Is too much Downey possible? I think maybe.

Sorry folks, but I have a real problem with the whole film, the ill-timed banter, the Mandarin "surprise" and a plot more fragmented than Stark's trashed suit. This time, the Downey charm couldn't quite pull it off imo. Nor was he willing to suit up for the first half of the movie it seems. In retrospect, I think this disappointing tactic was perhaps "preparing" us for Stark's disassociation with his mechanical side. But then again, isn't the mechanical side of Stark the whole point? Also, is it possible there is such a thing as too much Downey wit? I think Maybe.
Susan Kay
05-4-2013 04:31 AM

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Allison Summers

Allison Summers

Considering RDJ isn't acting but playing himself when he's Tony Stark (or any other role he's in nowadays), I think we can cut him some slack.

Jun 4 - 07:19 PM

hollis m.

hollis mills

nooo downey knows what he is doin

May 4 - 03:00 PM

Hunter Primm

Hunter Primm

Yet it's fine to have Bruce Wayne more than Batman.

May 4 - 12:30 PM

Killer Jay

Jay Catler

Who said she liked it?

May 4 - 01:18 PM


noodlez zeldoon


May 4 - 10:20 AM

Craig Walker

Craig Walker

IM3 is a turd. The thing that made the movies was Tony's personality, played so well by RDJ. So let's go and change that. Give him anxiety attacks. [insert rolleyes]. Brave move, but failed miserably, IMO. Everyone can fly/be in the suit. Heck you can remote control it like a model airplane. No biggie. [insert rolleyes]. I could go on, but my eyes may roll out of my head....

The problem wasn't too much RDJ, it was too much of the wrong RDJ.

May 4 - 07:51 AM


scifi mark

I liked the anxiety attack part but it just didnt go anywhere which was the worst part about it. They had several ideas that were just thrown together but none of them really ended up being factored into the conclusion of the movie

May 4 - 08:49 AM

Tony Stark

sam varma

shut up the movie was awesome!

May 4 - 06:07 AM

Cecilia B.

Cecilia Björklund

I'm with you! The movie was brilliant!

May 4 - 08:28 AM

Alex M.

Hipster Elitist Maverick

Calm down, Sam.

May 4 - 11:14 AM

Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly

Tell him Alex. Yo Sam. Slow your roll nigga slow your roll.

May 4 - 12:50 PM

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