Italy: Love It, Or Leave It Reviews

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June 29, 2013
Saw this at a theater where they play a lot of world cinema. This is a documentary by two gay guys who are trying to decide whether to leave Italy or stay. It covers all the not so nice things about Italy and also the lovely things. A real eye opener. I especially appreciated the tender scenes and the way these guys filmed the movie. Highly recommend it.
½ June 6, 2012
A road trip and documentary. Playful look at the problems that Italy faces after years of economic hardship and conservative rule.

Luca and Gustav examine the question: Should young people leave Italy because of its woes? As part of that process we follow them on a fast-paced road trip looking at scenes of crisis, mismanagement, political chicanery, immigrant exploitation and other problems with Italy.

Despite all of the problems, the movie remains upbeat as it talks with those in Italy that hope to change the problems that come up in each segment. Overall, the movie treats this as a farce, in the Michael Moore-style of relating issues and problems.

And you do get to see a lot of Italy.
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