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½ January 26, 2009
i liked this movie a lot. has some cool surfing, skateboarding, dirtboarding, and other sports in it.
July 19, 2008
Johny is back and better then ever in this wonderful sequel to the hit Original Disney Channel movie, Johny Tsunami. Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board picks up a few years later as we see the little boy that we have learned to love has become more mature. The story is nothing great but it surprised me as a pretty interesting story line for a sequel to a movie that came out in 1999. The amount of drama that has been put into the movie makes you care about what happens to the characters. But it's not all slow and touching drama. The dirt boarding and other extreme moments is what makes this movie shine. All the stunts look very real, and makes you think that you could do it. When the action gets going, it never stops. The energy you get from viewing such events gives you a certain rush. Simply there's nothing like it in it's kind. Disney played the safe card and produced a solid sequel which has its moments. A definite see, for anybody interested in extreme action or anyone who are fans of tho old Johny Tsunami. This will deffently not ruin the first film, if anything, it will revive the Johny Tsunami legacy for all you old fans out there.
December 18, 2007
5.5/10. Brandon Baker's natural and likeable perfortmance lifts up this film from a well worn plot. Good location filming, harmless family film with admirable intentions.
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