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There's nothing but entertainment value here.

May 27, 2008 | Comments (43)
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Mike Ziegler

It must have gone over your head. The film is obviously a tribute to the Sci Fi films and other films of the 50s.
1.The "Atomic Cafe" about 50s nightmare worries about the bomb. The film clearly shows in the middle of nowhere a motel that reads "Atomic Cafe Motel".-Shortly afterward Indy stumbles into a town about to undergo a Nuke test. He survives by using a recommendation of Lead Lining in a Fridge. (Also the term "I Like Ike" is written on the bomb, Indy uses this term when he is confronted by the Communists.
2. "The Naked Jungle"-Remember Charlton Heston against the Soldier ants? The Amazon? This scene is repeated in the Indy flick.
3. "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with James Mason and Pat Boone from about '59. The ending is the same with Indy and co. traveling straight up the only way out which is a tunnel to the surface similar to the volcano at the end of the Mason/Boone film, where they ride a wave of magma aboard an asbestos shell.
4. "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando on his cycle=MUTT when he is first seen is even wearing the same clothes with the face of Brando and the matchstick hanging out of his mouth!!!
5. "The day the Earth Stood Still"-Same saucer at the end!
Better look again!!!!

May 27 - 01:49 PM


ken daily

This movie was purely entertaining, I agree with Roeper. Indy 4 was great.

May 27 - 05:52 PM


sam smith

This was the best movie I've seen in ages. And definitely the best in the series. Go Speilberg!

May 27 - 06:01 PM

Diego Tutweiller

Diego John Rottweiler

Oh, please. Try as you might to justify it, KOTCS ruined Indiana Jones. Aliens do NOT belong in an Indy movie, and neither does Shia Fucking Labeouf. And neither does vine swinging!!!! I understand how someone would WANT to like it, but stop trying to. It just makes things worse.

Aug 14 - 03:34 PM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

It did not ruined Indy!! Get over yourself!!! This movie was pure entertainment and yes Shia LaBoeuf was the best choice to play his son...
Quit hating, hater!!

Sep 1 - 12:07 PM

Javis Carrillo

Javis Carrillo

I did not ruin Indiana Jones, what you see is pure fiction, and I was happy that Spielberg and Lucas decided to change the locations and the enemies, and they had to, because Harrison Ford was old, but he could act as Indy once more time. The movie is great.

Sep 23 - 06:53 PM

Movie Fanatic 1939

Adrian Dieleman

Saying Aliens don't belong in an Indiana Jones movie, is almost like saying flying ghosts that come out of an ark and melt of Nazi's faces, the black sleep of Khali Ma and a knight waiting in a cave for 800 years is also way too far fetched for the Indy franchise. That's the whole purpose for these films, is to do something new and creative every time!

Oct 2 - 08:30 PM


Brian Phillips

Don't know what you saw in the movie but it's not what I saw. Being an Indy fan from the first three IJ's movies I was hyped to see another in the franchise. I walked out of the theater brain dead. I had no words for it except WTF. It sucked so badly I really can't compare it to any other movie I have ever seen. Not only did I wanted my money back, I wanted Spielberg and Lucas to take it out of their own pocket. If you want to have more fun and adventure you'd be better off smacking yourself in the head with a hammer. Save your money, buy a six pack, and watch the first three at home.

May 27 - 06:30 PM


Brett Mahy

How could this movie ever receive a positive review?
I have thoroughly enjoyed every indy film to this point...but wow...what a letdown!

First...Indy films have always had a strong religious backing. When did Lucas and Spielberg decide to forgo that relationship for an LCD induced story related to alien invasions????!!?
Nest...the CGI looked BAAD. Not just a little bad, but absolutely terrible.

Also...Harrison Ford is strong, but withstanding a blast from an atomic weapon???!

I enjoy some far fetched films, but this is way obscure. I would go so far as to say that Lucas and Spielberg should lose any right to direct, write or produce any film in the future.

There are only 3 Indiana Jones movies.

What a shame.

May 27 - 09:09 PM


colin dong

Obvious some of the critics here received bribes or they are insane. This movie was garbage.

May 28 - 01:57 AM

Clay Coppage

Clay Coppage

I wish I could "thumbs up" all of these negative reviews from the true fans. The movie was a sham and as one poster has already said, in my opinion there are only 3 Indiana Jones films.

ps Richard Roeper don't expect me to take any of your opinions seriously.

