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½ November 1, 2012
A distasteful (and inexplicably overrated) French slasher that begins intriguing but soon gets excessively vicious, outrageous and disgusting, trying at all costs to be polemic and throwing us in a brainless flood of gushing blood and gratuitous gore.
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½ June 9, 2010
Inside is a refreshing tale of demented horror that breaks new ground in the genre. Inside is a film that will shatter your senses and disturb even the most harden veteran of extreme horror. Looking back on the genre, only a few films have pushed the boundaries of good taste. One example is prominent with the classic Italian film Cannibal Holocaust. Although nowhere near the caliber of Cannibal Holocaust, Inside deserves a place in the same category as Cannibal Holocaust. The film pushes boundaries, and it's not a bad thing; far from it. That's the great thing with horror. The ability to push the boundaries and see how far a film will go to terrify its audience. Inside is the most provocative film since Maniac and Cannibal Holocaust which were both released in 1980. The French are slowly becoming masters of horrors themselves, by creating some downright, creepy and terrifying films. One of the most recent, and most disturbing is Inside (A L'interieur) A bloody, gory horror film that will terrify anyone who watches it. Not a film for the squeamish and faint of heart, Inside is a decent into madness. It's an unforgettable film experience that will stay with you for a long time. Before watching this film, ask yourself if you have the stomach to watch this, and if you, watch it at your own risk. Inside is truly one of the most deranged, depraved and disturbing films in recent memory. The film will definitely appeal to gore hounds. The film is a must see for horror fans who enjoy extreme horror films. The violence is unrelenting and this is a film that will definitely stay seared in your memory long after you've seen it. A brilliantly savage film that has some powerful performances, Inside is an accomplished film that will definitely disturb you.
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November 1, 2011
I don't want to rate this because I don't know how to possibly apply the star rating system to what I just witnessed. This film is uncompromising to say the least. Here is a little taste. In the very first scene of the film, a car crash is shown from the perspective of a baby in the uterus.
From there, the viewer gets treated to an avalanche of gore, pain, and the occasional side-splitting laugh, minus that last part.
I have no problem with gore, but it is a bit too overdone here. Call me old fashioned, but I like the atmospheric slow burn of the classics. While this film does generate quite an intense atmosphere, it always revels a bit too much in explicit gore. Which for me, takes the emphasis away from the scare and focuses too much on the shock.
For a man who has been very disappointed by the much of what modern horror films have to offer, this was something new to sink my teeth into. And while i'm glad(?) I watched it, I am not going to be frequently pulling it out for date nights. Unless the date is really, and I mean really, bad.
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November 26, 2009
"Inside" is an extremely bloody and vicious french horror film that delivers the kind of intense, visceral thrills that will rattle even the most jaded horror buffs. This is the most impressive (straight up) horror film I've seen in ages.
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April 14, 2008
Wow, the best thing to come outta France since, well french fries.
Sadistic, bleak and just plain F'ed up this one ain't for the faint of heart or pregnant women.
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½ June 9, 2010
This is seriously frightening. The cutting, blood, acting, everything looked so real that you'll start feeling sick. Don't recommend this to those who sleeps alone and is afraid of this kinda movie ;)
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April 16, 2009
Just shy of maximum score because so much of it was so dark. Having said that I'm not sure I really wanted to see even more than I did of what was going on in this gruesome, gory French horror. A real achievement, particularly as a first film, this pulls no punches whatsoever and surely sends a clear signal to US film makers who seek to produce such fare. Don't mess about - just do it. But isn't this just the most harrowing and bloody, violent film ever? Well, maybe not ever, but that remains believable and involving from beginning to end. Where you want to look away but the action is so compelling you cannot. When you hope maybe there will be a pause in the nastiness but the makers just crank up the awfulness again and again. I have never seen a female attacker be so violent or so relentless outside of Japanese cinema. A remarkable achievement.
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½ February 24, 2008
I guess there's some sort of race in France to see who can make the dumbest horror/gore movie. Aja started with Haute Tension, then it came other movies like Frontieres and Martyrs. I haven't seen those, but with this one and HT i think i have clear idea of the result of said race. Everyone is winning. I do want to point that, among the web of stupidity that was thrown at my face, probably the truly most disturbing aspect was seeing the movie trying to have some sort of "social content" by refering the urban riots of Paris from couple of years ago. Because the first thing that comes to your mind after watching a bunch of people getting killed in the most idiotic ways possible is "gee, there sure is a lot of racial tension in France, rite? Human beings should be more tolerant to each other. THE MOAR U KNOW!"

