Critics Consensus: Iron Man Is Heroic, Made of Honor Isn't

Iron Man Is the Best-Reviewed Wide Release of 2008

This week at the movies, we've got metal-plated superheroes (Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow) and matrimonial mishaps (Made of Honor, starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan). What do the critics have to say?

The summer movie season has officially begun -- and it's starting off with a big bang. The critics say Iron Man is everything a blockbuster should be -- action-packed, witty, and thoughtful. Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark, a brilliant inventor and weapons manufacturer who is taken hostage by a terrorist group and builds a suit of armor to free himself; realizing what a great idea he had, Stark becomes Iron Man, a crime-fighting force to be reckoned with. The pundits say Iron Man is a marvel (pun intended): Downey imbues his role with smarts and good humor; director Jon Favreau stages several thrilling action set-pieces; and co-stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, and Jeff Bridges turn in stellar supporting performances. Plus, the film mixes in a healthy dose of politics for good measure. At 94 percent on the Tomatometer, Iron Man is not only Certified Fresh; it's the best-reviewed wide release of the year, and one of the best-reviewed superhero movies of all time. (Check out this week's Total Recall, in which we recount other memorable Man movies here, and take a look at our interview with Favreau here.)

"Miss one Family Circus and you're totally out of the loop!"

Ah, counter-programming. When a superhero movie hits theaters, you can generally expect that it will go up against a romantic comedy for box-office bounty. And critics say you can expect every chick flick shtick imaginable to turn up in the nondescript Made of Honor. Patrick Dempsey stars as Tom, a man who realizes that he's in love with his best friend Hannah -- just as she's become engaged to a wealthy Scotsman. Naturally, an attempt to get her to love him before the wedding ensues. Sound familiar? Critics say Made of Honor is essentially a gender reversal on My Best Friend's Wedding, and a mediocre one at that; the performers are fine, but the script revels in cliché and formula. At 15 percent on the Tomatometer, Made of Honor has the wedding bell blues.

"Sure, you can cut in. But wait a second or I'll drop her."

Also opening this week in limited release:

Son of Rambow, a Britcom about a group of schoolboys' attempt to make their own homemade Rambo flick, is at 79 percent (check out our take from Sundance here).

Fugitive Pieces, a drama about a man haunted by his childhood World War II experiences, is at 63 percent.

Viva, the tale of a bored 1970s housewife who takes a walk on the wild side, is at 60 percent.

The Argentine import XXY, about the life and loves of a intersex teen, is at 60 percent.

David Mamet's Redbelt, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor as Jiu-Jitsu teacher who is forced to step into the ring, is at 62 percent.

And Harmony Korine's Mister Lonely, starring Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, and Werner Herzog in the tale of a commune filled with celebrity impersonators, is at 44 percent.

"So seriously, which is better: 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' or 'Happy Birthday Lisa?'"

Best-Reviewed Wide Releases of 2008:
95% -- Iron Man
92% -- U2 3D
85% -- Forgetting Sarah Marshall
80% -- The Spiderwick Chronicles
77% -- Cloverfield



connor story

wow i did not think it would score that high i was thinking bout a 87 or something thats higher then spiderman 1 and 2 this movie is going to be amazing im still in shock n f-in 95%

May 1 - 04:46 PM


Uver Pena

It's at 95, but keep in mind that the average rating is 7.6/10, Batman Begins has 84, but an average rating of 7.7/10 and about 130 more reviews.

May 1 - 05:06 PM


m z

The percents might be higher (95 for Iron, 93 for Spidey 2), but the actual point value favors Spidey 2 (8.2 out of 10) over Iron (7.6 out of 10).

Still, should be a good show.

May 1 - 05:19 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

I'm still in shock in how spectular, and perhaps Invincible ;),

Iron Man movie is becoming. I will be shock if actually succeeds in

fufilling my these new expectations but boy have i been waitin. After

suffering the slight dissapointment of Spidey 3, and the horror of the

disgraceful X-men 3, I, everyone, needs to see a new Marvel franchise and i

think we got one!!