Nov 28 - 08:42 AM

Alec Low

Alec Low

This was the indy film that made me a fan

Jun 25 - 01:20 PM


Sukesh Patro

Richard Roeper you witless wonder - stop saying things about films. First, because you have no knowledge about films and second, because you have no facility with the simple art of saying.

To all the guys in this forum wondering how in the world this movie got a positive review. No, the critics are not being bribed (although I am sure they would come cheap). Nor are they suffering momentary lapses of reason. They are just hugely mediocre. As clear as daylight, the most mediocre aspect of Hollywood is its critics.

May 28 - 09:40 AM

G Louis

Gaston Marty

Right you are... G.

Oct 19 - 11:43 PM


Edward Stymest

O_O hoyl crap, these people are angry! indy4 waasnt really that bad, but it suffers from having 3 phenominal predecesors and just to many expectations.

May 28 - 05:50 PM


kim joseph

Save your money.
A good weekend rental down the road.
It wasn't the worst movie I have ever seen; but it also wasn't the best.

May 28 - 10:17 PM


Ian Garland

This movie couldn't go over a midget's head. It was garbage. If you're going to make a ridiculous movie about aliens, don't do it with a successful franchise whose roots are deeply entrenched in religious mysticism. And while you're at it, don't write absurd dialogue that no human (even in the 1950's) would ever utter. Mutt swinging from vines with the monkeys to get back in the duck? Seriously? This movie was a cartoon, just like the Star Wars prequels. I could even let all of that go if the ending hadn't been so god-awful. A live alien? I don't care how much of an homage this was to sci-fi camp, it's still a flaming turd and George Lucas should be whipped for his continuing obsession with destroying successful franchises.

May 29 - 02:50 PM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

Get your head out of your ass... DUMBASS!! Don't dare try to say that Star Wars, prequel or original, was bad!!! If you had the insight into having imagination, then you would not have said this movie, or the Star Wars prequels, is bad...

Sep 1 - 12:14 PM


Jordon Pompili

i be more entertained watching paint dry than this garbage pile, i usually agree with Roeper and respect his reviews but i think he must have been watching one of the old Indiana Jones movies cause this one stunk of desperation

May 30 - 08:44 AM


Mark Johnston

You know, your reviews of this film and the latest Narnia flick convince me only that your evaluative capabilities are either hopelessly deficient or completely corrupt. You cannot POSSIBLY think Indiana Jones has better story and CGI than Prince Caspian does (especially if you actually took the time to read the C.S. Lewis book first and see all the brilliant changes Adamson and company made). Compare your analysis of these two films with those of users of this site. Something is WAY off--and let me assure you, it is you. What were you thinking? I give Roeper's review skills a big thumbs down.

May 30 - 11:38 AM


Robert Keyes

purely entertaining?

I didn't find much entertainment from giant ants that carry people... was this meant to be aKing Kong Sequel with Aliens?

That scene where Shia is doing the splits swordfighting between two jeeps doing 60mph. That was really cool too, that fit right in with the previous films... oh wait, doesn't at all

This movie is retarded.

May 31 - 11:58 PM


Darin Grant

I totally agree with you, Richard! This movie was just purely and amazingly entertaining! And I mean that in a good way! I thought it was great and fits comfortably with Temple of Doom and Last Crusade, it's just not as good as Raiders. But Raiders is first of all the first in the quadrilogy, so this one will never be as good as the first, but as well, Raiders is probably the best action movie EVER, so it's kind of hard for this to measure up to that! Still an awesome movie and end to the quadrilogy!

Jun 1 - 09:02 PM

Diego Tutweiller

Diego John Rottweiler


Jul 14 - 03:20 PM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

Eat shit asswipe!!!

Sep 1 - 12:16 PM

Rambo Cheese

Rambo Cheese

Cheese CGI graphics, Harrison Ford wasnt even in character, the cinematography was plain, the entire movie was a hollywood set or a blue screen. How the fk is it pulling in so much $ is beyond me. Goes to show why Bush was re-elected.

Jun 4 - 01:48 PM

Rambo Cheese

Rambo Cheese

You were so paid off to say "There%u2019s nothing but entertainment value here."

Jun 4 - 01:52 PM


rob dallegro

"There%u2019s nothing but entertainment value here."

What a pompous, asinine comment, Roeper. Do you even care about movies at all? Do you ever try to look deep inside a movie to find the substance within, or are you just mesmerized the entire time by the CGI like a little child?