It's a bit funny to see how the slasher genre hasn't really changed at all, not one bit. Every other genre and sub-genre out there has changed in one way or another, not this one. We are still seeing the same story and same mechanics over and over: unstoppable killers with superhuman strength and reflexes, lead characters doing the exact opposite of what any human being would do in a similar situation. Then the rest of the package: the killer is always behind the victim, always teleporting from one point to another, corpses can revive under the right circumstances, conveniently placed weapons and other assorted items are always right at hand. The list goes on and on. Is like watching a video of someone on their morning routine, just with less fx make up and fake blood, but equally tedious and predictable. The way these movies set themselves "apart" from each other is in how creative (read: absurd) the deaths can be. The silliest the better, you are not suppose to "suspend your belief" anymore, you have to shut down all the parts of your brain that are telling you how stupid all this is in order to "enjoy" these kind of movies.

The way to rate this material, i'm guessing, is to notice how inventive the killings were, and how well shot said killings were. But it comes to a point where the real questions you should be asking is, why? Why keep making movies like this? Dumb, silly, cliche and absurd, all of that in the worse sense posible. Movies cost money, why not use that money to tell something else? Something better, something that might actually make sense in a proper context, and maybe even accomplish something beyond a mere "ewwww!" I'm all for movies creating an effect on the viewer, but even at that there are different kind of reactions. If you want to get disgusted you don't have to pay a movie ticket and spend money on junk food and parking, you can just go behind a dumpster and stare at the garbage decompose.

Some of you might still be curious to see this. Don't, if you want to see red fluids dropping by galons just buy a bunch of ketchup bottles and smash them into a wall. There you go, lots of goey red stuff. You will save yourself time and brain cells in the process. You're not going to find a "plot", characters that might even have a single dimension or layer or anything that you find in a movie not concerned that much with the make up. Sure, maybe the movie wasn't looking for that, and if you're a "gore hound" you're not looking for that either. But what's the point of seeing the lead character in danger when i don't give a damn about her? Or about any of the other characters? Or about what's going on at all? It's just an excuse for the directors to show us how good they are at shooting in the dark, how "edgy" they can be with the material. We get it. Now please, go back to make music videos, commercials or whatever you were doing before this. Also, those shots of the babies in the uterus were fucking stupid.
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May 27, 2009
Ever since Alexandre Aja's abysmal High Tension, there has been a kind of revolution in French horror cinema, namely, films that present so much extreme violence and gore that they make Saw look like a Disney film. Inside is just about one of the most unpleasant, disturbing, brutal, and unrelentingly disgusting movie experiences I've ever had. This is not a compliment.
I am a seasoned horror fan. I love horror. I love slasher movies. But I have one exception. I hate any movie, horror or not, that serves to exploit violence and gore for no other purpose than shock value or to showcase the skill of its directors in depicting realistic carnage.
I've heard the fillmmakers talk about this film, and I've read many reviews of this movie that talk about it being a battle of wills, a deviant love story between a mother and her child. Wrong. The film has a one-track mind, which is pretty much the kind of intelligence that went into making this movie, and all that you need to watch this crap. Inside is an hour and 23 minutes of pointless violence.
The directors don't want a happy ending, so they manipulate every situation so that it will turn out bad for the pregnant lady. This is sickening. There is a scene where the cops enter the house, realize that the woman answering the door is the killer, and proceed to arrest her. Instead of properly arresting her, one goes upstairs, leaving the other to do all the work for himself. This second cop seems to have no idea how to arrest a woman, because he tries to do it while she's standing up, giving her the leverage. Umm, no, I don't buy that. Another scene shows a cop more concerned with fixing circuit breakers than getting the pregnant lady out of the house. And I guess these guys have never heard of calling for backup? Finally, when the pregnant lady has the advantage and the killing strike, a cop who's been shot through the head and dead through this whole time comes back to life and beats her into labour. Can you say, what the fuck?
There are great horror movies out there that are extreme in their violence. Think Audition, The Last House on the Left or even the recent French film Martyrs. They use violence to provoke thought and address issues of morality. Inside aims to do none of that. And it isn't thrilling. There are too many moments where this story would have ended, but it doesn't because the story doesn't want it to. And don't give me the it's a movie, it doesn't have to make sense line because how many times have you complained about the realism of a movie.
After watching Inside, I had to clear my head with something that stimulated thought with interesting, fully dimensional characters, and a properly structured plot. I watched two episodes of Six Feet Under. Now that is good filmmaking.
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June 22, 2009
perhaps personally i do possess a prejudice against shock-cinema which is to offend the tolerance of your senses continuously, and what's exactly the point to stir up your worst imaginations on various nightmares? do you need such perverse stimulus because you're too callously jaded? maybe it's the contradiction of human nature that you cannot resist the curiosity of the strange and the bizarre, and there's a voice inside you that drives into a peep at the deviant. but you bounce back just like your reaction against the over-heated stove. the procedure is nothing enjoyable but catalysis of vomit.

