• PG-13, 1 hr. 17 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Adam Bernstein
    In Theaters:
    Aug 26, 1994 Wide
    On DVD:
    Sep 2, 2003


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It's Pat Reviews

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Lucas M

Super Reviewer

July 29, 2012
Until the end, nobody want to know what it's Pat.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
This movie is just as outrageous and creepy as the SNL skits that spawned it, well maybe even more creepy. I didn't find Pat very funny on the show, and if you didn't either, I would not recommend this movie.
Lafe F

Super Reviewer

July 11, 2007
This movie is totally hilarious! I love that they made an entire movie which begs us to determine whether "Pat" is a boy or a girl. SHe's so creepy, and Julia Sweeney played her/him wonderfully. The ending is classic, when Pat is revealed nude to the entire audience at a rock concert, but we don't get to find out.

This is more than a one joke movie; we also have jokes about Pat's partner Chris, who is just as androgynous. We have jokes about how rude and inconsiderate Pat is with other people. We have the an excellent plot about Pat's neighbour Kyle, who is obsessed with everything Pat. We have the plots about Pat's inability to keep a steady job...

I think this movie is very underrated and hilarious.
April 11, 2013
Make no mistake...It's Pat is a terrible movie. The SNL stuff was funny and the concept is stretched as far as it goes but as big as a train wreck as this is...I kind of like it as being a mess. It's got bad jokes and has Ween in a bit part. This is almost like a cult as I know many women who love this but it is virtually stupid formula 1. setup of not knowing what sex Pat is. 2. Punchline. 3. Repeat over and over for the movie's duration. Add Dave Foley as another sexually confusing character and you've got something that is more stale than a rerun of SNL. At least it's funnier than SNL has been since the late 90's but that isn't saying anything at all.
Ida K

Super Reviewer

January 8, 2007
This was cute when it was a brief SNL skit. Unfortunately, it didn't translate into a 78 terribly long minute movie.
July 1, 2010
What is Pat?a man or a woman? That?s basically the whole mystery to the movie. You try to figure out what Pat?s sex is. You think to yourself ?This sounds like it will be easy to figure out? but no, it?s not. What makes it worse is that it uses some of the most disgusting gross-out humor for the mystery of Pat?s sex. I was disgusted throughout this entire film. I usually think gross-out humor is funny, but this was too much. Not only gross-out humor, but it uses lame slapstick jokes as well that will bore you. The jokes are repeated over and over and over again that you?ll be appalled by and never want to laugh at that type of humor ever again. So basically what I?m trying to say is that ?It?s Pat? is a one note joke that has very poor humor that makes you want to say ?What the hell?? in anger and confusion. The characters are practically mentally ill. They use them as making fun of people. It?s so retarded that it?s sad to watch these characters and think what would happen if they were real people. Some of the characters you feel sorry for since they?re so pathetic. It?s so sad that it?s bad. If you ask me if I laughed at least a few times, then yes I did. There are only less than four jokes that I laughed at. Those few jokes were actually funny, the rest suck. ?Pat? has no plot with its story. So this is what happens with Pat. Pat Riley is a thing that society tries to figure out if Pat?s a male or female, but nobody can figure that out without Pat naked. Pat meets the love of his life, Chris which is another thing that you can?t tell if it?s male or female, but mostly society tries to figure out what Pat is. Then you have a sick married human being named Kyle Jacobsen who falls in love with Pat as he tries to figure out what Pat?s sex is. That?s about it. EW! Now falling in love with something like that is just crossing the line of right and wrong. ?It?s Pat? has made SNL movies look bad. Hopefully another SNL movie comes along and succeeds, but for now I?m staying away from SNL movies after watching this. ?It?s Pat? is one of the worst comedies I?ve ever seen.
May 24, 2007
One of those SNL skits that sank like a lead canoe when it was adapted for a full-length movie. Horrible.
February 10, 2007
I actually thought this was a riot! A must see for SNL fans. Don't get excited though, it is never revealed HE OR SHE???
January 21, 2007
All of the copies of this horrid movie should be burned to ashes. Who in their right mind allowed this to be made?
May 29, 2006
This movie is just as dumb as the character was on Saturday Night Live. Bleh, I'd rather watch Wayne's World anyday than this!!
April 3, 2006
The story of an androgenous person (meaning someone who possesses characteristics both masculine and feminine) who drops ambiguous hints throughout the movie. Creative? Yes. Flattering? Not to me! >:(
March 29, 2006
This is absolutely thee worst movie I have ever seen. I dont think a movie could get any worse if it tried.
John M.
December 20, 2013
I don't know how this got past the focus groups.
Film  Fanatic
July 10, 2013
Upside down and all around...I'm still guessing..................
May 15, 2013
This movie was so painful I wanted to cry!!! It was completely horrible. I was dumb enough to stay up until 4 am to finish watching this movie. It was a complete waste of time. Don't watch this movie!!!! But if you're really bored go plant a tree or count the hairs on your head.
February 1, 2012
"It's Pat" is an unbelievably unfunny and tedious comedy. Throughout the film, the single joke (that nobody knows if the titular character is a man or a woman) gets repeated over and over and after a while, you realise there is never going to be a payoff because that would mean the movie would end. The main character is totally unlikeable, the plot is dull, repetitive and very easy to predict (even if you aren't good at predicting movies, it's easy to see that "Pat" will become a jerk when fame goes to his/her head only for him/her to get a redemption at the last minute when he/she realises what's truly important). You will be at a loss for words after the credits finish rolling, unless you start remembering some of the more colourful curses you had buried deep inside your subconscious but the film is so bad and unmemorable that you will forget immediately what made you so mad. (VHS, ??/??/2011)
July 5, 2007
The SNL skits were hilarious. This wasn't.
January 5, 2013
Nothing funny, charming, or even slightly entertaining here folks.
December 20, 2012
My repressed memories of this film have been unearthed...
August 12, 2012
I think if MadTV had a spinoff with Stuart, it would be much more funnier.
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