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Are they handing out joints at the box office for this?

July 16, 2010 Full Review Source: MTV | Comments (60)


Brady S.

Brady Schultz


Jul 16 - 06:52 AM

Christopher C.

Christopher Compton

Really now?

Jul 16 - 06:56 AM

mo k.

mo khatib

I cant take mtv, a twilight loving audience, serious when judging good movies

Jul 16 - 07:08 AM


Jacob Gronowski

letters to juliet? date night? karate kid? all these movies that are completely predictable and boring (and **** i may night is a comedy and it wasnt even funny) and you give those movies 4/5 and inception 1/5? you've lost all not just a fan boy because i've seen the movie, and how you dont even think its the best movie in years is beyond me..quit your job, because you clearly arent good at it

Jul 16 - 07:16 AM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

Actually Date Night was pretty funny for anyone out there that has been married for 10 years plus it is also a fresh movie might I remind you. As for the other ones you mention, your gripe is valid.

Jul 16 - 07:24 AM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

The Karate Kid and Date Night got Fresh.

Jul 16 - 10:16 AM


Mike PArker


JokurJakob (if that is indeed your true name) are you seriously taking this opportunity to rag on freaking Datenight?!?!?

The FUNNIEST movie to come out in the last five years?!?!?!

Did you even watch it?!?!?

Seriously folks...a critics job is to critique a film based on its own contents and created expectations. Comparing Twilight to Incraption is freaking stupid...although it is certainly possible to rate one highly and the other poorly.

Twilight did exactly what it was supposed to do...the film was EXACTLY what was advertised and anybody who left disappointed was probably too stupid to even know what they were buying a ticket for.

Incraption on the other hand failed in every possible way to deliver what it promised. Nolan is not skilled enough to keep track of his own convoluted he should try to keep it simple in his future movies...oh wait, his fanz love the overly complicated films he makes as they can pretend they made perfect sense to them and everyone else is just dumb.

Loder...I don't care if your channel sucks donkey ballz. I don't even care that they haven't played a video in twenty years. I don't even care if you like Twilight (that movie did suck by the way).

The fact that you're brave enough to stand up in a sea of Nolan apologists and critics too scared to alienate their paycheck (no internet nerds=no film critics in today's world) and proclaim the truth about this mess of a film makes you a true journalist in a profession of yes-men. Kudos to you!

Jul 21 - 10:47 PM

Roxane H.

Roxane Hirtberger

I might be a "Nolan fangirl" (though I only saw The Dark Knight and Inception) but I really think this film is understandable (even though I saw it in English wich is not my mother tongue), I'm just used to fully "merge" into the films I watch in order to understand them fully.

Jul 27 - 03:01 AM

Roxane H.

Roxane Hirtberger

I might be a "Nolan fangirl" (though I only saw The Dark Knight and Inception) but I really think this film is understandable (even though I saw it in English wich is not my mother tongue), I'm just used to fully "merge" into the films I watch in order to understand them fully.

Jul 27 - 03:01 AM

Jordan D.

Jordan Davison

However bad a judge of movies Mr. Kurt Loder is JokerJakub13 you are also being foolish by saying this is the best film in years.... really?

Aug 10 - 09:21 AM


Phil McGroin

stick to music videos kurt...oh wait...they dont play those on MTV...stick to reality shows centered around frat boys and whores who gain 15 mins worth of fame by embarrassing themselves and the entire country with their idiotic, drunken antics

Jul 16 - 07:21 AM

Addison S.

Addison Spears

You know Mr. Loder, If you were the earth and MTV was the moon and your cognitive thinking/personality/summation of all you are was the water. Your tide has been permantely pulled in. Way to show the rest of the universe how shallow you really are. I guess I could blame your supervisor.

Jul 16 - 07:22 AM

fresh f.

fresh fresh

Are they handing out joint at the box office for this? God I hope so! Im all out.

Jul 16 - 07:23 AM

Phillip N.

Phillip Nguyen

Were you smoking a joint when watching this?

Jul 16 - 07:24 AM


Jacob Gronowski

please, no body listen to the negative reviews...its at 84% but without a doubt, it should be at 95 ...this proves that reviews really mean nothing..too many stupid people have a professional opinion now a days...i understand everyone has a different opinion, but if you are a movie critic and you cant understand why this is an amazing movie, then you shouldnt be a professional..forget these reviews and go experience the film yourself..i promise you wont be disappointed..the greatest sci fi action movie i have ever truly is a beautiful, epic experience

Jul 16 - 07:34 AM


Jeremy Kotora

perfectly said. everything i've wanted to say the whole time. i'm pretty confident my mind has never been more blown away then when watching this for the first time. i will never forget this movie experience.

Jul 18 - 06:22 PM

Sid Adlakha

Sid A

seen it 3 times, LOVE it more every time.... thanks kurt, i think im gonna get high next time i watch it, just to see what it feels like :)

Jul 16 - 08:11 AM

Jarred M.

Jarred Melancon

No but they should be handing out brains.

Jul 16 - 08:21 AM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

haha. good one

Jul 16 - 10:31 AM

Julian Left

Julian Left

I think Kurt should take a chance with that shotgun he's got hidden in his house like the legend did. Maybe the real Kurt will comeback and this guy will take his place. It will be so much fair.

Jul 16 - 08:50 AM


Eddie Cho

i was kinda expecting an mtv reviewer to be too stupid to understand the movie and make a "cool" comment.

Jul 16 - 08:52 AM


Randall Castillo

Well instead we get one too stupid who instead just says "Boo."

Jul 16 - 09:02 AM


Jim Hawkins

I put this movie up with Memento, but critics are acting ranking one of Nolan's finest films like The Prestige (which I enjoyed as well).

Jul 16 - 08:55 AM


Randall Castillo

So you're (at least under the impression that you're) too smart for the film, yet -- at the same time -- clearly confused by a moderately intricate plot?

As they apparently say at MTV, "whatever."

Jul 16 - 09:00 AM

Fred N.

Fred Nouvertne

Loder's critical analysis of the film lacks substance and one can see it as he focuses on complaining about the symbolism of each character's name.

What can I say? I guess too much MTV has rotted his brain.

Jul 16 - 09:01 AM

Logan L.

Logan Locke

Funny he mentions joints, with all the crap on that channel, not to mention the crappy flicks they promote and love.

Jul 16 - 09:06 AM

Tim H.

Tim Hart

You're a ****ing retard who should be fired.

Jul 16 - 09:08 AM

grant m.

grant maynes

No were you smoking one when you saw this movie?

Jul 16 - 10:01 AM

Dave M.

Matt Stone

The real question is;

Are they handing out brains at the box office for this? Because judging by most of these negative reviews, they went in without theirs.

Jul 16 - 10:19 AM

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