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Light on both CGI and moral quandaries, [it posesses] neither the zip and sparkle of a Spider-Man nor the brooding existential subtexts of Batman Begins.

April 25, 2008 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (24)
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S. Delacruz

This is one bad review -- even the pull-quote makes that clear. Why is this one rated as FRESH??

Apr 25 - 03:16 PM

Humberton Musik Factori

Sherri M.Z.

It's not rated as Fresh. It should, however, be rated "moronic". So Iron Man isn't as silly as Spiderman, and isn't as Emo as Batman Begins. OH, TEH HORROR. This reviewer needs to be kicked repeatedly in the groin.

Apr 26 - 09:25 PM


Nate 2709

It's doesn't possess the brooding existential subtexts of blah blah blah, it's a fu**ing comic book movie!

Apr 26 - 11:58 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

dear ,david suck!

sincerely, comic book fans

Apr 27 - 03:38 PM


mc mc

Iron Man is not supposed to be "zippy" like Spiderman.

Or brooding, like Batman.

The character has always been about Tech and about Tony Stark.

David Jenkins is a c.lown who doesn't do any research before writing his reviews and should not have his uninformed reviews appear on RT!

Apr 28 - 08:00 AM


mc mc

...jenkins: YOU SUCK!

Apr 28 - 08:01 AM


Samuel McIntyre

This guy felt that Spider-Man had zip and sparkle. Now I definitely can't wait to see Iron Man.

Apr 28 - 08:44 PM


Bryan Keele

A big blunder is to compare Iron Man to Batman or Spider-Man. Iron Man's his own man with his own problems. I don't ever remember Iron Man ever being dark or brooding. Not in the comics, TV shows, anywhere.

Apr 29 - 01:32 PM


Jonathan Sabo

Anyone notice the 2 douchbags who have given bad review have the same first name......david.

Apr 30 - 01:39 PM


Kevin Nash

Ah, light on CGI. Damn, because we always need fake, gimmicky effects to fill the screen at all times.

Apr 30 - 02:35 PM


Zach Bales

screw you, buddy...

Apr 30 - 02:59 PM


Seth Pinson

... Bastard. I just saw a screening of that movie and it kicked ***! You SHOULD be kicked repeatedly in the groin like humberton said... Bastard

Apr 30 - 07:36 PM


will shooter

Light on CGI and moral quandaries? For starters, the fact that it's light on CGI is one of the best, most refreshingly mature aspects of this film. As for a lack of moral quandaries...have you seen the film David? The entire concept is about a weapons maker coming-of-age after witnessing the results of his own designs; he shuts down the business when he finds his products are doing more harm than's 100% about morals. Spiderman is about sparkle. Batman is about brooding. That is their individual character attributes, not necessities for all films. Iron Man is pants down one of the most maturely and competently rendered comic book films ever made.

May 1 - 09:02 AM


umesh bansal

Great review David, stop writing them and do something else other than turning people away from a good movie.The movie had apprpriate amount of CG as required by the story and script and didnt have CG stuffed because it would make the movie better.
The movie is very balanced and very well made.Please be fair in your reviews in future.

May 1 - 01:52 PM


Kenny Wu


May 2 - 12:42 AM


Bethani Cochran

This review actually is a compliment to the movie! Now before you start bashing me, let me explain. Light on CGI couldn't be farther from the truth. The entire movie is practically ALL CGI. If the effects are so real that Jenkins can't tell the difference then it's a pretty damn good movie. Highest rated marvel comic movie I might add. Downey is the perfect character and compliments the movie well.

May 2 - 02:37 PM


Nunya Business

Funny you should say that, have you ever read a comic book in your life?

If so, you're still wrong, the films you praise do not capture what they should from the source material. Spider-Man is played like a corpse by Tobey Maguire and anyone with half a brain can see that Batman Begins was a pile of pretentious drivel.

I've just come from a screening of Iron Man at my local cinema. It was excellent.

Up yours, media twat.

May 2 - 03:56 PM


First Last

Wouldn't he be complaining if it was the same as Spider-Man or Batman?

May 2 - 05:09 PM


c me

why don't the English like Iron Man? Let's not get started on your beloved James Bond- You're a joke

May 2 - 08:50 PM


Simon Whitt

Congratulations F*prairiemiller on being more of an imbecile than David Jenkins. How you manage to equate the dubious opinions of just one film critic with the 60 million inhabitants of the UK is astounding, I pray you%u2019re not as retarded/biased/racist in more important matters than entertainment. I was born in the UK, couldn%u2019t wait to see the movie, and loved every moment of it. I thought it was well crafted, well scripted, directed and acted by the cast and look forward to the next instalment, and the applause in the cinema indicated everyone else felt the same. So much for your idea of what English people like.
As for the review, muh%u2026 no one I know actually takes film critics seriously since everything%u2019s subjective%u2026 but since this has like 94% or something obviously it%u2019s going to be to most people%u2019s taste and this review means very little indeed.

May 5 - 12:48 PM

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