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This whodunit offers a kaleidoscope whirlpool of plots and sub-plots involving murder, corruption and sex. David Corelli is a San Francisco prosecutor assigned to investigate the prime suspect in the gory murder of a prominent art dealer. The suspect is Trina Gavin, a clinical psychologist who was once Corelli's lover. She is also the wife of a prominent defense attorney, one of Corelli's best friends. The prosecutor learns that incriminating photos of some of California's most prominent politicians, including the governor, having kinky sex with a mysterious prostitute known only as Jade were found in the dead dealer's safe.more
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
Written By: Joe Eszterhas
In Theaters:
On DVD: Feb 16, 1999


David Caruso
as David Corelli
Linda Fiorentino
as Trina Gavin
Richard Crenna
as Gov. Edwards
Ken King
as Petey
Holt McCallany
as Bill Barrett
David Hunt
as Pat Callendar
Angie Everhart
as Patrice Jacinto
Kevin Tighe
as D.A. Arnold Clifford
Robin Thomas
as Mr. Green
Jay Jacobus
as Justin Henderson
Drew Snyder
as Executive
Victor Wong
as Mr. Wong
Bud Bostwick
as Justin Henderson's B...
Darryl Chan
as Tommy Loy
Dick Ziker
as Assistant D.A
Graham Cowley
as Deputy Coroner
Nellie Cravens
as Governor's Secretary
Ron Ulstad
as Kyle Medford
Allen Gebhardt
as Forensic Man
Garrett Griffin
as Police Officer
Julian Hill
as Forensic
Buddy Joe Hooker
as Assistant DA
Bobby Bass
as Assistant DA
Sandra Berumen
as Assistant DA
Richard Ziker
as Assistant DA
Mini Mehra
as Resident
Isaac Spivey
as Homeless Man
Kenneth Tigar
as Corporate Man
Bill Tolliver
as Medical Examiner
Ron Winston Yuan
as Technician
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Writer Joe Eszterhas's follow-up to his Showgirls fiasco is every bit as hopeless, and this time he takes some good actors down with him.

Full Review… | June 12, 2013
New Yorker
Top Critic

Car-chase aficionados are advised not to miss out on Jade, but others can safely give it a pass.

Full Review… | June 12, 2013
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic

This is the second high-profile Joe Eszterhas script in three weeks, and were it not sleazy enough to make his Showgirls howlerama pass for fun, you could debate whether he or Mark Fuhrman has had a worse fall season.

January 1, 2000
USA Today
Top Critic

Full Review… | June 18, 2002
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic

Full Review… | January 1, 2000
Detroit News
Top Critic

Senseless erotic murder thriller.

Full Review… | January 3, 2015
Ozus' World Movie Reviews

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Decent thriller that could have been much better if the script would have been better fleshed out, Jade is one of those films which has good ideas and plenty of potential in being a good film, but it never becomes anything truly riveting or memorable. Jade could have been quite good if the film's script would have been better though out, and it's a shame that this is such a tiresome, lazy affair. The cast are fairly ridiculous in their roles and in turn, it doesn't do much to make this film really standout. Jade plays out like a low budget film and it has that feel to it as well. If you're looking for something good here, then you'll be disappointed as the film never becomes anything truly entertaining. Overall it is amusing, but it could have been much better as well, and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of good storytelling. The Exorcist director William Friedkin directs and he makes one of his least accessible works here. Jade is amusing at best for its camp value and to me it felt like a cheap wanabe Basic Instinct film, but it failed due to a lack of original ideas and good performances. If you enjoy low budget affairs, then Jade is worth seeing, but even then don't go into this one expecting a highly entertaining film, it's one of those films that tries to be something great, but never gets there due to too many script limitations. Jade is worth seeing only once and doesn't demand multiple viewing due to its sheer ridiculous acting and lack of immersive storytelling.

Alex roy

Super Reviewer


i always harbor an oddball appreciation for the pulp b-movies, especially when they mesh all those classic stereotypes in an awesomely campy manner which is so bold it's almost "epic fail"...jade is one of the cases. most of all, the scriptor joe ezsterhas, also the writer of basic instinct, is the sleazy genius behind the whole picture. it toys with some of the formuli formed in basic instinct: highly educated intelligent but sexually corrupted sexy women of upper class who happens to be a shrink, the uncompromised hard-boiled detective who is more than anxious to set the justice right even thru pervert voyeurism, and priviledged aristocratic men with masochistic preference for the dominatrix-type woman, who gains her pleasure of sex through extreme hard-core acts like bondage and role-playings. and they happen again in SAN FRANSISCO! and ezsterhas adds the morally corrupted lawyer-womanizer into the picture to savour up the delicious rot of jade. in this time, linda fiorention is his fetishized seductive murderess whose super-cunt literally owns the movie!

here are all the fun facts. first of all, the name title jade has a exotic undertone, jade is a dominatrix whore who takes an oriental name to entice her men-prey. and among the remains of the victim, pubic hair is stored within a elegant box made of silver, inscribed with a chinese character of jade. second of all, some of the scenes are deliberately arranged within some chinese festival in frisco's china-town to give the picture an other-worldly feeling, and some of oriental decorations are used as the adorments in those secret rooms for the purpose of illicit sex. (in the script, it's called THE FUCK HOUSE.) if you read raymond chandler's the big sleep, chandler seems to favor associating the oriental exotica with sexual perversions. (bisexuality and promiscuity...the world of pagans always has an aura of emanicipation from puritanical abstinence, to the westerners)...now we witness the modern homage to the metaphors of vintage stereotypes. third of all, one of those most interesting dialogue in the movie is a naked woman in solitude, leaving some desperate message in his answering machine while the man is about to engage in a sexual dalliance with his adulteress: "i'm reaching hysterical blindness, you better be careful, i might give in to one of those uncontrollable urges," which is repeated in the end of the movie by the man as the real murderer is exposed.

david caruso from csi crime scene is still quite dreary as ever while chazz palminteri still remains as the fantastically sleazy typecast of the nasty power-obsessed slick man in b-noir flicks. (king of sleaze!) how about linda florentino? all i could say is that i never knew she was that super-sexy back in the good old 1990s while her husky voice spells out like "i dare you to do me" manifesto which fulfills every frame of picture. and those demure-lady garments seem particularly obscene while you envision all those wild crazy things are done under those conservative customes.

jade is a b-movie-cult homage to noir, just like basic instinct, which is redeemed into a flick due to its strong production backset (which means..they just used all those top-class director, actors and cinematographers,,to make a b-movie), but jade also adapts the chiaroscuro technique to render protagonist's mental states, for example, woman on bed, the dichotomy of light and shadow appears on her face to symbolize something dark is looming within the woman's mind. jade might be a messily, loosely made b-movie, but it's definitely far from boring!

(at least, better than show-girl, another ezsterhas' campy cheer of sleaze.)

Veronique Kwak

Super Reviewer

Ofcourse it's bad, that's a given; It's also enjoyable in that so bad it's good sort of way.

Michael S

Super Reviewer

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