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I wanted to surrender to this dream; I didn't want to be out in the cold, alone. But I truly have no idea what so many people are raving about.

July 12, 2010 Full Review Source: New York Magazine/Vulture | Comments (470)
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Brian Jones

And can someone please tell me what a troll is so I can understand half the stuff u guys say.

Jul 12 - 09:59 PM


Matthew dixson

A troll just tries to go "against the grain" just to get a reaction from people. They are douces.

Jul 12 - 10:01 PM


ryan kramer

Wouldn't this promote conforming?

Couldn't someone just as easily call you guys lemmings or sheep for attacking someone about a film that's yet to be viewed by most of you?

Granted, odds are that it's a great movie, but it's sad when a critic goes out of his way to apologize and still gets attacked.

It's kind of creepy actually.

All of this is like some sort of witch burning mob mentality.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm conversing with people under the age of 18 as that could at least explain some of it.

Jul 13 - 07:47 AM


Matthew dixson

You are a dumb prick david edelstein.

Jul 12 - 09:59 PM

Daniel P.

Daniel Petersen

I'm still going to see it =)

Jul 12 - 10:20 PM


Brandon Tindel

**** You

Jul 12 - 11:43 PM


Rob Humanick


I can't even bear to read what they're saying to you here. I speak because they're mostly my age group, or at least younger (24 here). I assure you, we're not all that way (some, like myself I like to think, actually give a **** about the things that matter), but more so, I and I am sure you as well know that most of them are worthless and empty statements.

One movie lover to another, just hoping you're above this and not offended or even bothered. Is the exchange in Catch-22? Can't remember, I'm paraphrasing:

"What is it you think of me?"
"No, you see, I don't think of you."

Jul 12 - 11:44 PM

Matt L.

Matt Lubisich

are you interviewing for a job or something? no offense, but but kissing a critic on a film review site without commenting on the film is really lame.

Jul 13 - 07:54 AM


Jonathan Nono

Oh geee I just woke up and I can't follow the discussion but


Jul 12 - 11:48 PM

Shayan S.

Shayan Shahbazi

there really isnt much about this film that isnt incredible. i fail to believe you are a credible film critic

Jul 13 - 12:20 AM


Jonathan Nono

He loves 8 1/2 and Etenral Sunshine. Doesn't sound like someone who loves Transformers or From Paris With Love.

Then again, easy to follow:
Not liking Nolan=Being stupid

NOTE: I still don't have a clear opinion about Nolan, although I lean towards positive.

Jul 13 - 12:28 AM


Cineaste Cahiers Du Cinema

Not liking Nolan = possessing good taste in cinema

I am sick and tired of "THE PLOT" in Nolan's films, from which every other consideration is practically tertiary.

Nolan won't save cinema, because he refuses to make smaller films about characters without Nolan's "SUPER-ULTRA SERIOUS-PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL-PLOT". This adherence to "THE PLOT" (which informs his rapid-fire editing style which makes minced meat out of what good have been decent performances from his actors) basically exemplifies Nolan's lack of confidence with actors. As I mentioned previously- Dark Knight is a bad film (but good melodramatic soap opera) with a fantastic performance by Heath Ledger that was practically self-directed through the actor's improvisation.

I wouldn't give Nolan any credit for Heath's performance, using the empirical evidence of his work with actors on all his previous films, and the bad acting of the rest of the ensemble in Dark Knight.

I think part of the reason why Nolan is so successful is that most of his fans don't read, therefore all of his films seem new, fresh and exciting. They don't go to their local library and take out good Mystery novels that have far better and densely plotted narratives with fully fleshed out characters.

Ignorance is bliss, so good for them. There are actually very few films I really truly enjoy- so these Nolan fans really have something to treasure- their ignorance of literature and cinema. I truly wish I could enjoy Nolan's and other contemporary filmmaker's films as much as these Pavlovian lap dogs.

Jul 13 - 06:10 AM


Tighe Copeland


someone needs to pull that pedestal out from under you...

Nolan makes great films. Simple as that. You say Nolan doesn't make smaller films...What exactly is a "small" film to you? Memento was a pretty fricken small film but VERY rich in themes and character. You say he doesn't ever do anything fresh, but the way that story was told was pretty darn innovative and fresh.

You just want to act like this pompous pr*ck so much it's irritating.

