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Crystal Skull isn't bad -- there are a few dazzling sequences, and a couple of good performances -- but the unprecedented blend of comedy and action that made the movies so much more fun than any other adventure series is mostly gone.

May 27, 2008 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (10)
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Brian Phillips

Being an Indy fan from the first three IJ's movies I was hyped to see another in the franchise. I walked out of the theater brain dead. I had no words for it except WTF. It sucked so badly I really can't compare it to any other movie I have ever seen. Not only did I wanted my money back, I wanted Spielberg and Lucas to take it out of their own pocket. If you want to have more fun and adventure you'd be better off smacking yourself in the head with a hammer. Save your money, buy a six pack, and watch the first three at home.

May 27 - 06:28 PM


jeremy gordon

Amen to both of these reviews. This movie TRIES to be funny, the first three didn't try, the funny parts were ironic or dark humor. This is slapstick all the way.

If you want to see a REAL Indiana Jones movie rent the first three and forget that this one ever happened.

May 28 - 12:32 PM


Todd Armstrong

Does this guy not know a DUKW is a military truck and is Amphibious? i agree with most of his review. but damn, do some research

May 28 - 02:02 PM

Rambo Cheese

Rambo Cheese

Cheese CGI graphics, Harrison Ford wasnt even in character, the cinematography was plain, the entire movie was a hollywood set or a blue screen. How the fk is it pulling in so much $ is beyond me. Goes to show why Bush was re-elected.

Jun 4 - 01:41 PM


Joe Curtis

The film lacked a systematic plot, believability and good acting. All things that I like in a movie. Just terrible.

Jun 6 - 03:25 PM


Hakeem Folami

from now on i will seriously consider your opinion on movies, but be honest you were a bit lenient on how bad this movie was.

Jun 10 - 09:55 PM


Kain McGee

Your definitely quite a critic. I do not like your reviews. I do though, on a professional level, respect your opinion.

Jul 3 - 11:18 PM



I agree with most of these responses, and the original critic. This movie was like drinking a glass of your favorite soda, only flat. that flavor that you love is there, all the right ingredients, but there is no "pop" so to say. No fizz, no life. It feels like there was less love of the character, for all intents and purposes. It made me sad. My husband bought me the box set so I got all pumped watching them, and then when we went to the theater, the magic was gone. This wasn't a case of the bar being set too high, it was a case of us getting hit in the face with it.
A CGI space ship? WTF?!?

Jul 9 - 10:15 AM


In Your Dreams

Metaphors, eh? Don't quit your day job, plant.

Sep 3 - 02:41 PM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

Yeah... I enjoyed it very much!!! You are entitled to your opinion, even though I think you are a little bit harsh. It did lack the proper storyline for Indy, but everything else was in order. The acting, the set and the scenes. They made good on what was given to them.

Sep 1 - 12:03 PM

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