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July 23, 2011
Enjoyable film but not sure about making a hero of an IRA member is very appropriate.
½ July 29, 2015
Certainly not anything to get too excited, although I think a score of 15% is actually quite harsh for what is a relatively entertaining action flick. The storyline certainly takes a back seat, as our lead characters intentions and motives quickly become somewhat unclear and generalised. A straightforward pursuit soon begins, although this is kept relatively interesting via the Jackel's ability to disguise himself and take no prisoners when he wants something done. The finale is considerably dated, although provides a watchable conclusion.
May 24, 2015
Even though calling it a 'great movie' might be too much, it is still a thrilling and enjoyable 'criminal chases criminal' action flick. The the 125 minutes runtime might be too much for most movie viewers though..
½ May 11, 2015
Drags most of the time, just like most of these 90s action/spy/thrillers.
½ May 10, 2015
More of a shoot 'em up than the original but that was in place of character development and the script.
March 5, 2015
Thank God, the actors are great and its worth the wait..
February 13, 2015
Other than the fact that Bruce WIllis plays a villain( quite convincingly though) here, there's nothing interesting in here. Jackal is depressing, sloppy, overly violent film in which Richard Gere is a terrible distraction and miscast irritation.
February 13, 2015
An excellent remake of the original; this is a wonderfully action/thriller, fast paced and real edge of the seat ride. I can even forgive Geres very poor Irish accent.
June 15, 2007
Intense remake that has some of the best actors in the game. A really good movie
June 7, 2014
The kind of movie that would only be enjoyed by briandead action junkies.
May 30, 2014
1994's Pulp Fiction Is My Seventh Favorite Film Of All Time.
½ May 23, 2014
Despite what some may think this is an excellent movie. More of a thriller than an action movie, Bruce Willis is superb as a bad guy. In fact it's only real flaw is that by the end I always find my self rooting for the Jackal instead of the hero.
½ May 21, 2014
Why was this movie even made? As generic as they come, and has no redeeming qualities at all. The plot is convoluted as it is full of holes.
½ September 24, 2007
This starts of rather slow but it gets better as it goes along.

Bruce Willis' villain is so good I almost wanted him to succeed.
February 8, 2014
The original "Day of the Jackal" was brilliant. This re-make never should have been made. The music was a mess. It was someone's idea to have some over-blown, melodramatic love theme kick in when two former lovers came face to face. These cues sounded very out of place. There was an abundance of cliches, with the F.B.I higher-up gradually trusting the prisoner his organization turned to for help more and more. They practically became buddies. This simply doesn't stand up to the original movie whose story this is supposed to be based on.
½ February 8, 2014
Bruce Willis is a hitman hired by the mob to kill a target, and Richard Gere is sent by the FBI to stop him. This could have been so much better, instead, it is about as bland as could be and just not that interesting. It never really picks up and is instead quite a wasted opportunity.
December 17, 2013
If you can pass Richard Gere's attempt at an Irish accent (it's almost as bad as Brad Pitt's in The Devil's Own), you may enjoy this remake of Day of the Jackal.
It's not as good as the original, but it's an entertaining action packed thriller with quite a good performance from Bruce Willis, where he's not playing another Die Hard hero part.
Sidney Poitier's last film released in the cinema before moving onto TV films.
Watch out for Jack Black.
December 11, 2013
una de las peliculas mas estupidas y ridiculas que he visto
½ April 3, 2012
Richard Gere felt a bit miscast but deserves praise for his good Irish accent and portrayal of an IRA sharp shooter. The Jackal has a star studded cast and it works to its advantage. The Jackal is your typical shoot-em-up thriller with really nothing new added to the genre but take it for what it is and enjoy the two hours of explosions and guns.
August 14, 2013
I could have done without some parts. Particularly the gay sex scene. However, I think the movie was good aside from that. Personally, I thought Bruce Willis' role as the bad guy was interesting.
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