Jul 13 - 11:13 AM


jose pena

@ Cineaste C. on Jul 13 2010 6:10 AM
I wouldn't give Nolan any credit for Heath's performance, using the empirical

evidence of his work with actors on all his previous films, and the bad acting of

the rest of the ensemble in Dark Knight.

Using empirical evidence only proves contrary. Starting with Guy Pearce's performance in Memento, Williams and Pacino doing their best work in years in Insomnia, to Ledger's Oscar turn in TDK and now DiCaprio's well-received performance in Inception, only proves Nolan knows how to cast and direct great performances.

Jul 14 - 06:10 AM


Jeremiah Pilon

Okay, I just saw an advance screening of this movie and it rocked my f****** world! I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I got out of theater! I went and had coffee with three people I met at the movie afterward just so we could talk about it.

I will NOT give any spoilers, it is too much of a mindf*** for me to ruin it for anyone else. Not everyone may love the ending, but NO one, and I mean NO ONE, with any semblance of an intellect could not like the ride there.

David Edelstein is an abject moron for writing this review and I can only conclude that he simply did not understand everything that was going on (and honestly, I know I will have to see it at least one more time before I can say that I do, but that's why the movie is so breath-taking--you simply cannot take it all in at once).

It is as mentally engaging as it is visually stunning. It leaves you with that sense of awe the first time you saw the special effects of the Matrix but amped up by the sense of suspense and staggering performances you saw in The Dark Knight.

I am frankly shocked that Edelstein could be anything less than impressed, the movie succeeds on every possible level. His whining about lack of emotion? Did he even see this movie? DiCaprio's tumult is gut wrenching.

For those who wish to be excited about this film, please continue to do so, it is unquestionably the best movie since The Dark Knight, one of the best movies I have ever seen and, in my opinion, Nolan's crowning cinematic achievement to date.

David Edelstein must have been lobotomized before seeing this film and his drooling, jagged, post-lobotomy head bobs misinterpreted and typed to create this review; it is the only explanation.

Jul 13 - 12:33 AM


Jonathan Nono

Your response to this review consists of:

"He's stupid because he didn't like the movie!"

Not much beyond that.

Jul 13 - 06:44 AM


Jeremiah Pilon

No, my response is that Edelstein directly criticizes elements like emotion, that run strongly through the film, as being not present. Come Saturday, when millions have viewed this film, they will agree that Edelstein should be stripped of job and disregarded henceforth.

Jul 13 - 02:43 PM

junierizzle b.

junierizzle bizzle

It's not about this guy having his own "opinion".

It's about this guy giving the lone bad review so he can have his two minutes of Internet Comments Fame.

Who ever heard of this guy before this.

Congrats dude, you made the boards blow up.

Jul 13 - 12:34 AM


Jonathan Nono

Oh hey

Every "bad" review will be lone until more reviews will come.

Somebody has to be the first.

I'm waiting for Mr. Ebert.

Jul 13 - 12:45 AM


Brian Jones

Ebert will give it an A- or a A on his website this weekend.

Jul 13 - 12:59 AM


Brian Jones

Thats Roeper review. Ebert will give it 3 stars and a half

Jul 13 - 01:05 AM

Faaiz I.

Faaiz Irfan

aww u ruined its perfect 100% lolz :P

Jul 13 - 12:50 AM


Steve Guy

Edelstein also didn't like The Dark Knight and The Prestige, the only other Nolan films he has reviewed.

I bring this up not to denigrate the critic, but just to say that if you liked either or both of those movies, then you can safely ignore this review. It's written by someone who doesn't share your tastes. So don't worry about whether this guy's got some insight the other critics don't. The 100% in your mind should still be intact at this point.

As good as RT is, opinions aren't actually a measurable thing - even when they're clearly wrong.

Jul 13 - 01:06 AM


Bob Roberts

Check again there chief, he gave positive reviews to both Batman Begins and Memento.

Jul 13 - 06:53 AM


jose pena

Of The Dark Knight Edelstein said: Anyway, Peter Travers says it%u2019s a masterpiece and Heath Ledger should win an Oscar, so that settles that.

Well, well, turns out Travers is the more reliable critic, doesn't it David?.

David likes to throw around terms like fanboy and nerds. He is one too, let there be no doubt, just not of Nolan's. But it looks like his bandwagon/s (Iron Man/Favreau) is not as popular as Nolan/Batman).

Jul 13 - 03:36 AM

Dean W.

