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The people Inside 9/11 return to take viewers into the eye of the storm in this intimate account of the havoc reeked by Hurricane Katrina that goes beyond the nightly news coverage to take a look into the lives of those directly affected by the devastating storm. In addition to asking such important questions such as how a disaster like this could be prevented in the future, filmmakers also explore the failure of emergency personnel to effectively respond and a comprehensive analysis of events culled from government audio tapes and personal interviews.more
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Documentary, Special Interest
On DVD: Jan 17, 2006
Towers Productions

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[font=Trebuchet MS][size=3][b]Somewhat interesting exploration about the recent discovery of the gospel of Judas. Those interested in religion or theology may find it fascinating. I'm not sure how much merit any of the religious texts have or if Jesus was a real historic person, but still found it informative.[/b][/size][/font]

[img][/img][font=Courier New]The National Geographic channel's IS IT REAL? show explores famous myths and legends and attempts to separate the fact from the fiction. In this episode, scientists, experts, and historians trek across Europe to see if Jesus really had children with Mary Magdalene, and whether these offspring founded a secret society that exists into the modern era.[/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS][size=3]I still haven't read the popular Da Vinci Code book or seen the film it's based on, but watched this documentary that explores whether the ideas proposed in the book have much validity in historical reality. It's pretty interesting and gives different viewpoints on this subject.[/size][/font]

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[font=Century Gothic][size=3]Informative documentary about pterosaurs from National Geographic.[/size][/font]

[img][/img]The National Geographic Channel takes a look at the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 on this exploratory program. Taking a detailed approach to every aspect of the hurricane, the show looks at how it happened, why the preventative measures put in place didn't work, and how the crucial events played out.
[size=3]Educational documentary, not terribly entertaining, but worth watching for those who want to learn more about hurricanes, what causes them, and the devastation they cause.[/size]

Bobbie Murphy

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