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½ July 25, 2012
Imagine it's Saturday night in February 2009 in California. Not only do you have two weeks off work, but you also got a huge paycheck and a date with your best friend cute sister to the theaters. She chooses an awful movie she wants to watch in 3D and once the movie is over you find your date is asleep.

Even to this day this is the most unimpressive 3D movie I've ever seen. They throw fireworks, pigeons, glasses, and other stuff right in your face to the point you just want to take off your glasses. Another thing I really didn't need to see was the Jonas Brothers shirtless in my face. It's no wonder the documentary is clearly scripted since the band is really boring. We learn nothing about them and basically shows them being happy with their money when they're not playing music. We don't even get to see how the concert is even put together or anything on technical sides. The concert itself is by far the worst and most underwhelming thing ever put to filmed. All they do is sing horribly and it's not easy hearing them when their fans won't shut up for a second. Which reminds me, the footage of their fans are crazy, you'll be surprise to see how many people like their music. I even saw guys fainting when they saw the Jonas Brothers, these people need to listen to better music.

Now time to talk the music itself, it sucks allot. Most of the Jonas Brothers songs are about girls with poorly written lyrics. The beginning one of their songs starts pointlessly with "I woke up on my roof with my brothers. There's a whale in the pool with my mother. And my dad paints the house different colors", would you believe these lyrics are for song that's about not caring about what people think of you. There songs are simply awful, even their breakup songs are upbeat like they're glad they got their hearts broken. There song "Brunin' Up" was the title of the tour so they save this song for last, which also sucks. Read these lyrics and tell me if this is sounds remotely good "I'm hot, you're cold. You go around like you know. Who I am. But you don't. You've got me on my toes". Pointless is best to describe all their songs. The only time there's any good music are when Demi Lovato and (out of nowhere) Taylor Swift are on stage, but unfortunately the Jonas Brothers have to ruin it when they join in.

This was a waste of good money for me. Its completely unnecessary use of 3D, a boring concert, awful songs, boring in general, and plus my date slept through half of it makes this one of the worst documentary ever made by Disney . If you like music in general Stay away from this mess it's not worth your time.
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July 16, 2010
IDK what's worse, their music, their (idiot) fans, or their acting on the movie or that horrible excuse for a show of theirs. I honestly have no idea where to start describing how bad this movie & they are.

Let's start with their 'music' (if it's legal to call it that):

Music: They killed it. Every time I hear one of their songs, I feel like I wanna jab a pen through my ears so it could stop. Hearing someone's nails scrape a chalkboard is more pleasing & beautiful than their music. I'd rather listen to some of the shit songs "Korn" & "Slipknot" have sang than to ever make my ears suffer another one of their 'songs'.

Instrumental: They can't play anything. Whenever you hear a 'Jonas guitar solo', you're actually hearing only 2 or 3 strings being strummed. A real guitar solo strums almost every string in existence.

Vocal: When they sing, they sound as if they had an orange stuck in their throats while getting anally raped in the ass. Especially Nick. I mean, my choir teacher said that even her duck has a better voice than Nick.

Lyrics: All unoriginal & badly done. We've all heard it before, from N'Sync, & The BackStreet Boys back then. Their lyrics & songs are all unoriginal & stolen from other bands. They wrote a song in only 15 minutes..........WTF is that?! No amazing & real musician takes 15 minutes to write a song. I no longer was able to stand them once I heard them re-sing one of the songs of "The Beatles". I don't like The Beatles much either (I liked John Lennon better on his own), but I respect that band for how amazing they are for music, & when the Jonas Fags re-sang one of their songs, that's where it ended. They must die! I even heard some idiots out there saying that The Jonas Brothers are the new Beatles. NO, I'm sorry, who ever actually thinks that's true, needs to be beaten down by every real artists that has made real music.

Talent: They don't have it, at all, completely. If you looked the word "Talentless" up in a dictionary, you'd find their picture in there (in my world that is). Seriously, they are the perfect example of no talent.

They are the worst band ever made, & the idea of a movie was just laughable. Anyone who knows & listens to REAL MUSIC knows that their music sucks. Their music is for 10-year-olds! There are people at my school who are over 13 who like these guys! I've even seen adults, married, & in their 30s love these guys! C'mon! And they wear purity rings. Real rockstars (& that's another thing, they're not rock, they're pop) don't wear purity rings!

