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A film trying feverishly to spin your head whilst feverishly trying to explain how it's spinning it.

February 13, 2011 Full Review Source: Platform | Comments (41)


Sumeeth Jaju

Sumeeth Jaju

How you ever got be allowed into rotten tomatoes' critics is truly amazing

Mar 4 - 06:07 PM

Brett Campo

Brett Campo

You're analysis is perfect Sumeeth. How did he ever got be allowed into rotten tomatoes? Them should had call you first to critique them's sight--or is it cite?


Let's start with an "I'm sorry" for my immediately-outraged co-fans of Nolan?s box office smash. But still, I do call them CO-FANS. Obviously the majority of Mr. Simms? negative reviews were comically ignorant, but the film undeniably put into dialogue that universally ?hard to remember,? fast-paced, subconscious-revealing, and strangely uncontrolled aspect of dreaming.

That being said, after the first ?put it all out there? 30 minutes of the film, a non-relatable science fiction plot-line took over. Put away your guns folks; I?m not saying that Nolan?s syfy isn?t cinematically astounding throughout or that the film isn?t commendably acted; just that the last 45 minutes had more holes in it than the projections that DiCaprio put bullets in. Two slightly noticeable ie?s?

1) So Fischer was killed by Mel, but conveniently remained discoverable on her balcony couch in limbo, while Saito (also killed in the same dream-phase as Fischer) was lost for presumably countless years. Did I miss something about Mel?s ability to harbor lost souls in limbo?

2) And what about when Cobb finally found Saito on his beach estate? What ?kick? did the two of them ride up? Did he strap Saito in a wheel chair and toss him in the ocean? Because all that us easily distracted movie-goers were initially told was that you couldn?t simply kill the dreamer due to that prototypical Indian?s sedative. What changed?

Anyway, I digress. Okay movie; slightly exaggerated review, Mr. Simms. I?m open for POLITE argumentative questions, or else what?s the point?

Apr 18 - 10:35 PM

Brett Campo

Brett Campo

Sorry for the misplaced question marks...they're my computer's way of opposing Rotten Tomatoes' inclusion of parenthesis and other like punctuations.

Apr 18 - 10:38 PM

Karan Kashyap

Karan Kashyap

Awww.. i feel bad for you that even though the film explains itself too much yet amazes you but you still couldn't get it. So sorry man! If you were a full being, you would have loved this film, trust me.

Jul 17 - 11:43 AM

A Wise M.

A Wise Man

My head was spinning trying to read that "review".

Jul 23 - 01:12 PM

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