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23% Dracula Untold $10.0M
47% The Judge $7.9M
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Iron Man 2 (2010)


Average Rating: 6.5/10
Reviews Counted: 276
Fresh: 201
Rotten: 75

Critics Consensus: It isn't quite the breath of fresh air that Iron Man was, but this sequel comes close with solid performances and an action-packed plot.

Average Rating: 6/10
Reviews Counted: 48
Fresh: 29
Rotten: 19

Critics Consensus: It isn't quite the breath of fresh air that Iron Man was, but this sequel comes close with solid performances and an action-packed plot.


Average Rating: 3.7/5
User Ratings: 470,942


Movie Info

Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark, the wealthy playboy whose exploits as Iron Man are now public knowledge after his admission at the close of the first film. In the follow-up, Stark is pitted against his Russian arch nemesis, Whiplash (Mickey Rourke), and corporate rival Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell). Also making their Marvel debuts are Scarlett Johansson as the sexy Russian spy Black Widow, and Don Cheadle, who takes over the role of Colonel James Rhodes from Terrence Howard.

PG-13 (for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some language)
Action & Adventure , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By:
Stan Lee , Justin Theroux
In Theaters:
Sep 28, 2010
Box Office:
Paramount Studios - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Iron Man 2

All Critics (276) | Top Critics (48) | Fresh (201) | Rotten (75) | DVD (14)

As for the actual grand finale, Downey Jr. and Cheadle seem like they're already network gaming the PS3 release instead of facing any actual threat, and Rourke goes out like a chump.

Full Review… | April 15, 2013
Village Voice
Top Critic

The whiz-bang stuff here -- while never less than slick -- doesn't produce anything we haven't seen before.

Full Review… | April 15, 2013
Top Critic

The best scenes are still the ones with Downey and Gwyneth Paltrow (as Stark's charm-resistant assistant, Pepper Potts), or just Downey alone. The rest feels like padding, which is something a sleek-suited superhero shouldn't need.

Full Review… | July 6, 2010
Top Critic

It's enjoyable to see a quality superhero dynamically and enthusiastically rendered.

Full Review… | July 6, 2010
Top Critic

Rourke puts a human face, albeit a bashed one, on comic book villainy.

Full Review… | May 14, 2010
Christian Science Monitor
Top Critic

Even the director...seems to view the heavy clanking of mechanized men as a bit of a chore: the kind of well-prepared yet unremarkable meat course that must inevitably follow the delightful amuse bouche of Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Stark.

Full Review… | May 7, 2010
The Atlantic
Top Critic

It's much more fun to create a franchise than to doggedly sustain it.

Full Review… | June 22, 2013

Throws down the armored gauntlet to all the other summer blockbusters - bring your "A" game or be content being the season's second best movie.

Full Review… | May 2, 2013
Lyles' Movie Files

Robert Downey Jr., plays Stark with a twinkle in his eye and a sense of fun, but can't quite stamp the same authority onto the film as he did in the first version.

Full Review… | April 15, 2013
Screen International

It's half the fun of the first movie and twice as convoluted.

Full Review… | April 15, 2013
Austin American-Statesman

Despite being more traditional in structure and theme than the original, Iron Man 2 offers just about everything anyone could ask for in a superhero spectacular, and then some.

Full Review… | April 15, 2013
TV Guide's Movie Guide

The most cynical and calculating part of it all is that the movie never really finds a justification for its existence; except, that is, as a bald-faced setup for The Avengers.

Full Review… | April 14, 2013
Paste Magazine

Many people will probably not find this one up to par with the fun of the original, but personally, I ended up having more fun with this movie, so while I gave the original a mild recommendation, I can give this one a slightly stronger one.

Full Review… | October 1, 2012

I was predisposed to like Iron Man even if it starred David Hasselhoff wrapped in tinfoil ... Is it worth your time? Definitely. Is it the calibre of Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight? Afraid not.

Full Review… | September 29, 2012
The Aristocrat

By rights, a superhero sequel should be darker, more intense and more dangerous, but Favreau is happy just to stay cool. That's all Iron Man's job has ever been, and frankly, that's fine by me.

Full Review… | September 28, 2012

The bar has been set for the 2010 summer blockbusters.

Full Review… | November 5, 2011
Star-Democrat (Easton, MD)

... The visual effects, though solid, may brighten the screen but are a poor substitute for characterisation and style - those two absent friends who we miss the most during the show.

Full Review… | June 30, 2011
The Ooh Tray

In the land of sequels it's no Temple of Doom or Empire Strikes Back, but it's also not Rise of the Silver Surfer. Me and my box of Junior Mints, we still had a good time.

Full Review… | April 4, 2011

Iron Man 2 isn't an ideal sequel but it is good, fixing most of the problems of the first movie without giving up what made it work to begin with.

Full Review… | March 27, 2011

Some critics may claim that the Iron Man films are simply dragging on a genre that's redundant (...) but my view is that it is rescuing a big part of the Marvel universe.