May 1 - 05:44 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

Also, when bringing up the best superhero movie adaptations,

let us not forget of the classic masterpiece, Superman: the movie, which

remains at 93% freshness and is still tied with spidey 2 as the best

reviewed superhero movie ever. Also, it has average review of an eight out

ten, which is higher than iron man, X2, or even Batman Begins. Just a

necessary reminder, consider how many of us forget to mention this legendary

movie when the discussion for best superhero movie comes up. Superman: the

movie, and its sequel, should never be forgotten. Jlove batman begins,

spidey 1 & 2, X-2 are all great movies but in my opinion none are greater

than the first superhero movie and the critics agree with me...for once ;)

May 1 - 05:51 PM


Kyle LeClair

Man, I was hoping for & expecting Iron man to get a fresh score but this...DAYUM. 95%!! Now I want to f***ing see it even more (& glad I got my tickets early)!!

May 1 - 06:19 PM


Matt Dunn

i'm heading to a showing in 4 hours... i'm blown away along with everyone else about this movie. i think a lot of critics were genuinely surprised by the performance of this film. i find that when i go into a movie i have low expectations for and enjoy, it means much more to me. i think this has really helped with the great scores this film is getting... no expected it to be that good!

May 1 - 06:21 PM

Power Cosmic

Timothy Bradford

Iron Man's one of my all time favorite characters. I'm stoked to see this!

May 1 - 06:43 PM

Power Cosmic

Timothy Bradford

Iron Man's one of my all time favorite characters. I'm stoked to see this!

May 1 - 06:44 PM


noel ortiz

i think i will watch it twice...

in the same day!

May 1 - 06:46 PM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

95%!!!! Unbelievable..........

That's higher than Superman, Spidey 2, X2 and the great Batman Begins.

But it's average score of 7.5 shows it will not be better than those 4.
The 95% rating is a reflection of the fact that Iron Man has something to please everybody except for a few idiots that are really getting it from us.
Check out the comments for the one's who gave it a rotten rating. really funny.

Marvel's first self financed film is a worthy film of that great company.

May 1 - 07:07 PM

The Great One


I just saw it...its really entertaining and worthy of a 7 out of 10, but Favreau's direction leaves something to be desired

May 1 - 07:36 PM


jack giroux

Just saw IRON MAN i thought it was great, definately go see it. Its up in the ranks with SPIDERMAN 2 and 1, XMEN 1 and 2, its great go see it

May 1 - 07:38 PM


johann hart

"F" the average score or whatever... the movie is rated at an all time high as the best modern superhero film of all times... just respect the mark. Ironman, this is totally incredible trust me, i cant believe that it scored that much, seriously wow... i cant wait to go see it.. 95% daaammmmmnnnnn

May 1 - 07:44 PM


Jacob Ridley

Isn't it worth mentioning that many of the positive reviews are more or less an "eh. it was okay."? But it's cool. I'll admit, at first the prospect of Iron Man bored me to tears, but after all the promotion, it looks decent to mel... and they've done an excellent job keeping the villain under wraps (and villains sell these movies). So I'll see it.

So enjoy it, Iron Man fans. You have 'til July.

May 1 - 07:52 PM


Steve H

amazing!! wasnt expecting iron to keep up with the 95% beyond 100 reviews.. shud really be something then. I ll be the judge 2mrw.. cant wait.. hope incredible hulk stands up to the expectation as well

May 1 - 09:02 PM


Jake Vitanza

Not all of the reviews have been collected yet (or written, for that matter). I am completely surprised, however. The Dark Knight will be better ;). July 18 cannot come sooner. God help me.

May 1 - 09:21 PM


Cody Dean

I am so schocked right now looking at all of the reviews for Iron Man. After viewing the trailer several times I really thought this wasn't going to be that great at all. I honestly thought it was going to be as bad as Ang Lee's Hulk. I am pleasently surprised to see that it's already certified fresh, and being called one of the best super hero movies of all time. Very excited to see it tomorrow!

May 1 - 09:35 PM


Chris Jones

I saw it last night at a sneak preview. Its worth seeing, its good, but I rate it as being just a little bit below either Spiderman, but not by much.

May 2 - 05:38 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

Good movie. I enjoyed myself quite a bit. I was suprised with how Favreau managed to make it funny and quirky, but not overly smarmy and hokey.
Oh, and they had a preview for the Incredible Hulk before it, and the graphics for that film look much, much better on the big screen.

May 2 - 06:57 AM

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