Plot Twist? IM experts explain.

As a non-comic book reader but cinema aficionado, can someone explain in detail the Mandarin plot twist? As I understand, Mandarin is supposed to be one of IM's biggest foes ... but in the movie he turns out to be a drunk stage actor? Is that why everyone is up in arms?
Zach Thomas
05-17-2013 01:37 PM

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Jonny Claveria

Jonny Claveria

The Mandarin is actually Aldrich Killian, mainly because he is behind the hole plot. The drunk guy, Trevor, is actually just an actor to give the Mandarin a face.

The Mandarin IS Iron Man's biggest foe. In the movie, and out of it. The Mandarin has been in the series since the first movie. The terrorist group that captured Tony in the first movie was called the "Ten Rings" and it was funded by Aldrich Killian and AIM. The Mandarin has been messing up Iron Man since day one.

May 18 - 12:45 AM

ray l.

ray landry

Yes, but I myself liked the twist.

May 17 - 05:56 PM

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