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Total Recall: 20 Sequels We're Still Waiting For...

We take a look at some sequels that may or may not ever get made.

by Greg Dean Schmitz | Thursday, May. 22 2008

Forrest Gump
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12. Forrest Gump 2: Gump & Co.

The Set-Up: Based on a satirical novel, Forrest Gump was ridiculously successful for a movie of its type, propelling Tom Hanks even further into superstellar orbit. In 1995, a year after the film's release, author Winston Groom wrote a sequel called Gump & Co. which basically continued Gump's adventures farther into the 1980s and the 1990s, including an encounter with a famous actor named Tom Hanks.

The History: Gump & Co. was likewise picked up for movie rights, but not much seemed to be done with it until 2007, with the first movie's screenwriter, Eric Roth, hired to adapt.

The Future: I've read both books, so I can tell you fairly straightforwardly that the problem with following up Forrest Gump with Gump & Co. is that the sequel book... SUCKED. Having said that, the concept does benefit from another 10+ years for us to start to feel more real nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s, since nostalgia is Gump's real raison d'etre.

Forrest Gump
Will Forrest get another box of chocolates?

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
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11. Austin Powers 4

The Set-Up: In 1997, Mike Myers found his first huge comedy hit with Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, which inspired two sequels, each of which was even more successful than the one before it. Then, silence.

The History: Myers has been talking about Austin Powers 4 to anyone who asks him pretty much since the last movie came out in 2002, with plans for the 4th film to focus on Dr. Evil as a main character, and Austin more as a supporting (heroic) foil. Part of the delay may have something to do with the 5 year gap between his last live-action movie (The Cat in the Hat) and this summer's The Love Guru (not counting his animated success with the Shrek movies).

The Future: Mike Myers continues to talk about Austin Powers 4, but thus far, there's no firm evidence of the status of the script, nor a deal for director Jay Roach to return. The franchise's future is also not particularly helped by the demise of New Line Cinema. When Mike Myers really wants to make the movie however, Hollywood will probably still jump.

Austin Powers
Swinging 80s here I come, baby!