Full Review… | February 3, 2011
What Culture

Robert Downey Jr squeezes back into ... Tony Stark's incredible suit ... and his charismatic presence gives the movie a bigger boost than his character's jet-propelled boots.

Full Review… | December 29, 2010
Movie Talk

Iron Man bests the biggest adversaries of the superhero genre in his second outing: production troubles, sequel-bloat and overwhelming, unrestrained fanboy hype.

Full Review… | October 21, 2010

Fans will be satisfied, even if it doesn't match the nuanced and well-rounded brilliance of the first film. But many will be disappointed with this seemingly rushed follow-up.

Full Review… | October 9, 2010
The Standard

...the movie offers an abundance of thrills, laughs, and interpersonal communications. Yeah, action and talk; a little something for everyone.

Full Review… | September 23, 2010
Movie Metropolis

Audience Reviews for Iron Man 2


Not as awesome as the first one but a whole bunch of ass kicking goodness involved!! Cant wait for Thor, Captain American and the Avengers.

John Manard

Super Reviewer

An enjoyable but overall letdown of a sequel with too many extra and irrelevant characters and stories and just goes a little too over the top with hitting the villain five times with a car and for some reason is not dead or injured, two popular Marvel characters with barely any screen time and just slows down too much and does not accomplish what the original did

Al S

Super Reviewer


Not as great as the first one but a welcomed sequel. More exciting action.

Wildaly M

Super Reviewer

Just as good, if not better than the original. The story from the original may be the origins, but the action is much improved and the heart is displayed to be much stronger. The tones of this movie were much more enjoyable than the first, but it is brought down by don cheadle, who is good, but could never replace the likes of terrance howard. There were many more small plot lines in this film than the first, which kept me more interested. With a much more fun, action-packed ride over the original, it fullfilled my expectations dead-on, and it could not have been portrayed any better than it was. The great summer popcorn flick with a great story has a arrived and it is better than ever. Great start off to the summer movie season. I was on the edge of my seat with a smile on my face for the full 2 hours, and I was happy that it wasn't a let down. The execution was kind of thrown into perspective too fast, but it was saved by all the action within, great film and great performances. I actually teared up at some points, because this film truly knows how to show emotion!

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer

Iron Man 2 Quotes

Tony Stark:
I already told you, I don't wanna join your Super Secret Boy Band
Nick Fury:
Nah I remember you go it alone. How's that working out by the way?
Tony Stark:
It's you know it's, I'm sorry I don't wanna get off on the wrong foot here, do I look at your eye or the patch? I'm still hungover, I can't even tell if you're real or not.
– Submitted by Matthew H (17 months ago)
Pepper Potts:
So now your Googling her?
Tony Stark:
I thought I was oogling her.
– Submitted by Chris G (19 months ago)
Ivan Vanko/Whiplash:
Hey, I want my bird.
Justin Hammer:
Uh, a bird? You want a bird?
Ivan Vanko/Whiplash:
I want my bird.
Justin Hammer:
I can get you a bird, I can get you ten birds.
Ivan Vanko/Whiplash:
I want MY bird!
Justin Hammer:
Well, nothing's impossible. Are we talkin--is this a bird, uh, back in Russia?
– Submitted by Cody H (2 years ago)
Tony Stark:
'Mr. Stark displays compulsive behavior'. In my defense, that was last week. 'Prone to self-destructive tendencies' I was dying, please, and, aren't we all? 'Textbook narcissism'?...Agreed.
– Submitted by Cody H (2 years ago)
Tony Stark:
What do you want from me?
Nick Fury:
What do we want from you? No, what do you want from me? You have become a problem, a problem I have to deal with! Contrary to your belief, you are not the center of my universe! I have bigger than you in the southeast region to deal with!
– Submitted by Cody H (2 years ago)
Natalie Rushman/Black Widow:
Well done with the new chest piece. I'm reading significantly higher output and your vitals all look promising.
Tony Stark:
Yes, for the moment, I'm not dying. Thank you.
Pepper Potts:
What do you mean you're not dying?! Did you just say you're dying?!
Tony Stark:
Is that you? No, I'm not. Not anymore.
Pepper Potts:
What's going on?
Tony Stark:
I was going to tell you, I didn't want you to alarm you
Pepper Potts:
You were going to tell me? You really were dying?
Tony Stark:
You didn't let me.
Pepper Potts:
Why didn't you tell me that?
Tony Stark:
I was going to make you an omelet and tell you.
Natalie Rushman/Black Widow:
Hey, hey. Save it for the honeymoon. You got incoming, Tony. Looks like the fight's coming to you.
Tony Stark:
Great. Pepper?
Pepper Potts:
Are you okay now?
Tony Stark:
I'm fine. Don't be mad, I will formally apologize...
Pepper Potts:
I am mad!
Tony Stark:
When I'm not fending off a Hammeroid attack-
Pepper Potts:
Tony Stark:
We could've been in Venice.
Pepper Potts:
Oh please!
– Submitted by MarieBella C (2 years ago)

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