Total Recall: 20 Sequels We're Still Waiting For...

We take a look at some sequels that may or may not ever get made.

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2. Ghostbusters III

The Set-Up: Ghostbusters grossed $230 million, making it the #2 movie of 1984, and oh yeah, it was also a comic masterpiece, worthy of the Oscar for comedies, if there was such a thing. Ghostbusters II premiered in 1989 to what was at that time the largest ever opening three day weekend ($29+ million).

The History: Columbia/Sony has been wanting to make a third Ghostbusters movie for nearly 20 years now, but the "main guys" (particularly, Bill Murray, reportedly) were never 100% excited about having made the second movie, much less a third movie. Dan Aykroyd, however, has remained interested over the years, and worked on a script that would have sent the Ghostbusters to Hell, as a version of New York City.

The Future: Ghostbusters: The Videogame is due out in late 2008, and according to Aykroyd (talking to Total Film Magazine), "This [the game] is essentially the third movie", since it uses the major plot points from what would have been the third game's script, and all of the original cast except Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis are returning as voice cast. Given how much money video games are making compared to Hollywood movies, this idea of Ghostbusters III taking on a video game form instead might be the start of a new trend.

They're still ready to believe you.

Star Wars
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1. Star Wars: Episodes 7, 8, and 9

The Set-Up: : Back in the late 1970s, George Lucas was quoted as saying that Star Wars was envisioned ultimately as a trilogy of trilogies, with those first three movies being the sequels, to be followed by a prequel trilogy and a sequel trilogy. Obviously, we got the first one, but whatever happened to the second?

The History: By the time he started actually making the prequel trilogy, George Lucas attempted to do some backpedalling about his statements about a sequel trilogy.

The Future: Much to everyone's chagrin, Lucas now maintains that the sequel trilogy is not in the works, but I think we all know that you can never say never... In the meantime, there are two television projects in the works, with the animated series getting launched this summer first with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and a live-action series expected to start production in 2009, to start airing in 2010, and to be set in the era in between the prequel trilogy and the classic Star Wars films.

Star Wars
Mark Hamill can't be that busy, can he?