Trailer (Pre) Bulletin: Iron Man Coming Next Week!

Old Shell-Head meets Lauren Conrad.

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Impatient to get a look at footage from next year's Iron Man? Director Jon Favreau says you won't have to wait much longer.

In a recent post at his MySpace blog, Favreau told fans that Iron Man's teaser trailer will debut Monday, September 10th. As excerpted at IGN Movies:

"Paramount is debuting the piece in its entirety across the Viacom Network's highest rated programs. The first appearance will be immediately before The Hills on MTV on 9/10."

The director added, "A hi-res version will appear on on 9/11 for those of you who, for whatever reason, choose not to TiVo The Hills."

The Hills? Really? Maybe we can wait a little longer to see this trailer after all. To see a complete list of its scheduled airings, follow the second link below!

Source: IGN Movies
Source: Jon Favreau MySpace