Total Recall: Who's the Man?

We count down 10 of our favorite movie Men.

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Honorable Mention: Dog Star Man

The six-part Dog Star Man is probably the late, greak avant-gardist Stan Brakhage's best-known work, and it's a strange, trippy marvel; its fuzzy images include Brakhage climbing a mountain, his newborn child, and abstract paintings that were crafted directly on the film stock. Its rapid-fire editing and dreamlike imagery have exerted a powerful influence on music video, commercial, and Hollywood directors alike (check out the phantasmagoric ending to Kubrick's 2001 and the scratchy, jumpy opening credits of David Fincher's Seven for examples). As a professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Brakhage counted South Park-ers Matt Stone and Trey Parker among his students; he returned the favor by appearing in their debut, Cannibal! The Musical. He may not have been a superhero, but Stan Brakhage was still the man.


Dishonorable Mention:

The Man, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy, which at 11 percent on the Tomatometer is decidedly not the man.

And finally, we thought we'd include one more classic clip to whet your appetite for Friday's big release. Enjoy!