And to all of you Disney Channel fantards, all of this Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Phinease & Ferb, &/or anything else else on Disney Channel is nothing but SHIT DISNEY. Go listen to & watch some REAL DISNEY! Go watch &/or listen to some Mulan, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Tangled, The Princess & the Frog, Aladdin, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, & even The Black Cauldron! Or every other Disney Animated movie! All of those previously mentioned are GOOD Disney songs, GOOD Disney stuff, & REAL Disney in general! If Walt Disney were alive today, he'd be ashamed of what has happened to his company.

And I love how they all say we're jealous, have no life, we're old hags, ugly whores & so on. The best part is, it's wall hilarious. Sorry, but no one is jealous of untalented, mediocre artists who couldn't sing even if their lives depended on it. If I'm going to be jealous of someone, I'm going to be jealous of someone who has TALENT. Then comes the whole "have no life" part, it's all quite the contrary. Who has more a life, the fantards who search anti-Jonas or Anti-Disney Channel videos & goes by putting incoherently written, misspelled, & badly grammared sentences or people who know what good music & Disney is who post the facts the fantards can't handle?

As for the whole 'old hags' part; yeah, I'm almost laughing my ass off. We're old hags because we like the old & REAL Disney? And finally, the whole, "ugly whores", that insult fails on it's own.

Now, onto the movie:

Do I have to really explain to you how bad the movie in general is?

Camp Rock was enough torture, but this movie....I'm sorry..but I just. Why did I go watch this shit if I hated them in the first place you might be asking yourself? Well, because my friend's little sister wanted to go watch it, & he BEGGED me, ON HIS KNEES, to go watch it with him because he didn't want to be suffering alone in there; hell he even asked me to bring my damn walkman (during that year I never owned my iPod) so he & I could listen to something GOOD while we waited for the movie to end! His own sister got pissed off at him for not watching the movie or listening to it.

I swear as I listened to my walkman with my buddy, I saw two children walk out on the movie, after their own mother TRIED to persuade them into staying because apparently she didn't want to make her 3 $10 tickets lose their worth. And surprisingly, she sat though the whole thing. But I swear, I'm not kidding when I tell you that she almost projectile vomited onto others a few minutes before it was ending, I know, i heard her gross sounds she made. But I don't blame her, I feel like vomiting as well listening to their songs.

Final summation, this movie lacks anything close of a musical substance, & is only meant for the idiot fans of the band who wet their panties over them. I'd say doing drugs or even having someone projectile vomit on you is ten times better than this. hell, you can do drugs, cocaine, drink, & anything else that screws up your life is better than watching this cliche, poorly done shit of a movie.
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½ August 17, 2010
Okay, so this concert movie was certainly not the worst moviegoing experience this reviewer has had recently (that distinction belongs to a 6 foot 5 inch man dressed unconvincingly as a woman). Thanks to the 1 hour and 15 minute running time, he could even say that he was entertained for a generous portion of the program. The best that can be said about The 3D Concert Experience is that it gives non-fans a front-row seat to the modern equivalent of Beatlemania (and no, this does invite further Beatles references?some things are, after all, sacred). But such movies are only as good as their music?-and for Jonas devotees, this cinematic event must have been a loo-loo. For others though, there are enough theatrics to fleetingly catch ? though certainly not captivate ? moviegoers? attention. Tailor-made for the tween-aged Disney audience, however, the movie is nothing more than a glorified music video with a dubious 3-D tie-in.

In Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, a G-rated documentary, the Jonas Brothers? 2008 ?Burning Up? concert tour is chronicled?in three dimensions.

The movie begins with a staged ?bit,? which stands out as one of the movie?s chief weak points. Concert movies work best when the audience is also given an all-access (excuse the expression) behind-the-music P.O.V. Even when the Jonas Brothers are seen clowning-?sadly, it seems that they are very aware of the camera. Still, they put on a hell of a show as do the guest artists?only the 3-D parts are few and far between.

Bottom line: 4-Fans.
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½ May 29, 2009
Seen. Suffered. Hated.
½ May 1, 2011
Not as successful as "Hannah Montana" when the target audience for this spawned concert film is strictly for fans and may not be interesting for anyone else, but it's still good with some comic reliefs and other concert films appeals that's enjoyable for everyone. (B)

(Full review coming soon)
March 8, 2009
If you like/love the jonas brothers you
Will love this. And there awesome live (:
I enjoyed the movie. I'd see it again if
It was cheaper LOL.
August 6, 2010
What's next, the entire cast of High School Musical gets a 3D concert?

