Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers Reviews

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Sarah P
Super Reviewer
April 10, 2010
This movie should make you angry no matter what your political affiliation. It got a lot better towards the end...
Jason D ½ January 16, 2009
i almost stopped after ten minutes and was prepared to give it a bad rating, but i'm glad i stuck through it. i believe a documentary should be artfully done since that is one thing that differentiates a documentary from a mere video report. this is not the most artful of documentaries. in fact, it is a bit cheesy in the first and last ten minutes. but in between there is a lot of meat. there is some hard evidence for their claims and to hear of the sheer incompetence and blatant disregard for their employees on the part of the companies means this doc serves its purpose. then again, the military and government have never been efficient in their dealings, so what i hear in this film is not all that shocking to me. also, even if you are a civilian, you should expect to be in danger in a war zone. that is just the risk you take. in my mind, this is a good documentary that makes its point effectively, but its not a great documentary that changes your thinking in a highly artful fashion.
JerseyMike JerseyMike May 31, 2008
Though a good and interesting documentary, it suffers from being extremely one-sided. There is no dissension which makes this appear as if it were liberal propaganda.
Mike B July 23, 2007
Informative, shocking, and depressing. There's no doubt that privatization unchecked is abusive to taxpayers and soldiers alike. I would have liked to hear interviews from the other side of the issues raised -- even 60 minutes does that.
D M October 19, 2013
A very good documentary about the no-bid contracts companies like Blackwater have been awarded. The kind of stuff that has been happening for years, what Eisenhower warned us about, but is never fully investigated as I believe there is a third wing to that collusion - media.
Martice B August 6, 2013
I've been to the desert nations three different times. I don't remember seeing company names in those days. We have been trained since we first entered service how to basically build a village. There are different names for different housekeeping kits such as harvest falcon, harvest bare. These kits are actually a base in a box. There are a certain amount of expandable shelters for lodging, large rubber bladders to fill with potable water, the same bladders to hold jet fuel and diesel fuel. In peacetime we watched videos, and trained to assemble these. The last time I deport November 1998 operation Desert thunder/operation Monica Lewinsky, it was to BHRAIN. When we arrived contractors had already assembled the kits, and they were already building a tent city. We were merely helpers under supervision of the contractors. Contractors prepared meals operated the "mess hall".
My first two trips to the desert 1) Kobar towers for housing. The second trip UAE, we stayed downtown multistory nice hotels, transported back and forth to the airbase.
Brent D. Brent D. ½ May 14, 2010
Made me angry, but not shocked. Movie is proof of money being the ruit of all evil.
Pheasant Pheasant ½ March 16, 2010
I actually still need to see this movie. I went to Iraq as a civilian contractor for one year. My dad served for 22 years in the Army- went to Iraq too- and is now a civilian contractor over there. People go there to make money. The project I was on had clear goals. Worked hand in hand with Iraqis. There is no doubt that money is wasted. The Govt. funds massive projects that they most definitely shouldn't. Every contractor I worked with knew the danger they faced. No one was STUPID enough to think it was "safe". Anything can happen over there. There were soldiers that were pissed and that were indifferent about the civilians. Yes, they make more money. That is the Govt's doing. They are allowing these private corporations over there with huge contracts. Iraq has decades to go before it can effectively use the skills, equipment and depots that these contracts have spent billions on. Premature mos def.
Sid 6.7 Sid 6.7 ½ January 6, 2008
GOD I LOVE THESE IDIOT CRITICS!!! A documentary about war profiteering during George Bush's term is all of a sudden a 100% rating. Give me a break! This has been going on for years in every single war and NOW we are finally waking up to this? I knew a contractor that did little things like electrical work at local bases, the military pays well to all contractors. But what we fail to realize is that we are forced to give money to our government with them spending money with no consequence. I agree we need to put more $ in the military and these contractors should be the ones training the soldiers to do these jobs NOT BLOWING MILLIONS FOR THESE GREEDY ASS COMPANIES!!! An eye-opening documentary, warning: some of these background stories are a little slow. Good doc. though.
starzinurreyez starzinurreyez October 9, 2006
Finally the country is waking up to the realization that things are not as they should be. Either here or overseas. The wrong people have the power and the money and wrong people are suffering on account of it. But what can we do? How can I be apart of making it all change or shift gears?
Now there is one strategy placed at your doorsteps. In the form of a driving cinematic tool Iraq for Sale is a documentary that the masses should see. It is is informative, engrossing, and enraging. Giving us the low down about War Profiteering, which many haven't even heard the term, and its ugly bi product, corporate greed. Is it possible that people could be making money from this unnecessary war? Why, yes it is. I wouldn't be surprised if the very necessity of the current state of affairs stems from this corrupt connection between the companies profiting and the politicians supporting them. Iraq for Sale is a unique tool that can be used to make a difference simply by joining the grass roots movement and sharing it with the people you know. Host a screening, buy one for a friend, inform people about the movie and its website. In order to move in the direction of change you half to take the first step. And that step has always begun with arming the people with knowledge.
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