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June 29, 2008
Explosive idea for a film. Denzel Washington as usual puts on a great performance.
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May 24, 2012
John Q is a good drama film that could have been much better. With Denzel Washington in the lead, it single handily saves this film from a being a bad film. The script has its flaws, but for the most part it succeeds at delivering a good two hour film. Washington as usual delivers on-screen, and he alone makes this film watchable. I enjoyed the film, thought it was an exciting drama film with a good cast starring opposite Denzel Washington. This may not be the best dramatic thriller, but for what it is, it manages to be a thrill ride from beginning to end. There are things that could have been done better, but for the most part, Denzel Washington's good acting elevates the film from being a mediocre affair to a good film. This is a good film to watch for a mindless two hours. The film has its imperfections, but for most of the time, the formula delivers excitement, drama and thrills. At times the script suffers, but like I said, Washington's performance makes up for it. John Q is entertaining and is a must see film for Denzel Washington fans. This is an underrated film and it doesn't deserve all the flack it has received. Sure it has it flaws, but it is entertaining from start to finish, and it has another solid performance from Denzel Washington, an actor who can turn a somewhat lacking film into something watchable. This is a good film for what it is, and deserves a bit more praise than it has received.
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August 2, 2011
John Q. Archibald: My son is dying, and I'm broke. If I don't qualify for Medicare, WHO THE HELL DOES? 

"Give a father no choice and you leave him no option"

How far would a father go for his son? Yeah. That's never been done before. And guess what. It's been done way better. John Q is an unoriginal, cliche, overly dramatic movie that even manages to rip off Dog Day Afternoon. Denzel Washington is always good, so I'm not going to complain about him, as he was okay. Everyone else for the most part sucked. Duvall and Liota weren't what I would call bad, but they were playing characters they could play in their sleep. Heche and Woods were bad, but I think a lot of the was their material. Kimberly Elise was horrible as the mother of the dying kid. Okay, now for what I really don't like about this movie.

The story is dramatic enough. We have a kid who needs a heart transplant and a father that can't pay for it. But Cassavates goes to extreme lengths to add as many cliche gimmicks as he can to the film. Such as a heart monitor counting down and a series of close calls for the father. He has no confidence in the material and feels the need to insert as much garbage as possible. The movie is very predictable. If you know the premise; after the first scene of the movie you will know what is going to happen. 

John Q really is a bad movie. It should and could have been a tearjerker. But I was never emotionally involved. I honestly didn't care because I knew what was going to happen and I was really getting sick of watching the horrible dialogue and characters. I believe the common moviegoer will love this movie. But if you've seen more then 3 or 4 of these type of movies; do yourself a favor and give this one a pass.
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September 18, 2010
Denzel can't save this awfully directed movie. Awful direction/cinematography/script. There's literally a scene where a woman goes, "Why are you so brave?" ...the hell? Denzel carries this movie. Without him, this movie would've been crap.
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½ July 22, 2010
Denzel Washington plays an amazing role as John Q struggling to find ways to get his boy an emergency transplant; when all honest approaches fail he snaps and goes above and beyond to get his son a heart.

This movie to me (being in law enforcement) was hard to watch but an amazing film both at the same time. It was a tear jerker without a doubt. What I loved the most about it is it has you siding with what some would say was the "bad guy". All in the same, the law enforcements approach is a reasonable one. I love that the movie has the capability to put you in a position of really questioning ones morals and ethics --- it makes you ask the question --- how far would you go for those you love?

While I thought the ending was slightly weak and predictable, the movie itself is an amazing film, a tear jerker, a question of moral and ethics, and it will have you on the edge of your seat with some of the most tense moments I have ever seen in a movie. I would recommend all too see this film.
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½ June 6, 2008
A gripping, exciting and emotionally charged edge of your seat thriller. It's ER meets Dog Day Afternoon. A very intense and moving film that has something to say. A magnificent all-star cast. Denzel Washington gives a powerful and unforgettable performance. Robert Duvall is teriffic. Ray Liotta is electric. James Woods is excellent. Anne Heche is marvelous.
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January 10, 2008
Has good intentions, but really doesn't add up to much.
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½ December 13, 2006
Excellent emotive, gripping drama story of an African-American father tryin to save his son for the heart transplant where he takes the hspital emergency staff hostage and refuses to release anyone until his son's operation is assured.
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½ June 8, 2007
A simple idea but very well done, if you like this you should love the Negotiator!
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April 3, 2007
Will you do anything, I mean really anything to help your children?
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January 12, 2007
i liked it because denzel was good, would have been average without him
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January 2, 2007
A father in need...
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December 27, 2006
Good. Denzel rarly misses a beat.
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July 24, 2006
A good drama - intresting and unique. Very emotional.
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February 23, 2009
Denzel being Denzel... So you know there's a lot of shouting. Manipulative and obvious. So stoic it almost works as a comedy.
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April 3, 2007
The underrated Denzel Washington, gives an oscar worthy performance as John Q, a man willing to do anything to save the life of his son. This movie shows two things. How heartless the rich and powerful can truly be and how one man can make a difference. This is a powerful movie that shows how strong the relationship between father and son can be and just how important it is for every person in the country to have health care.
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½ May 2, 2007
A spectacular body of work that represents the thoughts and points of view for the solutions to the healthcare monopoly when it comes to the care and concerns of the hospitalized patients. A must epic.
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April 10, 2007
Despite it's many defects,"John Q.", Is a film you can't help but want to feel right in the movie with it, even though some of it seems so redundant,and maybe just a liitle lax in writing, or direction.
Although John Q. errs in almost every category, it's Acting somehow also maybe a little overwrought as well, keeps you waiting for more. .You will still want to root for "John Q." even before he takes the hospital under seige.
Also the Healthcare side story pushes it, it is one reason why I was midly intuned with the movie.
I Midly Reccomend this film. Washington Fan's won't be let down!
Also check out the DVD for some great extra footage.
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July 8, 2008
By-the-numbers Hollywood fluff. The issues in the film are of course in complete black-and-white, and everyone, I mean _everyone_, gets a chance to redeem themselves. Yes, this film has a message to tell you about health care, and it doesn't care how much it fractures your skull by beating that message into your head over and over and over.
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