a character i liked that not many people have ( spoiler)

i liked guy pearce's killian/mandarin because how he was sadistic, crazy, and cool. yeah he is not the best villian but he was in my opinion fun and interesting to watch. what do you think?
05-13-2013 10:47 AM

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John Weber

John Weber

I would call him an alright villain on his own, but not up to snuff as The Mandarin.

May 18 - 11:36 AM

Alex M.

Alex Mueller

I was excited for the mandarin, but guy pearce made the movie interesting. For some reason I think he fit better than the mandarin, because mandarin has MAGIC rings, but the other two movies were based on techno-villains. Aldrich Killian is connected in the way that extremis is a techno-virus. Good villain

May 13 - 06:10 PM

John Weber

John Weber

The rings in the comics were alien technology in origin. Something that easily could have been done and fit very well in a post-Avengers films.

May 18 - 11:35 AM

President Pedro

President Pedro

He was pretty enjoyable I'll admit, but I was really looking forward to Mandarin, and as hard as Pearce tried, for me at least, couldn't meet my expectations. He does a great job acting wise and his character was close to that of the comics; but again, most of us expected Mandarin and Killian couldn't fill that void.

May 13 - 05:16 PM

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