Total Recall: 20 Sequels We're Still Waiting For...

We take a look at some sequels that may or may not ever get made.

History of the World: Part I
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18. History of the World: Part II

The Set-Up: The ending of Mel Brooks' The History of the World Part I includes teasers of scenes from a sequel that would supposedly include chapters like "A Viking Funeral", "Hitler on Ice," and "Jews in Space."

The History: It turns out those gags were just that: jokes to end the first movie, with no plans by Mel Brooks to ever actually make a sequel. The shame there is that The History of the World Part I is arguably Brooks' last great comedy (depending upon what you think of his Dracula and Robin Hood spoofs, I suppose).

The Future: With The Producers and Young Frankenstein both being hits on Broadway, we can always hope that History of the World might someday hit the Great White Way, but Spaceballs is probably as close as we'll ever get to seeing movie featuring Jews in Space.

Die Another Day
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17. Jinx

The Set-Up: Halle Berry costarred in Die Another Day, as a sort of female African-American counterpart to James Bond, and once people saw her in that bikini, they wanted a whole movie of more of the same.

The History: Halle Berry and MGM wanted more of the same too, and they'd been hoping for a James Bond spin-off for years. The actress talked up plans for a Jinx movie for quite a while as she did press appearances in the next year or two, but although MGM did briefly pencil in Jinx on their long-term schedule, very little actual development had ever been done, and the studio eventually dropped their plans altogether.

The Future: When Daniel Craig took over as Bond, the franchise underwent a sort of reboot, which could theoretically mean Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson is now as much a part of the James Bond movie past as Oddjob, Jaws, Pussy Galore and Ernst Blofeld.

This would have been soooo much better than Catwoman.



Matt Ritchey

Um............ guys check this again. You've got some serious problems with repeating titles and photos in the wrong places. (See "Crouching Tiger" title next to Austin Powers pic and Vega brothers repeated on two pages)

May 22 - 05:46 PM


Nicholas DiMucci

Back to the Future isn't on this list. You fail.

May 22 - 06:19 PM


s. davis

I second Back to the Future 4. We don't even need Doc Brown or Marty McFly. The world of Hill Valley is so realized, there's an entire trilogy waiting out there. I'd love to see Marty in the Doc position, but sadly, Michael J. Fox's health doesn't permit such.


May 23 - 03:02 AM

Champion of Forever

Champion of Forever

Hey Freaky Nipples, Back to the Future was a technically there were two sequals.

May 23 - 06:35 AM

Jerry Owens

Jerry Owens

Not only were there already 3 Back to the future movies but there was a cartoon spin-off showing the further adventures of Doc and Marty.. Even without the cartoon the movies ended nicely and wrapped everything up nicely unless you want to follow the Doc's kids or something.

Nov 4 - 01:29 AM


Eric Baker

A Scott or Cameron helmed Alien movie is unlikely to ever happen. The studio realized they can make a lot more money hiring people like Paul W.S. Anderson to make crappy AvP movies over and over again.

And ugh, I really wish people would stop propagating the Episodes 7, 8, and 9 myth. There ARE no episodes 7, 8, and 9. There never WAS. There wasn't even really episodes 1, 2, and 3 until Lucas decided he could make a fat wad of cash capitalizing off the vague background ideas he already had. I think we've had enough of Star Wars, and assuming the Clone Wars series isn't terrible (why on earth did they not get Genndy Tartakovsky to do it?), hopefully we'll be done with George Lucas ruining our memories of Star Wars.

Besides, there's not even room for more episodes, the expanded universe has pretty much everything overlapping with the end of Jedi to decades later covered.

May 22 - 06:22 PM


Ron Hooks

I can remember very well Lucas discussing the three prequels and the three sequels to the original Star Wars trilogy. He was to film the first prequel, then the first sequel, then the second prequel followed by the second sequel, etc. Didn't happen that way, of course, but it might have been interesting. There was also discussion of the actors in the original three movies playing older versions of themselves in the sequels.

May 23 - 12:40 AM


Greg Castle

You can stop talking now. There will never be too many star wars movies. I bet that they will make them in the future, maybe even after George is dead. It would be like Indy, only we would be happy about the aliens.

May 24 - 08:47 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

No Evil Dead IV? Seriously?

May 22 - 06:34 PM


Teresa Haino

As much as I love the Evil Dead trilogy, if Bruce Campbell is not in any upcoming Evil Dead sequels or remakes, I refuse to watch :/

May 26 - 12:12 AM


Greg Guro

I hear talks that Evil Dead I may be remade. . .

And yah, I've been waiting for Evil Dead IV for a long, long time.

Evil Dead II is one of the funniest films ever made.

May 22 - 06:38 PM


craig roth

evil dead IV is already going to be made in 2009, under the name The Evil Dead, according to imdb.

