The Invention of Lying Quotes

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  • Mark Bellison:
    The world is going to end unless we have sex right now.
    ‐ Submitted by xniquet L (3 years ago)

  • Greg:
    If I could do anything? Anything at all? I would touch a girl's boobs.
    ‐ Submitted by xniquet L (3 years ago)

  • Bob:
    Hi, I'm Bob I'm the spokesperson for the Coca-Cola company. I'm here today to ask you to continue buying coke. Sure it's a drink you've been drinking for years, and if you still enjoy it, I'd like to remind you to buy it again sometime soon. It's basically just brown sugar water, we haven't changed the ingredients much lately, so there's nothing new I can tell you about that. We changed the can around a little bit though. See, the colors here are different there, and we added a polar bear so the kids like us. Coke is very high in sugar and like any high calorie soda it can lead to obesity in children and adults who don't sustain a very healthy diet. So that's it, it's coke. It's very famous, everyone knows it. I'm Bob, I work for coke, and I'm asking you to not stop buying coke. That's all.It's a bit sweet. Thank you. Share this quote
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (4 years ago)

  • Brad Kessler:
    We both know that one day you're going to lose your looks.
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (4 years ago)

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