Final Score: 0/100 (Abysmal)
February 24, 2009
Let me just say I love the Jonas Brothers. I love their music and their live performances are beyond great. So guess what I thought about this movie - well, I loved it! I was even glued to the credits, ending it of with my favourite JB song, Shelf. It doesn't get better!
February 4, 2010
It's the Jonas Brother nuff said they just suck and they're some of the most fuck ugly celebrities out there and they are a part of the most diabolical evil corporation on the face of the whole damn planet...disney now before the disney enforcers break down my door to work me over into praising this crapfest I just want to say the guy who said these guys were the next Beatles should be shot stabbed castrated and thrown in a river sounds a lot like how Rasputin died in imperial russia...BANG...Okay here they come...Gun of Rambo check, Combat knife check,box of grenades check and finally The Big Book of catch phrases for firing a big gun check okay mickey lets see what you got homes!Say hello to my little friend!BAM! BAM! BAM! Guns don't kill people grenades do!BOOOM!!! Yeah goofys down just mickey and donald are left this should be fun oh boy mickey pulling out a pen knife oh I'm shiting in my pants! Hey Mickey thats not a knife this is a knife heyah! oh yeah took his head off like a wine cork and Donald is running for his life and me and my good friend Mr.RPG just have one thing left to say your just a parasite close your eyes and say goodnight! BOOOOM!!! Okay I won I'm awesome disney's finest couldn't take me down so goodnight and enjoy the show
January 23, 2010
They're hard working guys just doing their thing. Come on lets grow up before we down the movie simply because we have a dislike for them personally.
January 21, 2010
why is this popular i just dont get it they dont have any talent what so ever. if your not an obsessed tween there is no reason to waste any time watching this or even watching a commericial for it or even reading this review. i wish i could give negative numbers but whatever and for some reason it wont let me do zero.... so i meant for this to be about negative 1 million but what are you going to do.
January 20, 2010
How the hell did A JONAS BROTHERS MOVIE not work out? That's a great idea that would get fangirls happy... but it tried to be a G-Rated film. THE JONAS BROS NEVER FOUND SUCCESS IN NON-FANS! GET THAT INTO YOUR HEADS, GUYS!!!!!
December 5, 2009
I remember when Concert Movies used to actually be something spectacular... now they're an easy way to make a quick buck. Especially when it's Disney-shit that's playing.
March 10, 2009
the most amazing movie ever i loved every second of it and starting by big rob waking them up they are soo funny and talented their songs never get old for me love them and their music they were amazing!!!
March 23, 2009
this movie is awesome well for me its awesome because i love really JONAS BROTHERS. they are so perfect and so amazing actors,musicians,singers and most of all PEOPLE. I LOVE THEM ??? =)
March 18, 2009
TOTALLY AWESOMEEEE! I wish I could've seen it in 3D and what would've been super awesome was to have actually been there!!!! HIGHLIGHTS: Joe taking off his shirt. *drool* (hahaha), Nick and Joe's filps all over the stage, that girl at the end coming from no where and hugging Nick/Joe (I want to beeee her!), Demi's performance (I give her credits, she can sing live really good), Taylor's performance ( there any particular reason she picked that song...? ha), Joe taking off his shirt, Big Rob rapping, Joe taking off his shirt, oh, and Joe taking off his shirt. *FLOOD FROM DROOL* Ahhh, I love the JoBros. :))))))
½ October 12, 2009
I loved this movie! I have been to all their tours and i think this really got the concert experience!!

September 21, 2009
This movie was actually very good. It gave the concert experience to kids who can't afford to go see a live concert. It was a very creative concert as well, good 3D visions and good performance. Just because it is a Disney production doesn't mean it's just a money grubbing movie. I happened to love it a whole lot.
September 7, 2009
These guys have no singing talent. The 3D is used poorly. The so-called "behind the scenes" clips are very cheesy. The dialouge is awful. Skip this.
½ August 25, 2009
I haven't watched the movie. But I know how the fans are when they hear about this. This seems cool, the Jo. Bros on the big screen ( I hate the JBs honestly, I can not stand them)...but honestly...a concert on the big screen? The fuck is that! Sure it is cheaper than a real concert, but why even SPEND money to SEEMINGLY be at a concert.
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