I would also add Boondock Saints 2. It didn't initially have a wide release but it became one of the biggest limited-release low budget cult films ever. Supposedly they've been trying to make it for about 5 years, but nothing has started yet.

May 22 - 06:39 PM


TJ O'Neill

Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II.

Nuff Said


May 22 - 06:46 PM


Matt Atchity

Hey Freaky, we've tweaked the intro a bit to specify that this is a list of sequels that were announced and planned at some point, but have yet to actually happen. That's why Back to the Future isn't on the list. In fact I was working at Universal when the last 2 BTTF films were released, and I can tell you that there never were any serious plans to make more films in that franchise.

And Mouse_Clicker, it's widely acknowledged that Lucas announced his intentions to make 2 additional trilogies about 25 years ago. Just because he didn't have them completely plotted out when he said that doesn't invalidate his intentions at the time (and he isn't really good about acting like the Expanded Universe is canon anyway). That being said, I definitely agree with you when you say that based on what we saw in the prequel trilogy, a sequel trilogy may not be something we really want.

May 22 - 06:55 PM


erndog perex

I think a vega brothers movie would of been pretty cool.

May 22 - 07:02 PM


erndog perex

I think a vega brothers movie would of been pretty cool.


May 22 - 07:05 PM


Matt Lubisich

The Incredibles 2 needs to be made, or at least a movie about Frozone. "Ice to see you again."

May 22 - 07:23 PM


jack giroux

What about SIN CITY 2? I wonder if thats ever going to get made... Yeah Boondock Saints 2 has been talked about alot for a while... Bubba Ho Tep 2 has been talked about for a while.... I really mostly wanna see Mad Max 4 and Sin City 2 get made the most. I wonder if they will make another Die Hard? I loved the new Indy, and I honestly wouldnt mind 1 more, or possibly have a Shia spin off series.

May 22 - 07:30 PM


Jared Muskovitz

Sin City 2 was announced a long time ago... they are filming right now, along with Sin City 3.

That's old news.

May 23 - 06:24 PM


Greg Guro

No, you are wrong.

They are in "pre-production" for the Sin City series.

May 24 - 10:39 AM


johann hart

seriously i think one of the biggest spoof film was Top Secretnwith Val kilmer. and is underlooked as one of the best away from blazing saddles and kung pow. And i think that those movies should get a sequel. well i guess its too late now cause the spoofs comedys are soooo lame and dumb. from the likings of Meet the spartans, Superhero MOvies, Epic Movies... etc.

May 22 - 07:36 PM

A Lapse In Reason

Nick Haskell

Sadly we will probably never get to see many if not all of these films. There is always hope though!!!!

May 22 - 07:36 PM


Mike Saxton


May 22 - 07:39 PM


bill joss

YES! (not gonna happen, but... YES!)

May 22 - 09:31 PM


Tressa Cluck

Yes!!! Please more SERINITY!!!

May 23 - 06:20 AM


ismael sanchez


May 23 - 10:41 AM


Tyler D

No one remembers FLASH GORDON? The F**K we don't!!!!!

May 22 - 07:48 PM


Fay Popejoy

How about a sequel to "John Carpenter's The Thing"?

May 22 - 08:03 PM


Andy Nix

I'm not sure if they intended it to be the official sequel to The Thing but they did make a sequel video game to The Thing for PS2, Xbox, and PC. It's pretty sweet-worth a look. I'm not sure if its written by Carpenter, but the story is pretty cool and the gameplay utilizes the paranoia of the film whereas when it comes to team based tactics you have to keep your team on the trustworthy side.

May 23 - 06:18 PM


Jason Maston

There was a sequel to the Thing, it was the Video Game!

May 27 - 09:12 AM


John Reese

Kung Pow: Enter The Fist is just begging for a sequel. How long do I have to wait for Tongues of Fury?!

May 22 - 08:15 PM


Eric Stewart

Yeah, I would really want a sequel to Sin City. Does any one know if its in the works?

May 22 - 08:16 PM


jack giroux

There is a script, but robert is doing Barbarella and Miller is doing The Spirit. Show we will probably see it in 2 to 3 years.

May 22 - 08:55 PM


Dan Goldhaber

Sin City was supposed to have a sequel, and the actors had signed on. But it seems to have lost steam, and no release date has been set.

May 23 - 05:37 AM


harrison schaerr

The starwars prequels would be fantastic if given over to a more competent director...

I can't say anyone is to blame for the prequel ****-ups except lucas himself...

All the budget, all the nostalia, all the brand power, all the special effects, and all the actors in the world couldn't save his ****ty *** script and directing.

May 22 - 08:32 PM


anthony block

Super Mario Bros. 2 Nuff Said

May 24 - 07:55 PM

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