the story is about a woman's diabolical obssession of motherhood, so she haunts over an ill-fated pregnant woman by tracking into her house then brutally breaking into her room with a pair of scissors in attempt to cut the baby out to keep as her own. so the deeply endangered mother-to-be hides in the bathroom to defend herself...then the psychopathic wench shrewdly utilizes her fatal pair of scissors to slaughter any possible interference which includes the pregnant woman's parents...any potential cruel killing method is contained within this film such as stabbing a man's genital's an extreme dosage of mental disturbance..surely there's no peaceful ending: the wench's got to sing her lullaby with the infant she freshly cut from a woman's belly while herself is deformed by a gas sprayer as she previously tries to light off a cigarette. in a nutshell, "inside" is a story of pure evil and absolute malice.

the massacre is deviced with every bit of "creavity" you could imagine as if the director remarks "let's think of every worst way of torturing someone in the most disgusting ways which would make you puke"...i've got to admit the french ways of killings are more "innovative " and scarier than american michael bay's recent "chainsaw texas massacre",,,i have no problem with cinematic violence as long as it's upon the dark side of humanity. yes, you might say such terrible massacre do happen in this world since serial killers do exist. but how about their minds? any profound motivation or character sketch?? yes, it has but very limited and meager. so the victim is a survivor of car accident and the killer is made barren also by a car accident..anything more?? it doesn't have any spare time for dialogues except fanatic continuous killings. very often it does sicken me to think of the raising popularity of shock cinema, whether it's french or american ones like saws or chain texas, audience doesn't have a heart anymore to probe the depths of characters but request of intense amount of irritant to defy your adrenaline. you wanna challenge your adrenalin, go parachute-diving which might teach you something of REAL SURVIVAL.
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April 18, 2008
Must-see horror. Best to go into this knowing nothing. A new classic, with some of the most gripping gore to splatter the screen in decades. This is one of those movies where I feel the only substantial thing I have to say is, "Why haven't you seen this yet?"
After a second screening, I've noticed some cool details: the address of the house is 666, the film uses fade wipes not to indicate passage of much time but to indicate a shift in perspective (except for once towards the very end), the first time the killer is in the house her shadow appears pregnant. As I recall from the first screening, the house feels incredibly womb-like and I still can't exactly decipher how the director does this other than pure pacing, tension, some of the soundtrack, and the story itself. The sound is brilliant and is responsible for making the kills seem so immediate and vicious. The whole final scene, but especially that final creepy shot is excruciatingly horrifying to the extent that it almost makes me want to quit the horror genre. Few films have delivered such genuine and unforgettable scares. I was left genuinely frightened and creeped out at the conclusion, feeling that same residual horror that The Exorcist leaves stained upon your brain. I'm ratcheting this up to five stars. "So Fucked Up" highlight: supposedly dead and eyeless policeman rises and fights back
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½ January 25, 2009
Such a perfect slasher/horror that it is almost a crime. The film begins with a car crash from the point of view of a baby in the womb. It's shocking and pretty much sets up the film. I was hooked from this very first shot. The film is incredibly gory but done in context. Every stab can be felt by the viewer due to the emotional investment in the protagonist. Having a pregnant woman home alone on Christmas Eve will prey on the fears of the entire audience. Home invasion is scary shit. Irregular breathing, looking away and gritting my teeth were all side effects I suffered whilst watching this. A difficult, disturbing and disgusting watch but a film that really does capitalise on the genre.
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½ November 19, 2008
I don't think I will ever look at a pair of scissors the same way again. Ugh! What a gory, grotesque movie. I can just see as US remake of this one starring Angelina Jolie as the psycho bitch! Hmm.. well it was a good horror/suspense, but honestly it is pretty yuck, so it wouldn't be for everyone. It will be quite some time before I get that final scene out of my head too.
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½ November 23, 2008
This is absolutely the most horrifying movie I've seen since The Descent. I'm sure it met its goal in that regard, but I don't know if that justifies a high rating - you could effortlessly tag this as hateful, violent, exploitative, unnecessary, misogynistic, and straight up tasteless. But the funny thing about Inside is that it got me to wondering if labeling a movie with such terms is a defense mechanism, a barrier to keep things that make us uncomfortable at a safe distance. What is a horror movie, but an externalization of things that we fear? These premises and the accompanying images come from human brains, and surely the one that developed this terrifying gem doesn't condone what happens here.

