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½ April 30, 2007
An Iraq war veteran sent home with serious head trauma is convicted of a murder he does not remember committing. While enduring an experimental "treatment" at the hands of a sadistic doctor, he suddenly finds himself somewhere and somewhen else. This off beat sci-fi fantasy has a lot of elements of familiar wish-fulfilment and time travel stories. His romance with emotional burn out Keira Knightley reminded me a little of Eternal Sunshine, the meddling with time aspect is very like The Butterfly Effect and the whole time travel/mental hospital scenario is very Twelve Monkeys. The thing that makes this film is the combination of great performances and the way that although it feels a little generic, it continually hops between those genres without feeling disjointed which keeps the story intriguing right til the end. Adrien Brody is excellent as the long suffering patient, as is an almost unrecognisable Daniel Craig as his Cuckoo's Nest style confidante. There are some nice visual flourishes and the direction is nice and tight, the film far from outstaying its welcome. I quite enjoyed the darker aspect of The Butterfly Effect and this film does something similar with a more mature approach.
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½ June 14, 2006
Pretty interesting time travel film that refuses to explain its own logic. After a head injury during operation desert storm a soldier is close to death. After his return to the US he gets mistaken for a killer and hospitalized in a mental asylum. Each time he gets a special medication and the straight jacket he jumps forward in time, soon learning about his ultimate fate. Brody makes for a convincing unlikely hero, but the most pleasant surprise of the cast is Knightley who does not remind you of her Pirate princess even once and delivers a great performance. The script may not always make all that much sense, but the story is enthralling and keeps you wondering how it's all gonna play out. In the genre of the mind-fuck movies this does belong to the upper half.
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September 14, 2007
i thought that this was really good and different rom any other film you can see keira knightly was excellant and so was adrian brody
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October 20, 2011
A really great concept that was intriguing from start to finish. Knightley's accent was believable and performances from all were impressive. However it did seem a bit underdeveloped as if it needed more time in pre-prod and the ending was ridiculous. No way would those doctors put him in the jacket when blood was pouring from his head just because he told them to. If they hadn't have put him in there then maybe he could have survived to see Jackie again properly.
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½ January 7, 2007
A strange film with a great cast. A sort of mix of 12 Monkeys and the Butterfly effect, but sadly no where near as good as either of those films. The pacing seems slow, the story leaves a lot unexplained and at times it's just a bit dull. A real shame given the concept and cast, this had potential.
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June 17, 2011
The Jacket is a disappointing and weak psychological thriller. Everything about it is extremely dull. I do like a lot of the people involved here, so it is a little sad that I didn't enjoy any of the performances. Even from two of my favorite actresses, Keira Knightley and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The story was predictable and ultimately didn't do anything for me. I expected a lot more from a movie with an all-star cast like the one featured her in The Jacket.
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May 7, 2011
A film that picks up speed as it moves on, 'The Jacket' may become a very rewarding experience for fans of the genre. It just doesn't seem to strike all the chords it needs to. A decent enough script is accompanied by very good acting, especially from it's stars Brody and Knightly, with the very talented Daniel Craig turning in a satisfying performance as well. Pacing issues is one of the few problems that plague the film though. It goes on the right direction in terms of an interesting story, but sacrifices entertainment value along the way. For fans of the psychological thriller genre only. Decent film.
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½ November 16, 2010
Adrien Brody again luring me into the darker corners of cinema. This movie took a piece of me with it the first time I watched it and it still has not given it back. To be honest I do not know if I want it back. On the surface of it, this film appears to be a psychological horror/thriller which then turns out to be so much more. Kris Kristofferson gives an excellent performance as Dr Becker (:P) a mental health doctor convinced that medication is the way to make "crazy" people see sense. Controversial. comforting and intimidating this is one of my favorite movies because it offers everything you could possibly want and delivers it with conviction.
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½ June 19, 2009
Cast: Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley, Kris Kristofferson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Daniel Craig, Kelly Lynch, Brad Renfro, Jason Lewis, Jake Broder, Jonah Lotan

Director: John Maybury

Summary: John Maybury's masterful thriller stars Adrien Brody as Jack Starks, a Persian Gulf War veteran who has lost his memories to amnesia. When Jack is accused of a heinous killing, he realizes he must find a way to prove his innocence. Desperate to unearth clues about his past, he seeks a controversial treatment that allows him to go back in time -- which turns out to be a heart-wrenching decision when he realizes he's destined for tragedy.

