviewing it themselves. He got caught up in the backlash and it hurt the quality of his review in the process. And how exactly can film editing be purely ostentatious?

Jul 12 - 07:47 AM


Loller Skater

I'm going to wait to explode on this guy until after I see the film. Fair? I think so.

Jul 12 - 07:49 AM


whoooop ruiz

It's simple...

This guy doesn't like Nolan's style too much and he has the freedom to let that sentiment slide into his review.

It's completely normal. He just didn't enjoy the movie as the majority is and will.

Some understandable negative reviews won't make this movie any less amazing.

Jul 12 - 07:50 AM

Taylor W.

Taylor Woodfin

People like you should not review movies! You go in looking for reasons to not like the movie, instead of looking for reasons to like it! I mean c'mon you even had a problem with DiCarpio's name in the movie, give me a break!

Jul 12 - 07:55 AM


kyle T

Well, now we can all expect this movie not to be perfect. That's a good thing. His viewing experience was obviously marred by expectations. And I'm sorry, but he is a good reviewer, and there is not much to attack.

Jul 12 - 07:56 AM


Eric Fowler

I actually thought it was a pretty good review. He gave some good reasoning; he felt Nolan was too literal minded to make a "Dream" movie, and that a lot of the scenes were visually inventive but confusing and hard to understand.
Hype, by the way, is a factor in movie reviews. If theres a lot of hype and the movie doesn't live up to it, he should say that's what he thinks.

Honestly, I'm just upset that a half way decent negative review is going to get trashed here by trollers. I haven't seen the movie obviously, but I'm still looking forward to it despite this review. It's really not that big a deal-it seems like he wasn't trying to just be contrary, unlike certain other reviewers we all could name.

Jul 12 - 08:04 AM


Phil McGroin

This moron also gave The Dark Knight a rotten...he's an Armond White wannabe

Jul 12 - 08:05 AM


Van Rijn

It's actually fairly typical criticism of Nolan to say that his characters are too cold and calculating, and these personalities can be offputting to viewers. Yet, these characters are exactly why I love Nolan so much.

He tells it like it is. The world is one gritty place.

Jul 12 - 08:11 AM

Matt L.

Matt Lubisich

it is a fact that New York critics do not like Nolan films. i think it has a lot to do with where Nolan films his movies. Memento, The Prestige and Inception all were filmed in Los Angeles, among other places. The Batman's were in Chicago, not New York.

New Yorkers hate everything he does because Nolan has shunned their city. It is really sad how pathetic they are.

Jul 12 - 08:14 AM

Anthony T.

Anthony Tavernia

That is probably one of the most invalid points I have ever heard.

Jul 12 - 08:26 AM


Cory B

Really? Look at The Dark Knight page and count how many of the negative reviews come from NYC critics/publications. It's an incredibly disproportionate number.

Jul 12 - 08:34 AM

Chris W.

Chris W

I believe there was even a blog about the NY critics hate for The Dark Knight during the days before the release of the film. Its well documented that NY Critics dislike Nolan's work.

Jul 12 - 09:01 AM


Van Rijn

i am a new yorker and i love nolan's work

Jul 12 - 03:18 PM

Matt L.

Matt Lubisich

when you said my point was invalid did you do any research of your own? it doesn't look like it buddy.

you think critics are above petty BS? they are people like anyone else.

This guy's review was snarky from sentence 1, he never wanted to like the film judging by the way he wrote it.

Jul 12 - 09:33 AM

Anthony T.

Anthony Tavernia

Can someone not like a movie and not get yelled at. It doesn't even have that many reviews out so 100% meant nothing. However, you can continue yelling at Armond White because he is just a moron.

Jul 12 - 08:25 AM

Spencer M.

Spencer Moleda

Right. Toy Story 3 had MANY more reviews than Inception, yet it still had 100%. There is a difference between ruining a 100% at this stage and ruining Toy Story 3's 100%.

Jul 12 - 08:30 AM


Rob Alicea

I was ready to jump on Armand White because of his deplorable Toy Story 3 review, and if this guy was completely off point about this, I'd be willing to do the same. That said, the movie has not been released here yet, and I'd chance to say that a lot of the detractors of this critic are in the same boat, so maybe we should reserve judgment before calling this guy an idiot that doesn't understand the movie.

Jul 12 - 08:27 AM

mo k.

mo khatib

We havent seen the move yet so we cant really decide whether hes wrong or right

Jul 12 - 08:28 AM

bob c.

bob cob

The problem here isn't that it's a bad movie, it's just that Mr. Edelstein didn't understand it. It's fine, not everybody has the intelligence to understand complex movies. Not his fault really.

Jul 12 - 08:31 AM

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