If you strip it of ideology or agenda, this is a towering horror movie, a resounding victory for France's otherwise flimsy horror output, and an instant classic in its pantheon. Its somewhat noticeable flaws are erased by the mounting sense of hysteria, ceaseless brutal gore, indelible imagery, and the two crackling lead performances. Beatrice Dalle's work here should be career-changing; it is rare that a woman of 40 is allowed a chance to prove herself like this, and she steps up to the plate with a performance of few words and many, many facets. What could have been a psychopathic caricature becomes something enigmatic and terrifying, almost like a character out of a warped fable.

People have learned to run to "over the top" as a justification for a horror film's failure, which I think is perfectly fair. Inside could very well be stuck with such a stigma. But all it takes is one little thing to pull you into this nightmare and once that happens it will not let you go. That's what Alysson Paradis is left to do - she is skeletal and haunted, defeated before the terror even begins, and the thought of this suffering woman suffering even more readies the audience for the impending beatdown. If you have even an ounce of sympathy for characters in movies, Inside will get you. If not, you may still enjoy the horrific gory deaths. Absolutely recommended viewing, anyway, if you can stomach it.
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September 15, 2008
Definately not for the squeemish or "gore-a-phobic". Not entirely without merrit, but a mostly disappointing film.

There is a interesting premise at the heart of the story, but it is repeatidly over shadowed by ridiculous side stories and plot holes galore. Not to mention an over abundance of gratuitous violence and gore which (if your into that) was remarkably realistic, but (for the most part) serves no purpose other then to gross you out.

The two female leads (Paradis & Dalle) are REALLY good, drawing their strength from the heart of the story and not the typhoon of nonsense that is taking place around them.

While I enjoy a good gross-out film as much as the next guy...gore and violence alone, does not a good movie make. In my opinion, the most powerful films are the ones with a thought provoking story that allows your mind to create fear and build tension. This film relies almost entirely on visual aids and shock value.
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½ September 14, 2008
Gore gore gore & gore, The funny thing is one of its directors calls this a human drama
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August 3, 2008
"└ l'intÚrieur", also known as "Inside", is quite frankly - a masterpiece in french film-making. This movie is absolutely bloody, fantastic and gripping from the start to finish and this movie is a must-see for all horror fans. As a horror fan myself, I can easily say this has to be one of the bloodiest, most brutal movies I have ever seen. This movie is not for the faint of heart, and I really do recommend this gem - it is a must-see.

The movie opens up with a disturbing shot of a baby inside of a womb, suddenly being thrown around as blood pours inside the womb. We cut to a car crash, which leaves Sarah (Alysson Paradis) alive, but her boyfriend very much dead. A few months later at Christmas, Sarah is home alone and waiting for her baby to arrive. However, later that night, Sarah receives a mysterious female visitor (Beatrice Dalle) who wants to use her phone. When Sarah declines, all hell breaks loose when in the next couple of hours...the woman makes it quite clear, with the help of a sharp pair of scissors, that she wants something from Sarah...something from INSIDE. The plot is original first of all, because I for one haven't seen any other movie like this.

Inside is a bloody roller-coaster of a film and is very, very brutal throughout. It is one of the most brutal movies I have ever witnessed, and just when people thought movies like "Saw" and "Hostel" were too much...they will be soaking their pants when they see this! The kills in this movie are absolutely bloody, horrific and effective. It all looks very real and the killer herself, is a psychotic woman who shows no remorse. She's completely binded by an image of the baby that she wants to get, and will kill anyone in her path trying to stop her. This really is an excellent horror film, and considering it's the directors' first - they deserve major respect for this balls-to-the-wall horror film.

The acting is great from both actresses and the supporting roles. Each of the women both give depth to their characters as we watch both sides of the story - a pregnant woman trying to protect herself and her baby, and a crazed woman who wants this baby so much. From the outset, you might just assume that she just wants to get the baby...but there's more to it than that if you watch the film - think of the word "Revenge". Both actresses do great jobs with their characters, and during the movie you will feel sorry for both the victim, and the villain herself. That's one of the things I love about the movie - the tragic character of the villain. She's one of the best female villains I've ever witnessed in a film.

Inside really is a masterpiece of a movie, and I am impressed to the max with this movie. It has suspense, violence, tension, mystery and enough blood and gore to decorate a house with. I can see why all the reviews have been praising this movie because this movie is an excellent film. This movie is a masterpiece and is now one of my favorite horror films of all time -
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July 27, 2008
Shocking. Disturbing. Violent. Stupid. This film could've been soooo good but when the last third of the film starts, the movie goes down and fast!

The start was really intense with an interesting setup for the 'event' but then it started to become a typical horror slasher film instead of the good thriller it could've been.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a good slasher every now or then but the totally idiotic and unrealistic script turns in the end of the film had a negative effect on me. Thumbs up for the idea but a smack in the face for the execution.
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