My Thoughts: "I was really intrigued with this film. It's really a head trip. The film is completely far-fetched, but that's what makes it interesting. This is definitely Adrien Brody's movie. He drives the entire thing with an amazing performance. I was surprised at how much older Daniel Craig looked in this film then he does today. Keira Knightley was also good in this as well. Really it just had an amazing cast. Definitely a movie to see."
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½ June 26, 2010
a great movie. A-
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½ February 4, 2010
I've always thought this was an underrated movie and it sort've goes where Jacob's Ladder failed to go. The cinematic style is great, it has a very haunting feel to it. I love the performances, Kiera Knightley and Adrien Brody did great jobs and let you enjoy the plot and take it seriously. I also enjoyed Daniel Craig's little cameo/supporting role, he played a great nutcase. It's a great blend of science fiction, suspense and horror.
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½ January 25, 2010
This film has some nice moments - nice individual scenes with great character exchanges or fantastic cinematography - but it does not stand as a whole piece. it is too divided and conflicted abotu what kind of movie it wants to be; genre debates aside, this movie is still too scrambled. It's part Primer minus the mind-boggling dialogue, part Eternal Sunshine minus the believable romance, part Memento minus the suspense, part Catch 22 minus the tight script, with a heavy dose of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest minus profundit\y and 12 Monkeys minus absurdity.

A must skip for anyone who cannot stand to see films that so boldly flirt with being decent and fall so embarassingly short.
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December 15, 2009
Honestly I was very confused. I first thought it was Horror than went on watching but quit confused. So I watched it with a friend twice and it then made sense. Christ.
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½ April 10, 2009
I like movies with convoluted plots - as long as I can figure them out. This one fits the bill. While being treated for mental illness in 1992, Jack (Adrein Brody) is transported into 2007. In his trips back and forth between the two eras, Jack has to resolve various issues.
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January 7, 2009
"Terror has a new name."

A troubled war veteran tries to unlock his memories of a terrible crime in this stylish thriller, the first American project for British filmmaker John Maybury. In 1991, Jack Starks (Adrien Brody) was an American soldier serving in the Persian Gulf when he was shot in the head; pronounced dead by a field surgeon, Starks somehow returned to life, though with no small number of psychological problems to show for his troubles. A year later, Starks is walking through the snowy Vermont wilderness when he discovers a woman whose truck has broken down, Jean (Kelly Lynch). Starks tries to help Jean and her young daughter, and later flags down a car for a ride into town; however, the car is being driven by a criminal on the run from the police (Brad Renfro), and not long after the car is cornered by police, Starks' memory goes blank. When he comes to, Jack is accused of killing a patrolman in the violent standoff that followed, and is told the woman, her daughter, and the criminal existed only in his imagination. Declared insane in his murder trial, Starks is sentenced to a mental institution run by Dr. Becker (Kris Kristofferson), who seems to believe that the more brutal the treatment, the better. As Starks suffers frequent beatings and long spells in a frozen locker, his mind drifts from his harrowing past into the future, where he visits with Jackie (Keira Knightley), who once was the young girl Starks tried to help.

Had to see the film twice. The concept of time travel to a point that you realise your own real time is tragically short in 4 days and in that short spasm of time to 'reset' the lives of other unfortunates begs the question as what we would do with that certain knowledge. The film was provocative and intermingled with sharing life with another - once when Jackie was a child who had the sensitivity to keep the dog tags and to the young one he fell in love with in a future that was to be as short as his present existence in the asylum for a crime he did not commit. Shame they didn't identify the real perpetrator but that may have distanced us from the real theme! Keira was superb, Adrien was great as the haunted and Daniel Craig refreshingly brilliant!
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December 22, 2008
The Jacket wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Adrian Brody played an excellent part, it just didn't have that suspense type flavor, Rent it, but think twice about a purchase.
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March 19, 2008
A really cool concept, nicely executed...but not as "tight" as it could have been.

An amazing cast (some in minor rules) and a mostly well written script.

I feel that it would have been even more powerful minus the final 3 minute "tie it all up in a bow" (felt like an after thought) ending.
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October 20, 2007
Dull, slow, and a confusing movie. It tries to bring you win with its "psychological thriller" claim, but it doesn't really explain itself clearly at the end of the movie, which is a huge mistake. Could've been alright if there weren't so many one-dimensional characters (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kris Kristofferson) and more screen time on thhe more interesting supporting characters (a scene-stealing Daniel Craig), as well as better dialogue. Not a terrible movie, but not a good one either.
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June 18, 2008
Despite the good performances by Adrien Brody and Daniel Craig and the initial interest I had for the story, it's just another powerless time travel flick. Petty and predictable.
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½ October 1, 2007
Pretty neat. People like it a bit too much, though.
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