The RT 20 #1: Twenty Things We're in Love With This Week

GI Joe's Scarlett, geeks invade New York, Indy, Pon Farr, and more.

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The RT 20 breaks down the 20 things this week in film and pop culture that made us sit up a little taller in our chairs, wake up from our stupor and in some cases pop open the champagne. This is not a countdown list or rated list ... just 20 quick random things we liked seeing or thought about this week. Use the comments tab below to talk about what's piqued your interest this week.

#20: Spielberg on movie magic
"A movie is experiential. A movie happens in a way that has always been cathartic, the personal, human catharsis of an audience in holy communion with an experience up on the screen. That's why I'm in the middle of this magic, and I always will be."

--Steven Spielberg in an Entertainment Weekly interview.


#19: Morgan Spurlock's sweet bushy beard in Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?

(Tomatometer for the flick is right here.)

#18: The Speed Racer Mach GoGoGo Manga Box Set. Yes, please.


#17: NYCC Coverage Blows Up Online

Our friends at IGN not only are hosting the IGN Theater at New York Comic-Conpushing out all kinds of exclusive first looks for the summer movie slate, but also produce and publish this handy list of breaking news stories for the event.


#16: "I Want to Believe"

Not a Celine Dion song, but the name of the new X-Files film.