In the end, thats exactly who this movie was directed at: little children. It is nothing more than a CGI-laden Universal Studios theme park ride with NO substance at all. It is an affront to every Indiana Jones film and a total insult to the real fans. This movie was nothing but a cash-out by Lucas and Spielberg and it absolutely infuriates me that ANYONE who really appreciates movies and how fantastic the others were can give this movie a decent review.

They did the exact same thing they did to Star Wars: They ripped out its guts and covered the horrible mess in CGI and then sold it to audiences under 13.

Roeper, you should be ashamed of yourself for masquerading around like a genuine movie critic. Spielberg and Lucas should both be even more ashamed of themselves for pissing on one of the greatest movie franchises ever. Is that how both of you really want to be remembered, when your careers roll to a screeching halt?

The only person that should be raising his chin up high in the creation of this film is Harrison, because him and Sean Connery's picture in that one scene are the only justifications for this movie existing.

Jun 5 - 10:49 AM

Jack W.

Jack Weber

Um guy, Indiana Jones IS all about entertainment value. It has never been about extremely complex characters or riveting drama. Not to say the characters are flat (Last Crusade's sub-plot about Indy and his father making amends was great and added a nice level of depth) but these films are about Indiana's coolness, great action, and adventure's involving the supernatural.

Nov 14 - 09:16 PM

Christian Vales

Christian Vales

Anyone saying this movie is complete garbage is obviously forgetting MOST of Temple of Doom. The whole opening scene for Doom was filled with cliches, stereotypes, and bad acting. Or how about the 100 foot drop( from a crashing plane) in the deflated raft that miraculously opens up with all three of them fitting snuggly inside. No broken bones or injuries whatsoever.OK. Then the raft falls about another 300 feet, without any of them falling out, landing safely in the river below. Through out the rest of the movie there are minor things to complain about(even though short round's character makes me cringe a little more then when i was 5). But in the end it is really the overabundance of over priveleged female cliches that get old after a while. (Does everything honestly make Kate Capshaw scream?) Now lets make things clear...I am a diehard Indiana Jones fan and I love all these movies, because regardless of their faults( and yes they ALL have them) they are ALL really good adventure movies. But the weakest link in my book...would be Temple...then Skull.

Aug 6 - 06:02 PM

G Louis

Gaston Marty

I agree. G.

Oct 19 - 11:45 PM


Joe Curtis

The film lacked a systematic plot, believability and good acting. All things that I like in a movie. Just terrible. I question any critic that thought this film was entertaining.

Jun 6 - 03:27 PM

Christian Vales

Christian Vales

If you liked doom then, your lying

Aug 6 - 06:04 PM


Hakeem Folami

who is paying/bribing you?

are you looking for a job?

are you related to any of the actors?

oh i get it, sarcasm?

you fail miserably.

1. lead lined fridge = fail
2. magnet that aty one point in warehouse did not affect guns = fail
3. what was with the furry animal?
4. the tarzan scene was diabolical
5. im sure there is more but i left when some car landed on a tree.

Jun 10 - 10:13 PM

The Chalange

Chalan Moon

Do you double as a Fox News pundit?

Your comment is like a kiddie pool: shallow and full of urine.

Jun 23 - 01:25 AM


Michael Barger

Roeper has got to be a hollywood sell out.....this movie had no value at all except for the $$ paid to the machine by poor suckas like me who paid to see it.

I bet schpielberg cringes when he sees his name on it....

Jul 10 - 08:44 AM


Michael Moore

Almost every comment complaining about the movie is silly nitpicking over certain individual scenes.

You have to take the movie as a whole. And as a whole, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was just as good as any other Indiana Jones movie.

Were there silly moments? Sure. There were silly moments in every Indiana Jones movie... but do you guys comment on positive reviews of Temple of Doom complaining about a rubber raft that doubles as a parachute?

Indiana Jones has always been a series where you just shut off your brain for 2 hours and have fun. In that respect, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is as true to the series as it could be.

Jul 4 - 01:16 AM

Mr. Dufresne

Chip McNair

Agreed. I was disappointed initially, but now I don't think it was bad at all. Not great, but not bad like the first two Star Wars prequels. This movie was harmless fun.

Feb 24 - 04:52 PM

Christian Vales

Christian Vales

Thank you for mentioning the raft...lmao

Aug 6 - 07:03 PM

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