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Toggling between Stark's impish goatee and Iron Man's full-metal body condom, and amid so many generic fireballs, kill shots and earsplitting thumps, bumps and crunches, the film finally collapses under its own weight.

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Christopher Krajci

I like reading her reviews because she almost always misses the point. She's a joke and has no business reviewing movies.

May 1 - 11:33 AM


Dr Shock

I havn't see the film yet, but that review sounds rediculous and doesn't make much sense at all. I think you should be put in a full body condom and forced to never review a movie again in your life.

May 1 - 11:58 AM


Matt Emery

A Bad Review for a 95% movie should kill your reputation as a reviewer.

Honestly, if you don't understand the movie, don't write a review.

May 1 - 12:05 PM

Brandon C.

Brandon Cox

95% means that 5% of people had to give it bad reviews. I sense a flaw in your logic.

Jan 11 - 08:05 PM


zubin shetty

You know, its fine if a someone does not like a movie, in fact it takes some guts to oppose an opinion 100 of peers share, but if you are going to criticize something, make sure its a well thought out coherent argument.

Writing a 3 paragraph review, where your only critique is something like 'Ironman collapses under its own weight' or 'Ironman has no action for half an hr' just makes you sound stupid. Who made this person a "Top Critic" anyway ?

May 1 - 12:47 PM


umesh bansal

Get lost and go back to watching cindrella story or twins.

May 1 - 01:30 PM


First Last

Why does the Washington Post associate itself with such a clown?

May 1 - 01:51 PM


Michael Patrick

What the hell? "Full- metal body condom?" This person is more immature than me!

May 1 - 01:53 PM


Michael Patrick

And shes a Top Critic on here. Pathetic.

May 1 - 04:37 PM


John Bush


May 1 - 07:46 PM


First Last

Who gives a favorable review to First Sunday?

May 1 - 08:34 PM


Jason Ramm

we must have been watching different movies, this was excellent

May 2 - 12:09 AM


Kenny Wu


May 2 - 12:40 AM


c me

once again, a worthless review by a dumb c... you get the point ;)

May 2 - 08:49 AM


Steve & Kathryn Nichols

I cannot believe that Rotten Tomoatoes calls Ann Hornaday a top critic.

She obviously went into the wrong theater and watched a different movie than the other critics watched.

I think it is time to brand her the Bottom Critic. It is also time for her to get a new line of work.

May 2 - 09:22 PM


Steve & Kathryn Nichols

May 2 - 09:24 PM


r saylors

Snobbery about foreknowledge involving how the movie was written, not any actual impact on the quality of the movie that said method of writing had, is the only reason any critic dislikes this movie.

Disliking the fact that four writers barely collaborated on the script before the director and the lead actor turned it into gold is something only an intellectual idiot could respect.

May 3 - 02:59 AM


Nick Kriss

You fail at life and reviewing movies.

May 3 - 07:50 PM


Keyth Owen

I've heard it said before: Ann Hornaday is so consistent in her horrible taste in films that you can reliably use her as a guide to what to watch. Simply do the opposite. Every movie she says is wonderful is generally on the bad side, and every movie she dislikes seems to be a gem that soared over her head.

Of course, we're also talking about someone writing reviews for the Moonie newspaper, whose master is the self-proclaimed "King of America", so we KNOW to take her reviews with a large dose (not just a grain) of salt.

May 4 - 01:15 AM


blah blah

to ZeroCorpse,

ummm.. Washington Post is not affiliated with the Moonies at all. you're thinking of Washington TIMES.

May 30 - 02:11 PM

John F.

John Fewell

You're confusing the Washington Post and the Washington Times. Ann Hornaday works for the former, which is not owned by Reverend Moon.

Nov 13 - 03:36 PM

Lukas The Dead

John Kelly

Rotten Tomatoes must really be looking to the bottom of the barrel to find a bad review if this person is a "cream of the crop."

May 4 - 09:31 AM


Andy Sikora

You know, you could have just condensed that review down to three words: I didn't like it.

May 4 - 09:57 AM


ismael sanchez

I agree saying I did not like it which she has every right to not like something)would have been respectable but the fact that she used cheeseball phrases like "full metal body condom just makes her sound like a bitter ignorant fool. and finally making echo to what everybody else has written. how the hell is she a top critic?

May 30 - 01:49 PM

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