Iron Maiden - Live After Death Reviews

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July 13, 2010
Iron Maiden's legendary show is one of the greatest concerts experiences time and time again. This is a terrific concert to watch, all of Maiden's classic tracks are here and they really stand out. Filmed during the World Slavery Tour of 84, 85 Live After Death remains one of the most legendary concerts ever, and this is Iron Maiden at it's peak. They really deliver everything they had on this tour, every song is so energetic and powerful. As a diehard Iron Maiden fan, I can honestly that if you want to see one of the most powerful bands of all time in their hay day, then give Live After Death a view. Be prepared for your jaw to hit the floor as Bruce and the boys deliver some of the best music you'll ever hear.
October 14, 2014
Awesome concert video! And my wife and I saw Iron Maiden on this tour in 1985 on our wedding night. Awesomw show!
November 14, 2010
Maiden 8 months into a tour is still amazing!
June 25, 2011
Sure the performance isn't that great, but take this for what it is: a depiction of a band at a critical point in their career, at the top of the world and showing to a mainstream pop infested world that they don't need mainstream media to be amazingly talented. For that, this deserves 5 stars.
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