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LaBeouf Says "Not so Fast" to "Indy 4"

by Jeff Giles | Monday, Mar. 12 2007

It quickly went from intriguing rumor to (seemingly) certified fact, but as the latest IGN dispatch from SXSW reminds us, it's never smart to count your Shias before they LaBeouf -- according to the "Disturbia" star, reports that he has signed on to play Indiana Jones' son in next year's "Indiana Jones IV" are false:

"It's nuts. It's like these rumors are spiraling out of control," proclaimed LaBeouf. "Look, there's no deal on the table. If it was on the table, I would love to. It's like a dream come true to be in that project, but it's a rumor at this point. These things happen, but it's wild that it was in Variety; it's weird."

LaBeouf went on to remind reporters that he was no stranger to the rumor mill -- he was supposedly up for the role of Jimmy Olsen in "Superman Returns" -- before adding "You hope, of course. But is it solidified? No." Whether this last remark was a bit of not-so-subtle lobbying, or not-so-subtle contract negotiating, only time will tell.

"Disturbia," starring LaBeouf and Carrie-Anne Moss in the tale of a sleuthing teenager under house arrest, hits theaters April 13.

Source: IGN Movies