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What is the point of having an imagination, I ask you, if the only thing that can be imagined is mayhem, perpetrated without regard for even the appearance of human life?

January 3, 2011 Full Review Source: The Nation | Comments (45)
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Allen Y.

Allen Yang

What a troll. You want them to imagine happy thoughts throughout the movies? Then this isn't the movie for you, and you shouldn't even bother making such a crap review. And like others have stated, all this violence and stuff are just projections. Get that in your head. Otherwise don't even bother watching it because imagination and dream is what this movie revolves around with.

Apr 29 - 09:22 AM

Allan H.

Allan Hall

As explained in the movie, the reason as to why "mayhem, perpetrated without regard for even the appearance of human life" occurs, is because they are invading someone's subconscious, like a virus, or an infection, and the mind is fighting it.

Jun 24 - 10:22 PM

Allan Szeto

Allan Szeto

Complete troll. Get a real job.

Jul 27 - 10:51 PM

Ramon Marcelino

Ramon Marcelino

"What is the point of having an imagination, I ask you, if the only thing that can be imagined is mayhem, perpetrated without regard for even the appearance of human life?"

The reviewer probably only saw the trailer and not the whole movie. Only 'mayhem'? I gues he's watching too much AllState commercials. Or probably he's an insomiac who never dreams when he finally gets a chance to doze off.

Aug 4 - 05:35 PM

Mason Hunter

Mason Hunter

I don't know why but for some reason I always click on the negative reviews for good films and just to see the same comments over and over again. "Wow, this guy is a douche. This movie kicks ass" or something like that and then someone comes in and says something about how their credibility is tarnished because they use sophomoric words or to describe the reviewer, but at the end of the day, who gives a flying fuck what critics like this say about good films? The bottom line is, it has a more than decent score in terms of critics percentage. Just be happy with that.

Aug 18 - 11:57 AM

wayne b.

wayne brookes

Nurse..... Nurse, he's out of bed again.

Aug 19 - 02:57 PM

Nick Larounis

Nick Larounis

garbage review

Oct 18 - 04:26 PM

Nicholas Campbell

Nicholas Campbell

Your arguement is very weak. If you have a weak argument, your not a very good or fair critic.

You go even further to compare this movie to another movie. I find that to be unfair to the movie as well. Grow up.

Oct 19 - 10:20 PM

James K

James K

Too dumb to understand? LOL dumbass.

Jan 29 - 04:05 PM

Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor

Isn't the point of a subconscious that it is typically fairly dark? And we protect the contents within?

Even the happiest flower seller, or the most devout of religious folk might have dark things in their subconcious. So complaining about violence in a movie about dreams, and the sub-concscious, in which people specfically get into the heads of ruthless people is just odd!

Why on earth are you surprised by the violence and mayhem of such minds defending their secrets?

May 2 - 07:13 AM

Shane Hagen

Shane Hagen

you are a faggot wannabe critic.. this review shows exactly why you probably make 30,000 a year, have no girlfriend, and still live with mommy

Jun 4 - 08:47 AM

Evan L.

Evan Leturno

The movie is a metaphor for film-making itself. Cobb the writer, Ariadne the director, Eames the actor, and Saito the producer and the audience being the mind of Robert Fischer Jr. The extended metaphor is subtle yet astounding if any critical thought is given to it and if it floated over your unsophisticated mind then you shouldn't be writing reviews when you know nothing about the deeper meaning behind this movie. Brilliant movie, brilliant creation of art.

Jun 25 - 11:19 PM

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