Dean Wirth

maybe you just didn't get the movie

Jul 13 - 05:52 AM

Ken W.

Ken Wolfson

Hey Edelstein, we don't need no stinkin' trolls here

Jul 13 - 06:12 AM


Jim Hawkins

This is looking much worse as each positive review comes in.

This guy should be embarrassed by the way he went after other critics as well...very unprofessional IMHO.

Jul 13 - 06:49 AM


Cineaste Cahiers Du Cinema

In all film criticism, critics reference each other for context. Please refer to the Cahiers Du Cinema of the 1960's.

For you to live in a world of absolutes (desiring a 100% fresh rating) is at best, denial, and at worst a slavish devotion to ignorance.

Jul 13 - 07:41 AM

Ron C.

Ron Cedano

So typical. This ****ing guy hates any good movie. Look at his rotten reviews. Same guy that hated Dark Knight...

Jul 13 - 07:13 AM


Cineaste Cahiers Du Cinema

It's pretty easy to hate Dark Knight and like Heath Ledger's performance.

Dark Knight is a pretty poorly constructed and badly acted movie with the exception of Ledger's self-directed and improvised performance as the Joker.

Jul 13 - 07:35 AM

Matt L.

Matt Lubisich

if it's easy to hate the Dark Knight why did it get 94% on the T-meter and make over a Billion Dollars at the BO? that means critics and audiences loved it.

saying it's easy to hate is pretty stupid given how a vast majority liked it.

Jul 13 - 07:58 AM


jose pena

@ Cineaste C. who said, on Jul 13 2010 7:35 AM: It's pretty easy to hate Dark Knight and like Heath Ledger's performance.

Dark Knight is a pretty poorly constructed and badly acted movie with the exception of Ledger's self-directed and improvised performance as the Joker.

For you it might be easy to hate 'Knight' but the consensus goes against all your other grievances of it. The guild nominations for writing and directing makes your "poorly constructed" argument - less credible. The acting is uniformly great with one outstanding, Oscar-winning turn by Ledger. It was Nolan's inspired casting of Heath and his strong direction that helped shape Ledger's Joker. Oldman nearly, quietly steals the movie, and Eckhart impressed beyond expectations according to most reviews. Bale once again creates three distinct sides to Wayne: the public, Devil-may-care, persona, the private, introspective man, and the nearly beast Batman. Caine, and Freeman are faultless and Maggie was a big and smart improvement on Katie Holmes.

Dark Knight is universally beloved for the above reasons and more. It raised the bar on the genre and is the top superhero movie to date.

Jul 14 - 05:47 AM

Tyler-Joseph I.

Tyler-Joseph Interlichia


Jul 13 - 07:34 AM


Cineaste Cahiers Du Cinema

...a fool and his money are soon parted- hope you enjoy "Inception".

Jul 13 - 07:37 AM

Pablo Money

Pablo Money

I have no idea if you are right or wrong, Mr. Edelstein. But considering how much in the minority you are with your fellow critics, and how intriguing the film looks (not to mention how accomplished the director is), I have a feeling you'll end up regretting your review.

Jul 13 - 07:44 AM


Cineaste Cahiers Du Cinema

This is the funniest comment on here- regretting a review? He is paid for his opinion, you are not. Film criticism is not a popularity contest subject to the dictates of the great unwashed masses such as yourself.

"Oh no! I am the only one who didn't like Inception! I will regret this for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!"
David Edelstein, Friday, July 16, 2010 2:30pm***

***Mr. Edelstein loaded his revolver shortly thereafter and shot himself in the head due to enormous feelings of regret and guilt he had for his review in light of all the other reviews.

Jul 13 - 07:58 AM


Brian Jones

People do regret reviews. Movie ends up winning best picture your credibility as a good reviewer is online. Critics get fired too. So yeah.... your wrong

Jul 13 - 05:42 PM

Will J.

Will Jones

You my dear frined are the definition of a douchebag. You probably gave Toy Story 3 a bad review as well. Your just one of those critics who gets his name out there by being a little ***** and down talking truly fantastic cinema pieces. You should be kicked off of Rotten Tomatoes.

Jul 13 - 07:46 AM


Bob Roberts

You know it's not that hard to click his name and see what he has reviewed. He gave Toy Story 3 a positive review.

Now for the big question, have you seen Inception?

Jul 13 - 07:51 AM

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